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Coronavirus, the direct – Prodi: “It is like a war but the EU has no strategy for the future. Holland understands that with the crisis the tulips will not sell them to anyone. Either we are together or we disappear from the map”


The government dismisses the reopening, Roman Prodi call theEurope to play its role of “anchor of democracy” if it does not want to “disappear from the geographical map”. In a Sunday where the data show a degrowth trend for the third consecutive day, giving an epidemiological dimension to the containment measures, the executive clarifies that nothing or almost will start again from the 3rd April. The official is missing, but the words of the health ministers, Roberto Speranza, and Regional Affairs, Francesco Boccia, are unequivocal. He said it on Saturday the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and two representatives of his government reiterated this on Sunday. Clearly.

Prodi: “Like war, Draghi is right” – While the week that begins will mark a crucial moment for him too European aid. In the evening, the former President of the European Commission made himself heard, Romano Prodi: “It’s like war, the comparison of Dragons it’s scientifically right. It is not the crisis of 2008 that starts from finance and then takes the rest of the economy, takes everyone: the restaurateurs and those who have to go to eat. ” There exists, explained the former premier at Che tempo che fa, “a widespread idea that European solidarity end up helping others, but above all Dutch they must understand: if a big crisis happens to those who sell theirs tulips? “.

“Strategy or we disappear from the map” – A non-random reference, given that i Netherlands are, together with Germany, in the group of falcons who opposes the Eurobonds asked byRome-Paris axis. In Europe, he added, “there is not one strategy for the future “, but” the group of countries that reject austerity by definition has become much stronger. Finally the danger is perceived. The first step of the European Central Bank it helps us, ”but one is needed “Common strategy and a strong immediate incentive for businesses. ” “We do not understand – concluded Prodi – that Europe has remained the only one still democracy. Do we want to understand that there are 23 Chinese each Italian and 18 Chinese each German? Either we are together or we disappear from the map of the world”.

Hope: “Sacrifice not very short” – Waiting to understand what Europe’s moves will be, Italy is preparing for the week that will lead to the expiry of the decree that introduced the containment measures. And during, several representatives of the executive indicate it, it is almost certain that they will be extended. “We are still in the full of the epidemic. It would be a serious mistake to drop your guard right now. It would end – explained Speranza – to frustrate what has been done to date. The sacrifices of these weeks are serious. ” Even many virologists have already expressed their opinion and all agree in saying that looking at the contagion curve – which slows down, but only slightly – it is premature to withdraw the containment measures April 3, the date on which the validity of the restrictive decrees expires to try to stem the spread of the coronavirus in our country. “What if the existing measures are extended? Definitely yes, we still need it. There are encouraging signs, but this is not enough. We would make a huge mistake, “said Speranza. By clarifying: “They will be extended and will not be a very short sacrifice”.

Boccia: “The measures will be lengthened” – In short, the extension is inevitable. Francesco Boccia also reiterates this: “Expiring measures will inevitably be lengthened. I think right now to talk about reopening is inopportune and irresponsible, “explained the Minister of Regional Affairs to The Interview of Maria Latella on SkyTg24. A clarification that sounds like an answer to as stated by the leader of Italia Viva Matteo Renzi, who on Saturday in an interview with the newspaper Avvenire had talked about the reopening of the factories before Easter and the schools May 4th and then he raised on Facebook he raised saying that “in a few days they will change their position and say together what we are saying alone today”. A thesis, that of the former prime minister, rejected in its entirety by scientific community that the bubble like “madness”.

The data All while on Sunday the trend continues to decline. They touch i 97689 infected with an increase of 5,217 in the last 24 hours with a growing trend compared to Saturday when there were about 500 new cases more. In one day others register 756 deaths, bringing the overall figure of the deaths caused by the pandemic to 10,779. The growth trend on a daily basis was 5.64%, Saturday was 6.90 and Friday 7.39. The pulmonologist Luca Richeldi, member of the Technical-scientific committee of the Ministry of Health, speaks of “solid data” and “encouraging”, but warns: “The battle is long, we must be rigorous “.

