Covid-19 Fund Used for IKN, Faisal Basri: Extraordinary Crime

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – University of Indonesia economist Faisal Basri criticized the transfer of funding for Covid-19 control to the draft of the State Capital (IKN). According to Faisal, diverting funds from handling the epidemic to the new capital is an extraordinary crime.

He criticized the transfer of funds using Law no. 2 of 2020. This regulation, he said, should focus on handling Covid-19, not on funding IKN .

“Now it has been built for Covid, set aside for the new capital city. This is an extraordinary crime, freedom has been given, but it has been misused,” said Faisal in a virtual discussion with Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) on Friday, January 21, 2022.

According to Faisal, the National Economic Recovery (PEN) should not be distributed to build a new capital city at this time. He considered that the government should concentrate on economic recovery and health.

In Law no. 22 of 2020, said Faisal, did give the government flexibility to seek funds from anywhere for handling the outbreak. But the transfer of allocation to IKN is now considered not right on target.

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