Covid vaccination certificate in Ukraine – how to renew

The validity period of a COVID certificate can be extended by reissuing the document. In particular, after receiving a booster vaccination against coronavirus.

Booster dose can be given after six months after completion of the full course of vaccination. After the introduction of the third dose of the vaccine, the vaccination certificate in the Dia app automatically will continue for another 9 months.

In order to receive an updated document on vaccination, after revaccination, it is necessary to request a new domestic and international certificate in the Diya application.

The document will display information about the last vaccine administered, indicating that this is the third vaccination. In this case, only the vaccine that was last vaccinated will appear in the certificate.

However, the new COVID-certificate is not yet available when receiving a booster vaccination. In “Die” he will appear around the end of January.

Note that the validity period of the certificate cannot be extended by additional vaccination. Because the person who made it has the same level of protection against the virus as the one who received both doses of the drug.

We add that today all citizens of Ukraine over 18 years of age have the right to a booster vaccination against coronavirus. However, it is necessary to wait at least 180 days from the moment of receiving the full course of vaccination.

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