The conditions to reopen: last bars and clubs – There essential condition to raise the shutters it remains that of the R0, the index of contagiousness of the virus, which must be less than 1 (a positive infects less than one person). In any case, the reopening will be gradual and it will take a long time to return to normal, because it will be necessary to prevent the creation of new outbreaks, also fueled by the circulation of asymptomatic. “Epidemiologists say that the first effects of containment are seen. However, we are not yet at the phase change. It will take time and graduality, “warned Minister Speranza. This is why, therefore, the first to open could be businesses related to essential supply chains, pharmaceutical and food, while last discotheques, cinema, night clubs and theaters.


23.40 – “In Puglia arrived a third of the need for masks”
“National civil protection has delivered 42 thousand surgical masks to the Puglia Region, at Bari Palese airport, with a flight from the Coast Guard, which make up less than a third of the daily need for surgical masks of the entire region”. This was communicated by the director of the Civil Protection section of the Puglia Region Mario Lerario.

23 – In Reatino 42 infected in a nursing home
The mayor of Contigliano (Rieti), Paolo Lancia, has announced the outcome of the swabs performed on guests and health workers of the Alcim di Contigliano nursing home, affected by the Coronavirus epidemic. “According to the communications received by the ASL – the mayor said in a note -: positive guests 42, negative guests 3, guests for whom the outcome of buffer 8 has not been received; positive operators 23 “.

22.40 – Prodi: “Holland understand that it will no longer sell tulips”
“There is a widespread idea that European solidarity ends up helping above all others, but the Dutch must understand: if a big crisis happens to those who sell their tulips?”.

22.35 – Prodi: “Europe still democracy, either together or we disappear”
“We don’t understand that Europe has remained the only one of democracy. Do we want to understand that there are 23 Chinese each Italian and 18 Chinese each German? Either we are together or we disappear from the world map ”. This was stated by Romano Prodi, a guest of Che tempo che fa.

22.30 – Prodi: “Virus as war, EU has no strategy for the future”
“It’s like war, Draghi’s comparison is scientifically correct. It is not the 2008 crisis that starts from finance and then takes the rest of the economy, it takes everyone: the restaurateurs and those who have to go to eat. ” This was stated by Romano Prodi, a guest at Che tempo che fa. In Europe, he added, “there is no strategy for the future,” but “the group of countries that reject austerity by definition has become much stronger. Finally the danger is perceived. The first step of the European Central Bank helps us “, but we need a” common strategy and a strong immediate incentive for businesses as they are doing in America: families and businesses, because it is a crisis of supply and a crisis of demand “.

21.36 – Hope: “Sacrifice will not be very short”
“Certainly” the containment measures for coronavirus “will be lengthened and there will be a need for a sacrifice that will not be very short”. This was stated by Health Minister Roberto Speranza, guest of ‘Che tempo che fa’.

21.35 – Hope: “Measures will be extended”
“What if the existing measures are extended? Definitely yes, we still need it. There are encouraging signs, but this is not enough. At this moment the key continues to be the containment measures. Otherwise we would make a huge mistake ”. Health Minister Roberto Speranza said this at ‘Che Tempo che Fà on ​​Rai2. “Woe to let your guard down, now we are still in the midst of the crisis,” he concludes.

21.10 – In Polignano 22 infected in the rehabilitation center
22 people tested positive for Coronavirus in the ‘Giovanni Paolo II’ rehabilitation center in Putignano (Bari). The ASL of Bari states in a note with reference to the news of the 24 positive cases communicated in the afternoon by the mayor of Putignano. It is, explains the ASL, of 7 health workers (three nurses and four socio-health workers) and 12 patients. To these are added 3 other patients who had previously been discharged from the structure, now in home isolation, always constantly monitored.

21 – Saretano, 34 positive in the rest home
34 coronavirus positive cases were recorded in a nursing home in Sarteano (Siena): 22 elderly guests and 12 operators. A total of 97 buffer years have been carried out within the RSA. Most of the positives are asymptomatic, both among employees and inpatients.

20.52 -Baretta: “Emergency income? Can pay bills “
The government is working on the so-called emergency income, but the speculated figure of 600 euros is actually “still to be determined”. Pierpaolo Baretta, Undersecretary for the Economy, explains this to Radio Capital according to a note from the broadcaster, underlining that the new form of support “will concern all those without income and without shock absorbers, and could come as a disbursement of money or in the form of payment of bills or rents for immediate support “.

