Business Credit loss: Wirecard CEO Markus Braun, The group has...

Credit loss: Wirecard CEO Markus Braun, The group has become the welded buried | message


After Wirecard CEO Markus Braun and his colleagues on Thursday were gone on the dive station, declared the CEO in a on the Homepage available video statement published: “It can currently not be excluded that Wirecard AG is in a case of fraud, substantial Ausmaes to the welded buried.”

Actually, Wirecard will do that on Thursday, the multiple suspended publication of the annual financial statements. It was nothing, because for the attestation or the need to give the auditor the statements prior to the publication had, lacked crucial evidence. Sticking point the Bank credit is about 1.9 billion euros, which corresponds to a quarter of the balance sheet total of the group.

“We have been informed by our Abschlussprfer EY in Germany about it, that a confirmation note from fr requires the financial statements to 2019 due to unauthorised Bank best crystallisation of additional testing actions,” said brown in the Video. This was the hypoallergenic to notices from two banks to manage trust accounts, to EY.

“According to EY, there is evidence that the Accountant has been submitted by a Trust or out of the range of these banks to deceptive purposes incorrect balances best with the grocery,” said brown on. “The Trust is mandated for 2019, is in constant contact with the banks and the Wirecard AG. It is currently unclear why the two banks have the accountant remote opposite declared that the best replicas are geflscht. The Trust has angekndigt of Wirecard AG, that it will be defined the facts of the case in the short term, with the two banks,” said brown on.

Investors had been on Thursday a damning verdict about Wirecard and the share of the DAX group on Thursday, an unprecedented fall from about 60 percent brings.

Also Union Investment checks claim against Wirecard

More and more investors are in the Startlchern fr actions against Wirecard.

The Union Investment, which until recently was one of the largest investors in the payment processor, think about a lawsuit, said a spokesman for the Fund company on Thursday to Reuters. “Reporting to Wirecard has taken the Union Investment to the occasion, to verify also in this case, a possible influence authorization of the investors’ interests and the initiation of legal steps.” Previously, the Fund company DWS as well as representatives of retail investors had angekndigt such steps.

Wirecard threatens the loss of billions of credits

Wirecard is the loss of billions of loans threatens. If the company today (Friday) to submit any of accountant district’s audited annual and consolidated financial statements, could result in a credit of approximately two billion Euro will be gekndigt. The had announced the payment service provider on Thursday.

Wirecard handles cashless payments fr Dealers, both at the tills as well as online. The company has been operating for about a year in Bedrngnis, since the London “Financial Times” accused the Management in a series of articles in the balance sheet manipulations.

Regardless of a possible case of fraud, as it is called boss of the group, Markus Braun, have angekndigt the financial supervision Bafin and the Mnchner Prosecutor’s office, the case is under the microscope.

The Supervisory Board of the bedrngten company had made on Thursday evening, member of the Board, Jan Marsalek cold that is regarded as a Confidant of brown. Marsalek was fr day-to-day business responsible and is now suspended for the time being. Instead, the Supervisory Board has appointed, with immediate effect, the American Manager, James Freis, the fr should be the law-abiding zustndig. Actually, would Freis his Post on 1. July compete to.

Dow Jones Newswires / Reuters / Reuters

In his own case

Is it worth it now to invest in Wirecard?

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