Entertainment Creepy! Michael Jackson's alleged son Omer Bhatti looks...

Creepy! Michael Jackson’s alleged son Omer Bhatti looks like this


Rumors about you have been around for a long time another son from Michael Jackson: These pictures prove that Omer Bhatti is the lost son of the “King of Pop”?

On June 25, 2009, Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, died of a propofol overdose. Administered by his personal doctor Conrad Murray. The musician left three children: His only daughter Paris Jackson and his two sons Prince Michael Jackson II and Blanket Jackson. In order to protect his children from the fame and the hustle and bustle of the public, he liked to cover them up with masks or other utensils, which is often translated as “to blank” in English. It speaks for Michael Jackson Lifestyle to call his sons Prince and Blanket. On the one hand the “Show and Shine” of the spotlight, on the other hand the injured sad man who only wants to hide from the public. But what is the theory that Michael Jackson is said to have hidden another son from the public? It should be about Omer Bhatti act!

(probably more Michael Jackson 2.0)

From Norway to Neverland

Omer Bhatti is a Norwegian rapper and is believed to be the fourth child of Michael Jackson. In June 1983, Omer Bhatti was born in Drammen, Norway. His mother is Norwegian, his alleged father Pakistani. At twelve, he took part in a talent show – of all things, as a “Michael Jackson” impersonator, and won. The King of Pop then becomes aware of the little boy and meets him personally. The superstar is so impressed by Omer that he brings him, his sister and his mother to the US to stay at his home, the Neverland-Ranch, to live. While Omer lives the life of a “celebrity child”, his mother makes a living on the property. In 1998, however, his mother and sister returned to Norway – Omer stayed. He only turns his back on the death of the musician Neverland and follows his mother and sister back home.

Omer Bhatti: The third son?

There are some peculiarities in this story. But the strangest thing: Omar Bhatti looks confusingly similar to Michael Jackson. There is also the question of why Michael Jackson absolutely wanted the little Norwegian to be around him. And why the Pakistani father never said a word again. In addition: The unmistakable similarity between Omer Bhatti and Michael Jackson. The eyes, the mouth. But the most surprising thing – what the “physical son” theory supports – is that Paris Jackson him up Instagram actually titled as “big brother”. In an Instagram post, she wrote: “Happy birthday, big brother. I adore you. I’m so damn grateful to you. Thank you for always being there for me, for being emotionally and spiritually such an anchor and grounding me, for being such a great role model for me and our other brothers, and for being just you. I miss you so much and I can hardly wait for our next partner tattoo appointment. ”A rather blatant and more than clear statement by the 22-year-old. One thing is certain, Michael Jackson has never officially accepted Omer’s paternity. Certainty would probably only be a paternity test.


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