20.45 – In Dicomano 45 positive in the rest home
41 positive cases were found at Covid-19 among the elderly guests of an RSA located in the municipality of Dicomano (Florence), and 3 of these are currently hospitalized at the Mugello hospital in Borgo San Lorenzo (Fi). The measures provided for by the health protocols and by the provisions of the Tuscany Region taken for circumstances such as this, were immediately taken in relation to the elderly positive results, the other guests present and the staff working in the structure. The Municipality of Dicomano makes this known.

20.20 – In Lombardy 200 thousand companies activate cash
There are almost 21 thousand layoffs open in Lombardy, for a total of about 500 thousand workers. Most of the requests come from the metalworking industry, with around 7 thousand practices and 200 thousand employees involved. This is what emerges from the data released by CGIL Lombardia. In the chemical, textile, rubber, plastic and energy industries, almost 2 thousand practices have been opened for 80 thousand employees. The workers of commerce, contracts, the tertiary sector and tourism already involved are 140 thousand, but the non-food distribution is missing from the appeal. Construction, with closed construction sites, together with the wood and fixed plants industry has so far seen the opening of 3,600 procedures in Lombardy for about 29 thousand employees involved.

20.19 – Azzolina: “PC and tablet for wealthy students”
“A decree of 85 million euros was signed a few days ago, which for the most part will be used to purchase PCs and tablets that will be given on free loan to our less well-off students. In a few days this money will arrive in the coffers of the educational institutions and on the basis of the monitoring and requests of the families the institutions will be able to manage the money to ensure that our students are not without the devices “. Education Minister Lucia Azzolina said it live on Facebook. “We did not take away healthcare money to give it to Education. Decisions are made by the whole government. “

20.16 – Bellanova: “We need direction on food emergency”
“The food emergency is a very serious issue, which is why I say that the seriousness of the measures must correspond to the drama of the topic.” So the Minister of Agriculture Teresa Bellanova to ANSA on the neediness alarm. The minister asks for a “national direction”, it serves – he says – a centralized coordination “because not everything can be unloaded on the shoulders of the Municipalities and can be dealt with and solved with just meal vouchers. We don’t have to waste time on ad syndromes. ”

20.10 – Castles: “New decree at Easter”
“We will close the Decree within the first ten days of April, so that we can launch it between 12 and 13, but first we have to go back to Parliament to ask again to move away from the public finance balances”. The Deputy Minister of Economy, Laura Castelli, said on Facebook, speaking of the arrival of the April decree on Easter and Easter Monday. “Surely – he adds – we will refinance the measures of Cura Italia, and having the audience of those who ask for them, we can also increase aid”.

20 – In Pescara 23 infected in a rest home
23 out of a total of 50 swabs performed were positive for Covid-19 at the Sisters of Mercy Institute of Verona, a nursing home located in Pescara, in the Colli area. They consist of nine nuns, two social-health workers and twelve guests. This was confirmed by ANSA sources from the Directorate General of the Pescara Local Health Authority.

19.51 – Azzolina: “A reply on maturity soon”
“I tell students that I know very well that you are waiting for answers on the state exam, you will soon have the answers you want.” The Minister of Education, Lucia Azzolina, said it during a live Facebook. “We need a regulatory vehicle that allows us to modify the legislative decree 62 of 2017, soon we will have this vehicle and then we will be able to give you precise answers both on the state exams and on the exams of the first grade secondary school,” he adds.

19.23 – Arcuri: “Masks production tomorrow”
“As we had announced in the past few days, an important first portion of Italian mask production starts tomorrow. This is a significant result achieved in a short time thanks to the collaboration of many companies, the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, some important Italian universities and the new rules decided by the government with the law decree of 17 March. We continue to work tirelessly to make Italy less dependent on imports of masks from other countries, “said the extraordinary Commissioner for the emergency CoviD-19 Domenico Arcuri, at the end of a meeting with the working group committed to developing the Italian production of masks. In particular, the productions are: the top 25 companies in the fashion sector which, as the Commissioner announced last Tuesday 24, will produce 200,000 surgical masks per day from tomorrow

18.50 – Two deaths in the retirement home in the Aretino
Two other elderly patients who died at the “Fabbri Bicloli” rest home in Bucine (Arezzo), coronavirus positive, died. They are two men aged 81 and 92. The announcement was made by the mayor of Bucine, Nicola Benini, with a post on his Facebook profile. Thus the number of deaths registered in the same rsa rises to three. Another 92-year-old man died last Tuesday.

