Sport Coronavirus: Toulouse and PSG were also affected - Foot...

Coronavirus: Toulouse and PSG were also affected – Foot – L1 – coronavirus


Resuming training for TFC does not distribute very positive waves. Tuesday, in a very short time, the Haut-Garonne club learned that the general assembly of the Professional Football League (LFP) had decided to maintain a Ligue 1 to 20 clubs, then communicated on the presence of 4 cases of Covid-19 within the pro workforce. As of Monday afternoon, reunion day, tests prior to the resumption of activity had indeed been carried out with the players, in strict compliance with the health protocol.

“Following these results, the first measure taken is the” fourteen “of the four players, with a biological control directly performed in the laboratory, said on the official website of the club Patrick Flamant, doctor of the professional team and responsible for the medical sector. The second imperative is to wait six days before carrying out a new test for the whole group and the staff. “

At the same time, PSG announced 4 previous cases of contamination (3 players and 1 staff member) after the PCR and serological screening tests conducted on Monday. “They are no longer contagious today and will resume their training program”, specifies the champion of France.

These cases follow those notified by Saint-Etienne on Thursday. The Greens had announced that the tests carried out the day before had revealed the presence of 5 positive and asymptomatic cases, among which were 3 members of the workforce. The next day, a 6th case was even added to the list, without this series disrupting the daily life of the club, because the medical service had not expressed any concern.

The 3 footballers in question were able to resume training on Saturday. “The club doctor was convinced that the positive PCR tests, associated with positive serologies, revealed old forms of Covid, with non-active residues of the virus”, then communicated the ASSE, while the regional health agency Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes had concluded to “No risk of contagiousness”.

Obviously, the situation of Montpellier Junior Sambia, in the spring, was much more worrying. The first officially positive Ligue 1 player in late April, the 23-year-old midfielder, hospitalized in serious condition, had even been placed in an artificial coma for 72 hours. But he left the CHU Arnaud-de-Villeneuve two days later.

His case had marked pro players who, two months later, remain affected by this pandemic in their profession. Because, as reminded yesterday on the Toulouse side by Doctor Flamant, precautions are required for these first days: “The measures of prevention and social distancing will be applied, with in particular the establishment of signposted routes. Contacts between players are prohibited, both on and off the field. “



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