Countertenor Yann Golgevit will help school children find their voice

Before the highly anticipated concert on Friday, May 20, as part of the Total Festum festival, Yann Golgevit gives of his person to help children find their voice and raise their awareness of vocal art.

This Monday, May 16, the school of Saint-Bauzille will therefore have the pleasure of welcoming him, for fun workshops allowing children to discover their vocal tone as well as the different voices in the Opera. His career began at the Montpellier Conservatory and the Paris Master’s degree led him to perform throughout France and internationally.

Opening up new horizons for children

However, Yann Golgevit is a committed singer, he participates in multiple solidarity actions alongside those who act to fight against discrimination and support people who need it.

It is in this spirit that during his tours he offers schools places that will welcome him, workshops to raise awareness of music and singing. “I attach great importance to the educational aspect of my interventions, I really want to open new musical horizons to children who are often centered on pop and rap, confides the lyrical artist. Being able to serve as a bridge between musical genres, between classical music and popular music is fundamental for me”.

These workshops highlight vocal techniques, such as singing with a straw in your mouth, an exercise well known to professionals, but also give keys to mastering your voice during oral exams.

At the end of the workshop, when Yann Golgevit sounds his countertenor voice (the highest voice in the musical register of the opera), the surprise is total for the children. “I like to break the codes and I sing the artists that children like, with a voice that they will never hear on the radio and which is not intended for this kind of music. Many people ask me if I have a microphone in my stomach or if I can sing rap”.

We bet that this morning will remain in the memory of the children for a long time. Maybe future opera singers or members of the Garrigues choir?

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