Health COVID-19 may also be severely affected by the mazelenvaccin

COVID-19 may also be severely affected by the mazelenvaccin


The vaccine may be long-lived immune cells that generate severe inflammatory reactions slow down.

To the cautious conclusions of the researchers in the magazine mBio. They are based on laboratory research, but to argue, on the basis of the results of their findings to clinical trials with the vaccine in humans will be administered in order to determine whether it can provide protection against serious or even fatal disease progression after infection with the corona virus, SARS-CoV-2.

The vaccine
The mazelenvaccin is actually a combined vaccine, where vaccination against mumps, measles and rubella. The vaccine is known as MMR. The vaccine is a ” live attenuated vaccine. This means that there is a living, but it is strongly attenuated mumps, measles, and rodehondvirussen at the same time. They may be because they are weak, and the number of diseases will not cause the body to encourage anti-bodies against these diseases and to create them. And so are the people who, after vaccination against these diseases have been protected.

It has been previously demonstrated that these attenuated live vaccines only protect against the viruses which they have. The vaccines seem to be the immune system in such a way as to train it in a subsequent infection, even if it is not, for example, for the measles-, mumps -, or rodehondvirus – is a far more efficient way of action.

BCG vaccine
That observation, in this period of time in which we have to deal with the virus where there is no vaccine for it – a great opportunity. So, earlier this year, both on older people and hospital staff in the pilot have already been vaccinated against tuberculosis, in the hope that this is a BCG vaccine contains a live attenuated tuberculosevirus protection against a serious disease process at the hands of the SARS-CoV-2. While the results are not coming, make it possible for researchers so that the same may be true for the MMR vaccine.

The researchers draw this conclusion, inter alia, on the basis of experiments performed in the laboratory, in which vaccination with a live attenuated vaccine, long-term was found to protect against sepsis – an inflammatory reaction of the body following an infection and, if severe to expire and that the tissues are damaged, organs are falling out, and sometimes even death. The vaccine has proved to provide protection by MDSCs: long-lived immune cells, of which, more in animals have been shown to be septic inflammation on the brakes. The researchers suggest that the MMR vaccine, the same immune cells can be generated, and thus can provide protection against serious lung infections and sepsis, which a lot of seriously ill and coronapatiënten, ultimately, to death.

The USS Roosevelt.
The idea that the MMR vaccine so it can protect against severe infection by the SARS-CoV-2, according to the researchers, is further supported by what we have recently been to the us have seen it happen. So the researchers, for example, in the solar corona-an outbreak is on the USS Roosevelt with 955, the marines tested positive to the virus, but only one of them is in the hospital. It is also possible to be caused by the MMR vaccine, and that all of the marines at the start of the training received. In addition, epidemiological data suggests that the mortality rate in the areas where people have regular contact with the MMR vaccine, are being vaccinated, the lower is. Finally, it could also be the fact that the COVID-19 and under are children, fortunately, are often mild, and it expires, can be traced back to the rijksvaccinatieprogramma’s, to ensure that they are frequent to the weakened live virus is to be exposed to and their immune system a workout.

All in all, researchers will find plenty of reasons for a clinical trial, in which, in the first instance, hospital workers and other vulnerable groups is an additional MMR vaccine will get attention. “As for the adults, the MMR vaccine, as parents have, they probably still have antibodies against the mumps, measles and rubella,” said the researcher, Paul Fidel. “But it’s probably not the MDSCs. Although MDSCs last for a longer time, they are not to live for a long time. Therefore, a booster vaccine, and the number of antibodies against the mumps, measles, mumps, and rubella it increase-and the MDSCs to regenerate. It is hoped that the MDSCs by the MMR vaccine, and generated such a period of time that they will take us through the critical moments of the pandemic, around to be able to help you.” If it were up to the investigators, there is no reason to get the MMR vaccine at this time is to the left of us. “I don’t think it hurts to make a vaccine to be administered to protect against the mumps, measles and rubella, and may also be able to help in the fight against the COVID or 19,” says Fidel.

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