Couple marries via Zoom; they met on Facebook and have not seen each other in person

Couple marries via Zoom; they met on Facebook and they haven’t seen each other in person. Despite this, Ayse and Darrin claim to be “very much in love.”

The love story of this couple is described as “the best example of what the pandemic did”, as far as relationships are concerned.

Well, thanks to the communication platforms that became popular in the last year, the couple He was able to fall in love, have virtual dates and even a wedding.

The couple met on Facebook; fell in love and there was already a wedding via Zoom

Ayse and Darrin from 26 and 24 years old, they met by chance on Facebook a few months ago.

After long talks and a few virtual dates, the couple fell in love.

Couple marries via Zoom (Pradeep Javedar / Unsplash)

Ayse lives in Liverpool, England; Darrin, for his part, is in the United States. The couple has learned to deal with kilometers of distance.

According to The Sun, the couple she has been described as “very in love” despite never having seen each other.

“It’s the closest we can get and it may sound strange, but it’s a great comfort,” Ayse said of her love story.

Couple marries via Zoom (Tim Gouw / Unsplash)

The courtship of the couple It lasted about 8 months, until Darrin was convinced to take the next step.

Through the screen, the groom He knelt down and asked her to marry him to his girlfriend. The couple were finally engaged.

“(…) he knelt down and asked me to marry him. He spoke with my father beforehand to ask his permission and I found him very cute. “

Ayse para The Sun

Finally, the couple got married in a video call from Zoom a couple of days ago.

Ayse and Darrin, the “virtual couple”, will see each other in person in two months

Ayse and Darrin, the couple of husbands who only meet through a screen, will soon be able to have their first meeting in person.

According to the couple’s plans, in two months they will meet to begin their life as a married couple.

“Nobody expected this, but we are married and everything is completely legal and official. I still can’t believe it, “Ayse told the media.

With information from The Sun


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