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Gianluigi Buffon is a legend with Juventus and although he covers at Parma, he does not forget the team of his loves. In that sense, the goalkeeper recalled that he shared a team with Cristiano Ronaldo for two seasons, however, he considered that the impact that the ‘Commander’ had on the squad was not entirely positive.

“Juventus had the opportunity to win the Champions League the first year it arrived, which was the year I was at Paris Saint-Germain, and I couldn’t understand what happened”recalled the 43-year-old goalkeeper in conversation with TUDN.

When I came back I worked with CR7 for two years and we did well together, but I think Juventus lost that DNA of being a team. We reached the Champions League final in 2017 because we were a team full of experience, but above all we were a whole. We lost that with Ronaldo “he added.

Another footballer who referred to Cristiano Ronaldo’s passage through Juventus was Leonardo Bonucci, who months ago spoke with The Athletic of England.

“Cristiano’s presence influenced us a lot. Only training with him gave us something extra, but unconsciously the players began to think that his mere presence was enough to win games “, he pointed.

Cristiano Ronaldo left Juventus this year to return to Manchester United | Photo: AFP.

“We started to fall a little short in our daily work, the humility, the sacrifice, the desire to be up to date with your teammate. In the last few years, I think you can see that. “added.

Buffon’s future

The goalkeeper did not want to give clues about his football future. “If you ask me what I will do tomorrow, the truth is I don’t know if I will be a manager or a coach. Knowing myself, I think what I want is to improve. The fact that I didn’t win the Champions League is what keeps my competitive spirit alive. I stay in shape and respect my profession for it. Maybe if he had won the Champions League he would already be retired because he would not have any important goal to achieve “, he sentenced.


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