18.30 – Catalfo calls table for advance layoff
The Minister of Labor and Social Policies, Nunzia Catalfo, has convened a discussion table for tomorrow afternoon – to be held by videoconference – with the social partners and the ABI aimed at stipulating a national protocol for the advance of social safety nets. This is learned from Ministry sources.

18.10 – Richeldi: “encouraging data”
“The data on intensive care (+50, only 9 in Lombardy) and the numbers collected over the weekend encourage us in the message that with our behaviors we save lives and induce us to be even closer. These are solid and concrete numbers, “explained pulmonologist Luca Richeldi during the press conference of the Civil Protection. “But – he specified – the battle is long, we must be rigorous”.

18 – National data: almost 98 thousand infections, 10,779 deaths
In Italy, the 97,689 infected by coronavirus touched an increase of 5,217 in the last 24 hours with a growing trend compared to Saturday when there were about 500 new cases more. Another 756 deaths were recorded in one day, bringing the total number of deaths caused by the pandemic to 10,779 deaths. The growth trend on a daily basis was 5.64%, Saturday was 6.90 and Friday of 7.39.

17.30 – In Lombardy another 1,542 infections and 416 deaths
Contagions in Lombardy exceeded 40 thousand: with 1,542 new positives, the total is 41,007 with an increase on Saturday of 4.03%. In the last 24 hours 416 patients have died, bringing the total number to 6,360.

17.10 – Arcuri: “Sent material to the Regions”
“Yesterday all the regions confirmed that they had received the material sent by the Civil Protection in the morning by the day.” Commissioner Domenico Arcuri said this at the end of this morning’s video conference together with Civil Protection and the regions. “2.3 million surgical masks and 1.7 million Ffp2 and Ffp3 were delivered to healthcare personnel yesterday. In the last week – reads a note – the average of masks delivered to the regions per day was 3.59 million pieces, assigned and delivered another 318 respirators “.

16.52 – Albanian nurse: “Being here is the minimum”
“You have been helping and supporting us for 30 years and it is the least we could do for this nation.” A 35-year-old First Aid nurse from Tirana who is part of the delegation of 30 people of doctors and nurses who arrived in Brescia said they will take service in the main hospital of the city for the Coronavirus emergency. “I am aware of what is happening in Brescia’s hospitals, but I am not afraid”, said the nurse, who recalls “I also lived 15 years in Naples”.

16.48 – Lazio: “201 new cases, trend below 9% for the first time”
“Today we record a figure of 201 cases of positivity and a downward trend for the first time below 9%. The incidence of nursing home clusters is confirmed with particular evidence for the situation in Rieti which is currently under control . The trend in Rome as a city today influenced by RSA cases is confirmed as stable, “said the councilor for Health at the press conference.

16.26 – Mayor Herculaneum: “Here poverty increased by 30%”
“Poverty here has increased by 30% since the emergency began and is a very serious figure”: so, on the economic consequences of the coronavirus, the mayor, Ciro Buonajuto (Italia Viva). “These are families and people who are not protected because in most cases they do occasional work and are the first to pay the consequences. Now they are the ones who suffer from it, but within a month this condition can also extend to other sectors such as that of freelancers “.

16.06 – Brusaferro: “Close to the peak, the challenge is to find infected”
“We are close to the peak but the challenge today is to detect coronavirus positives before they reach the hospital.” Silvio Brusaferro, president of the Higher Institute of Health at ‘Half an Hour’, says it on Rai3.

16 – A worker from the Ilva of Taranto is positive
The worker of the ArcelorMittal plant in Taranto, operator of the oxygen systems (PGT department), who was on Friday night, while in service at the factory, was hit by illness and experienced symptoms attributable to Covid-19 was positive for Coronavirus . It is learned from sources of the ASL of Taranto.

