Could hunting become banned on Wednesdays and Sundays?

Their mobilization therefore paid off… and quickly. Two months ago, relatives of Morgan Keane, 25 years old, killed in the Lot by a hunter on December 2, 2020, filed a petition on the Senate website. Their objective ? Ban hunting on Sundays and Wednesdays everywhere in France. A claim shared by Yannick Jadot, candidate of the Greens for the presidential election.

100 000 signatures

Result: their text has already collected more than 100,000 signatures of support. Sufficient to attract the attention of parliamentarians from the Luxembourg Palace. Especially since the latter have already launched ” early “ a mission on hunting safety and the penalties that may result from any infringements.

“We share the pain of the families of the victims. Everything must be done to avoid such tragedies, ” notes Sophie Primas, the president of the Senate economic affairs committee. The elected LR of Yvelines will be in charge of this “hunting mission”, along with François-Noël Buffet, the chairman of the law committee.

A work that wants to be carried out “far from the pre-electoral turmoil”

The intention of the senators is to hear from the promoters of the petition, the hunters, as well as the competent administrations, “In order to lead to concrete proposals, possibly with legislative scope. “ a “In-depth work” that the upper house will lead “Far from the pre-election turmoil. “

For François-Noël Buffet, it is imperative to go “At the bottom of things,” leaving the debate for or against hunting. “This activity is legal and popular. It must be safe, for non-hunters and hunters, “ insists Senator LR of Rhône.


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