Crucial witness fatal abuse Mallorca recognizable on TV

Images of this potentially crucial witness have been shown before, but so far unrecognizable. Because the man could not be identified and he did not report himself, he is now recognizable in the picture. Police are enlisting the public’s help in identifying him.

Amsterdam accent

According to other witnesses, the man speaks with an Amsterdam accent. It is suspected that he filmed the fatal assault, but even if that is not the case, he can be important as an eyewitness in the criminal case against the suspects.

As far as is known, no other images have been made of the kicking match that killed Carlo Heuvelman (27) from Waddinxveen. Carlo was attacked by a group of friends from Bussum, aged 18 to 20, during his holiday in El Arenal on Mallorca last summer. That happened on a noisy night with several disturbances.

The nine suspects are due to appear in court on Friday for a pro forma hearing. Four of them are held directly responsible for Heuvelman’s death. The other five are suspected of assault and assault on other people.

The suspects admitted to being involved in fights, but deny any involvement in Heuvelman’s death. They wouldn’t have touched him.

German woman wanted

The Dutch police have also called in colleagues in Germany to trace a suspected German woman who took care of the victim after the assault.

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