15.43 – Pregliasco: “The South is the new frontier, get ready”
Southern Italy “is now the new frontier with respect to the Covid-19 epidemic. For now there are smaller outbreaks but you have to prepare in time for the worst and the risk of a wave. ” The virologist of the University of Milan Fabrizio Pregliasco said this to ANSA, stressing that the southern regions can take advantage of the experience of the north.

15.20 – Coop: “Additional discount on shopping vouchers”
“We adhere to the request made by the government and are available to increase the vouchers made available by the Municipalities for families in economic difficulty with a further discount. We request the opening of a working table with the interested parties where to define application measures quickly and homogeneously throughout the national territory “. This was announced by Coop, which expressed its “immediate adhesion” with a letter addressed to the Prime Minister, the ANCI and the Civil Protection. With the same letter, Coop also expresses its desire “to increase the vouchers that Municipalities will make available to families in economic difficulty with a further discount”.

14:58 – Eisenberg: “Strong leadership count”
“Italy and the USA, through their presidents, Giuseppe Conte and Donald Trump, have had a close relationship since the beginning of the mandate. This allowed me to observe together, also through relations also with the Quirinale and Palazzo Chigi. Credit should be given to the premier for putting the same strength shown by President Trump. Italy has strong leadership to lead this phase. ” So the American ambassador to Italy, Lewis Michael Eisenberg, on the microphones of ‘Half an hour more’, on Rai3

14.56 – Funeral honors Bergamo: “Guarantees or we stop”
“We are not heroes, we are people who try to preserve a little, as far as possible, the cult of the dead, that ritual that with the coronavirus is the last tribute not granted to family members. If we get sick we are forced to stop and if they do not guarantee us what we ask for, we will end up having no alternative: we will close by law, by illness or by death “. This was stated by Adnkronos Antonio Ricciardi, president of Lia Bergamo, an association that brings together entrepreneurs in the funeral sector. “Tomorrow, Monday 30 March, we suspend the activity for a few hours, we don’t take new calls, we have the funeral that we have planned. We stop for a while to give a signal in the face of silence: for our work we are an easy prey and a perfect vehicle for the spread of the virus, in the absence of an intervention by the institutions the priority is to defend citizenship “, explains l ‘business owner.

14:18 – Boccia: “No controversy, but realism”
“To say that in this emergency phase Covid-19 no one can do it alone is not a criticism of the Regions but it is simple realism. I repeat, nobody can do it alone. Neither do we. ” So did Minister Boccia at the Verona airport to welcome Albanian doctors, where the president of the Lombardy Region was waiting for him. “We are in Verona with Albanian health workers who will be in the ward in Brescia tonight. We say thank you. With the Regions we work hand in hand and if we are here today it is also to help those who need it most “.

13.50 – Interior Ministry: “Other 4.942 reported, 49 positive around”
As part of the control services on compliance with the urgent measures for the containment of the spread of coronavirus, the Interior Ministry announces that 203,011 people were checked yesterday. The sanctions, however, were 4,942, 142 reported for false self-certifications and 49 positive people who broke the obligation of quarantine and isolation at home. On the other hand, 84,941 controls on controlled activities or businesses, 151 sanctioned holders, 10 provisional closure measures and 12 those for closing activities or businesses.

13.45 – Sacco Hospital: “Slight drop in emergency room arrivals”
“What we see is a small slowdown in new cases arriving in the emergency room. A small one applies to the Sacco hospital in Milan and to the other hospitals in the region. The time is still difficult because the hospitals are saturated, they all have patients who have arrived in the previous weeks and the hospital stay for Covid-19 is long. It is a time when the population has even more to maintain containment measures, isolation. ” This is the picture drawn by Giuseppe De Filippis, medical director of the Sacco hospital in Milan, interviewed at ‘Sky Tg24’.

