News Coronavirus : the town hall of Montluçon plans to...

Coronavirus : the town hall of Montluçon plans to organize the second round of the municipal


Disinfection. Disinfection enhanced premises, before, during and after the ballot, as well as ventilation of rooms permanent.

Gel. Provision of hydroalcoholic gel and water points, with soap for washing hands before and after the vote.

Circulation. An organization adapted to facilitate the movement of voters and streamline the flow.

Pen. Provision of a pen individually for each voter.

Masks. Bring a mask to the extent where its port is compulsory to the inside of the polling station ; failing that, it will be provided at the entrance.

Bulletin. Preferably, to prepare his ballot from among those received at home.

Hours for voting. Focus hours outside rush hours : from 9 hours to 11 hours and from 13 hours to 16 hours, to the extent that the number of voters present simultaneously in the voting office will be limited.

Distancing physical. A meter with the persons present at the outside as well as inside the polling station. Not more than 100 people inside the city hall, filtration at the entrance.

Opening of polling stations. From 8 hours to 18 hours.

Results. The mayor will announce results as soon as possible, in the presence of other candidates ; the video webcast of the announcement of the results will be live on the Facebook of the city ; the results will be online on the website of the city :



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