News Covid-19 : dépositoires funeral allowed for good

Covid-19 : dépositoires funeral allowed for good


The crisis of the Covid-19 has just resolved a controversy that obscured the relations between the prefecture of the Moselle and of many mayors for months. Banned from a decree of 28 January 2011 very little has been applied, the dépositoires funeral or vaults for interim welcome the body of the deceased prior to cremation or burial, are allowed. And for good, to the great satisfaction senator mosellan Jean-Marie Mizzon. “The decree of 27 march 2020 made the minister of territorial Cohesion Jacqueline Gourault is clear : in its article 8, it restores a definitive basis, the temporary storage of coffins in a dépositoire. It is a relief to elected officials and families after months of conflicting orders “.

Delay the funeral in the midst of a crisis

It is to answer a problem of saturation and to allow the families to delay the burial in order to allow, after the epidemic, to close to get there – that the government has decided to reinstate those premises where we can store a casket be hermetically sealed prior to the funeral. The use of dépositoires is thus again permitted, and ” will remain so after the lifting of the state of health emergency “, as specified by the general directorate for local authorities (DGCL).

Like other senators of the Moselle (François Grosdidier, Jean-Louis Masson, Jean-Marie Mizzon had been seized by the end of 2019 by the mayors of the Moselle river North and the East who protested against the recall to the law of the prefect of the Moselle Didier Martin. In the fall of 2019, its services and its representatives had prescribed to the municipalities in the sector of Thionville Bouzonville or Sarreguemines, the closing of these temporary vaults. Out of the 120 municipalities with a dépositoire, 40 were fully compliant standards, particularly those that were on the grip of the cemeteries, and 80 of them have given rise to discussions between the municipalities and the State, which had “delayed” in several villages in the face of the slingshot.

Respect of the deceased and price of services

Jean-Victor Starck, the former mayor of Oberdorff, linchpin of a petition well attended in the fall , judge these temporary vaults indispensable. “It is in the culture of the villages. Having to move 6 or 7 miles, to the burial chamber private, shall be binding for people who move a little. And then, there is also the cost. In my commune, it is a fixed rate of 30€ (50€ for the deceased foreigners to the commune) who applies for 48 to 72 h prior to the funeral. In a private, it is 60 to 80€ the half-day “. One day, his blood has a turn : “I had just seen disappear, a friend and I went to the burial chamber of Bouzonville. Well, his body was there, in the coffin. Without family, without friend. If he had been in the village, there would always be in the world. It is a question of respect of the deceased “.

According to the decree of 28 January 2011, which is now obsolete, the deposit of the body, after beer, was only possible in four venues : the coffin could be moved and exposed before burial or cremation in a building for worship, a burial chamber, a crematorium, or in the residence of the deceased or that of a member of his family. The decree had done away with the term dépositoire, also called a morgue in the villages.


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