Covid-19 in Normandy: an exceptionally high incidence

The ARS has delivered its weekly health situation update. The Health Agency warns of a record circulation of the virus in all the Normandy departments, with an increase in incidence of 8.9% in one week.

The Regional Health Agency speaks of an exceptional epidemiological situation in Normandy. In one week, the incidence rate of the virus in the region has increased by 8.9%, reaching these days records, with 2,520 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Infographic – Normandy Covid 19, Incidence rate by department (Calvados, Eure, Manche, Orne and Seine-Maritime)

No Normandy department is spared by this increase:

  • Normandy: + 8.9% (SPF incidence rate from 09/01 to 15/01: 2,520.7)
  • Calvados: + 10.4% (SPF incidence rate from 09/01 to 15/01: 2310.5)
  • Eure: + 11.3% (SPF incidence rate from 09/01 to 15/01: 2700.08)
  • Channel: + 20.9% (SPF incidence rate from 09/01 to 15/01: 2038.6)
  • Orne: + 21.7% (SPF incidence rate from 09/01 to 15/01: 2101.8)
  • Seine-Maritime: + 2.5% (SPF incidence rate from 09/01 to 15/01: 2834.2)

In this epidemiological context, hospital activity linked to the virus continues to increase.

-As of January 17, 1202 people are hospitalized for covid, compared to 988 last week.

-130 people are in intensive care, compared to 113 at the last update

The number of hospitalized covid patients has exceeded the level of the first wave.

Faced with this exceptional situation, the ARS has asked all health establishments, public or private, to activate their White Plan. This plan is an emergency device that allows the mobilization of additional personnel.

The ARS reminds that in this winter context of strong circulation of viruses (influenza, etc.) and the Covid epidemic, it is advisable not to overload the emergencies, and to always go through the regulating doctors of 15.

To fight against this surge of the virus, the ARS mentions the importance of respecting barrier gestures, but also of vaccination and systemic screening at the first symptoms, or when one is in contact.

A screening rising. Between January 9 and 15, nearly 360,000 people were screened in Normandy. 83,270 people tested positive for Covid. A positivity rate up compared to last week: 23.25% against 18.47% the previous week.

To meet this strong demand for screening, health professionals are mobilized more than ever, with 2,800 structures available in the Region: laboratories, pharmacies, medical practices. The list of sites can be found at santé.fr.

One-off operations, called “go-to” continue in Normandy. Twenty operations are planned by the end of the month. The list of trips to Normandy can be consulted on the ARS Normandie website

The vaccination continues in the region at a steady pace. As of January 16, 7 125 529 injections have been carried out in Normandy since the start of the vaccination campaign. The booster vaccination can be carried out from three months after the last injection or the last Covid infection. This reminder is essential to keep your health pass.

For information, Normandy remains the region where the vaccination rate for 5-11 year olds is the highest in metropolitan France.

People over 65 benefit from priority access to vaccination, and can get their booster without an appointment at vaccination centres. In addition, the people most at risk of severe Covid have a dedicated telephone line to make an appointment: 0800.730.956 (freephone number).

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