13.28 – The marò of San Marco are also on the field for the checks
The marines for anticoronavirus checks are also on the field. Since yesterday, in fact, in the context of the activities to combat Covid-19 wanted by the Minister of Defense Lorenzo Guerini, the Navy, at the request of the Defense General Staff, has been using the riflemen of the Marina San Marco Brigade also to control the territory. The military will be busy in Brindisi

13.20 – Iss: “Do not use do-it-yourself therapies”
In no case is the use of ‘tea-like’ therapies for the treatment of Covid-19 justifiable. This was stated by Patrizia Popoli, director of the National Center for Preclinical Research and Evaluation of Drugs of the ISS. “All drugs have more or less serious side effects, and self-medication involves even more serious risks when using unauthorized drugs. In case of online purchases, then – he warns – these risks are multiplied because the drugs could be counterfeit “.

13.00 – Syracuse, seized masks sold with price increases 900%
The carabinieri of Floridia (Syracuse) seized more than one hundred FFP1 model masks inside a local hardware store. The activity resulted from the complaint of a citizen who, intending to purchase a mask, found himself having to pay it a price ten times higher than the market price. After acquiring the report, the police identified the owners of the hardware and reported them for the crime of speculative maneuvers on goods, punished with penalties ranging from 6 months to 3 years in prison. Yesterday, the military returned to the shop and proceeded to seize all the masks present, to avoid the possibility of protracted speculation. The masks, consisting of FFP1 devices with or without a valve, were sold to the public for 30 and 10 euros respectively, with therefore increases between 500% and 900%. The carabinieri will donate the masks to those who need them.

12.50 – Presgliasco: “Milan worries. Reopening? After mid April “
“The first positive signs come from Lombardy, but at least another 15 days of blocking are needed. Then, in mid-April, we can think of a progressive and targeted reopening, above all protecting the elderly and the frail “. The virologist of the University of Milan Fabrizio Pregliasco, who came to Parma where – as president of Anpass – is visiting the volunteers of the National Public Assistance Association engaged in the fight against Covid-19, says Adnkronos Salute. According to the virologist, even after mid-April “the elderly will still have to stay at home, and the emergency rooms will have to be equipped, in addition to the patches, with stocks of masks, waiting for a second wave”. But then will there be a second wave of Covid-19? “It cannot be excluded: with these mitigation measures we have taken the tip off the curve, but the virus will not disappear suddenly. We must underline that the percentage increase in Lombardy seems to have stabilized – notes Pregliasco – Of course the situation in Milan is a little worrying, and for this reason it is important not to give up. While in Rome, where you consider the size, the situation is delicate, the blockade seems to be working. “

12.40 – The Mayor of Nembro: “Good government, increasingly rigid emergency”
“From the anticipations it seems to me a measure that shows attention to the citizens, otherwise the situation would become complicated to manage. Municipalities will have several problems in making ends meet, they will have to change the forecast with respect to the revenues that have been distorted “. So Claudio Cancelli, mayor of Nembro, the municipality in the province of Bergamo among the hardest hit by coronavirus victims, comments on the executive’s latest moves to Adnkronos. “The economic emergency begins to emerge and five weeks after the beginning of the emergency it appears to be increasingly rigid: there are people who highlight the need for financial support, as he had a temporary job or on call,” he explains.

12.30 – Fontana: “Da Boccia reckless and inappropriate statements”
“Rash and inopportune”: the president of Lombardy Attilio Fontana chose these two adjectives to define the words of the Minister of Regional Affairs Francesco Boccia critical of the role of the Regions, claiming what Lombardy has done to deal with the coronavirus emergency. “I invite Minister Boccia to do the reverse reasoning. What would be the situation in the country if the Regions had not faced the emergency even in the phase of underestimating the risk that has gripped the Government for days and days? – he replied – Just think that in Lombardy we have activated almost 1000 intensive therapies to be used for emergencies and we are working across the board also with regard to other needs. Such as the finding of masks and fans “. “I stop here – he added – because at this moment the energies must be concentrated in other more serious directions. However, I find the statements of Minister Boccia rash and inappropriate, especially as regards Lombardy “.

12.15 – Pope Francis: “Avoiding a tragedy in prisons”
“My thoughts go in a special way to all people who suffer from vulnerability to be forced to live in a group” as in the case of “rest homes or barracks”. “In a special way I would like to mention people in prisons. I read an official memo from the Human Rights Commission that talks about the problem of overcrowded prisons “which with the coronavirus pandemic” could become a tragedy “. The Pope said so at the Angelus asking to “take the necessary measures to avoid” these tragedies.

