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Coronavirus : where and how to get tested ? Who is eligible ? Learn more about the screening


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The call of the world health Organization (who), which invited the various governments to “test a massive population”, “the France will multiply the number of tests carried out on the territory”, announced the minister of Health, Olivier Véran. Several questions arise now : how and Where these tests will be performed ? Who can benefit from it ? Everything you need to know about the subject.

  • How will go the tests ?

Testing can be done in two ways :

– By the sputum of the patient. In cases of respiratory failure, the patient potentially infected with the coronavirus that produces mucus. They will reveal the presence or absence of the virus, the saliva is not enough. In case of need, the intervention of a physiotherapist specialized in the field may be necessary.

– By nasopharyngeal swab. It is simply to introduce deep enough into the nose of the patient with a long cotton swab. The substance thus collected will then be analysed.

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  • Where are going to perform the tests ?

Again, two cases :

– For patients presenting with signs of severity had driven to the hospital where they were diagnosed, tests will be carried out once on-site.

– For other potential patients who meet the criteria for screening, it is possible to be tested in the laboratories of the city, after contact with the attending physician and with a doctor’s prescription. The government warning not to be “in no case” go directly to the biology laboratories and that it is necessary to call in advance.

In many cities, to avoid to the maximum the contacts and situations requiring a cleaning, permanent of the premises, systems of “drives” have been put in place by some laboratories.

To date, the criteria are restricted :

– People with breathing difficulties severe or comorbidities.

– To older persons and health professionals, presenting the characteristic symptoms of the Covid-19 (fever, cough, fatigue, etc…).

– To people who are already hospitalized.

These criteria are, however, required to be expanded with the proliferation of tests provided by the State.

  • How many tests are planned ?

That is the question-the pivot, the one that will govern the rest. Because unlike many other countries, France did very little testing on its population since the beginning of the epidemic. But in the face of the grumbling generalized on this point and in front of the WHO recommendations,things will change.

“Within ten days,” promised the director-general of health, Jérôme Salomon, the France will have a capacity of 25 000 to 30 000 tests per day, compared to 9,000 today.

Two cases of figure, as to the places of the test :

– In hospitals, they are fully supported by the institutions, and therefore by the French health system.

– In the laboratory, the test fee is 54 €, supported 60% by the health insurance, “as any act of biology”, and the rest is reimbursed by the mutual.

  • The results will be available in how long ?

The analysis of the sample itself takes several hours (approximately the time of a morning). It must, however, add to that the possible logistical and administrative : routing the test, dissemination of the results, etc

The result, however, must be communicated to the patient within a period of 24 hours, according to a decree of 7 march 2020 the national health insurance Fund (CNAM) and the ministry of Health.


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