12.10 – Nursing orders “About 4 thousand infected nurses”
“Among the nurses there is the largest number of positive health workers in Covid: about 4 thousand. Among the nurses there are those who die from Covid to assist and be close to the patients “. This is the balance of Barbara Mangiacavalli, president of the National Federation of Orders of Nursing Professions (Fnopi). Commenting on the boom in responses to the call of the Civil Protection for 500 nurses to send in reinforcement of colleagues engaged in the trench against the new coronavirus, his appeal is to guarantee protections and protections. “There is only one principle among nurses: taking care. And they have demonstrated it in practice, anyone who has seen it and can see it every day, unfortunately in an emergency that none of us would have ever wanted to witness. From tomorrow, since the Civil Protection will select who of them will be able to go to the pandemic front, our experts in maxiemergences will be there, joined to the task force which now includes the 300 doctors chosen with the same criterion, to truly form a unprecedented first line of assault against the virus ”.

12.05 – Spallanzani: “212 hospitalized positive patients”
“There are 212 positive Covid-19 patients. Of these, 24 patients need respiratory support. Further resignations of asymptomatic or paucisymptomatic patients are expected during the day. The patients discharged and transferred to home or to other territorial structures, are 147 this morning ”. This is what is highlighted in today’s bulletin of Spallanzani in Rome.

12.00 – Sala: “Failed regionalism, lost land holding capacity”
“Before the coronavirus in Milan we were in a golden age for many. We preside over the situation, however, with the idea of ​​relaunching in mind, with the desire to be ready to help those who will have to leave. ” The mayor of Milan, Beppe Sala, said it at Rtl102.5. “In times of crisis – he added – we see how the system collapses. In a country like ours, with municipalities, regions and metropolitan cities, regionalism in twenty regions has failed. Today no controversy, but as soon as we can discuss it. The question is whether the political class will have common sense to get together around a table. Of all the social classes that will be called to do so, more than ever, politics will be called to a test of maturity “. On Lombard health, he added: “He made a different choice from that of Veneto and Emilia Romagna and favored the large hospitals, the ability to maintain the socio-medical fabric on the territory was lost. I carefully avoid any kind of discussion with my colleague Attilio Fontana and we would miss more, people would not forgive us now. But talk to the general practitioners and hear what they say, the consultants are gone, “concluded Sala.

11.55 – De Magistris: “From Conte important recognition for the mayors”
“It is important that President Conte recognizes the role of mayors as a bulwark of our country’s social cohesion and democratic stability in such a delicate moment.” This was stated by the mayor of Naples Luigi de Magistris, commenting on the words of the premier Giuseppe Conte in the press conference on Saturday evening stressing “the great teamwork done by all of us mayors of the metropolitan cities, yesterday we felt the whole day. It is another image of the country to be photographed: all the mayors, from North to South, are doing a great job together, we keep the democratic supply chain and social cohesion at a time when there is not only a health epidemic, but also social to which to face “.

11.50 – De Magistris: “Now quarantine income”
“President Conte, the government and the political majority that supports him must now establish quarantine income immediately, at least until the end of the national emergency.” The mayor of Naples Luigi de Magistris writes this in a post published on Facebook in which he takes stock of the decisions taken by the city council meeting yesterday by videoconference. “Quarantine income”, explains de Magistris, must become a measure “in support of those who have remained without income and liquidity”.

11.47 – Renzi: “In a few days everyone will give me reason”
“My considerations yesterday opened a very serious and heated discussion, especially among those who have struggled to read or listen and have not stopped at prejudice. The whole political world has gone wild against the concepts I have expressed: interesting, you will see that in a few days they will change their position and say all together what we are saying for ourselves today ”. Matteo Renzi writes it on Facebook. “There is a devastating health emergency, of course. But in the background there is an economic emergency that is fought by sharing safely with jobs, not by widening the income of citizenship – continues the leader of Iv -. Politicians have the task of building the after, they cannot only comment on the present. And the after must be thought now: otherwise we chase events without preventing them. We are used to attacks, the weather will be gentleman again. We all want to go back to normal, but first we have to turn on one switch at a time. I want to tell those who say they are in a hurry, first we secure health and intensive care by tripling them, then slowly, starting from some production activities, we turn on one switch at a time. Then it will also be up to the population and I do not exclude that the brackets can be a method, “explained the Minister of the Regions.

11.42 – Boccia: “Inevitable extension of measures expiring on April 3”
“Measures expiring on April 3 will inevitably be lengthened. The times will be decided by the Council of Ministers, as has always happened, on the basis of an investigation carried out by the scientific community. “

11.40 – Boccia: “Talking about inappropriate and irresponsible reopening”
“Measures expiring on April 3 will inevitably be lengthened. The times will be decided by the Council of Ministers, as has always happened, on the basis of an investigation carried out by the scientific community. I think that at this moment talking about reopening is inappropriate and irresponsible “. Francesco Boccia said it to The Interview of Maria Latella to SkyTg24. “We all want to go back to normal, but first we have to turn on one switch at a time. I want to tell those who say they are in a hurry, first we secure health and intensive care by tripling them, then slowly, starting from some production activities, we turn on one switch at a time. Then it will also be up to the population and I do not exclude that the brackets can be a method, “explained the Minister of the Regions.

11.35 – Boccia: “Regions alone would have collapsed”
“If autonomy is subsidiarity it is an account, if autonomy is doing it yourself because you think you are doing better, the answer is’ no because it collapsed. No region would have made it alone, they would all have collapsed. ” He said it to “The Interview of Maria LatellaOn Sky TG24 the Minister for Regional Affairs Francesco Boccia. As for the controversy over masks and fans, Boccia stressed that the organization of Health is regional, “but if there were no state there would be almost nothing except the things that were in the deposits, even modest and small enough on the territories” .

11.10 – Hope: “We are still in the midst of the epidemic”
“We are still in the midst of the epidemic. It would be a serious mistake to drop our guard right now. ” This was stated by the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza. “We would end up – says the minister – to frustrate what has been done to date. The sacrifices of these weeks are serious. Epidemiologists say that the first effects of containment are seen. However, we are not yet at the phase change. It will take – he warns – time and graduality “.

11.05 – 15 guests and a nurse from an RSA from Pavesemorti
Sixteen victims in three weeks. This is the tragic balance recorded at the “Sassi” rest home in Gropello Cairoli (Pavia), in Lomellina. 15 guests of the facility and a 64-year-old nurse died. Today the newspaper “La Provincia pavese” reports the news. The nurse tested positive for coronavirus: her condition appeared immediately critical and unfortunately the doctors’ efforts could not save her. As for the other deaths, all elderly guests of the RSA, the symptoms are those attributable to Covid-19. The management of the structure explained that, at the disposal of the ATS and the Region, “” post-mortem “tampons are not carried out on elderly patients already suffering from chronic diseases”. Mourning remains for the disappearance of 16 people, which has deeply shaken the community of Gropello Cairoli (Pavia). In recent days, 12 deaths had also been recorded at the “Cortellona” rest home in Mortara (Pavia) and 3 in that of Varzi (Pavia).

11.00 – Confesercenti: “Lost 18 billion in revenues”
“Italian companies are now without liquidity: the lockdown arranged to contain the infections has led to an unsustainable fall in revenues, with a loss quantifiable in about 18 billion euros, of which 11.5 billion to be borne by commercial enterprises, tourism and catering “. This is the alarm launched by Confesercenti according to which “to stem this shock it is necessary to act on the credit lever, but the loan facilitation mechanisms implemented by Cura Italia are not working”. The coronavirus emergency, says the merchants association, “came in an already difficult situation: only last year, the stock of corporate loans decreased by around 16 billion euros. And the drying up of liquidity caused by the lockdown is destined to worsen: already now, on an annual basis, it is plausible to expect a contraction in household consumption of around € 30 billion “.

10.45 – A firefighter on duty in Parma died
A fireman on duty in Parma died after falling ill with Coronavirus. The same body gave the news with a tweet: “Giorgio Gardini did not make it. Our colleague passed away tonight after falling ill with # COVID & # 12540; 19. The Chief of the Dattilo Corps and all the #vigilidelfuoco cling to the pain of Giorgio’s family and colleagues in the Parma command “.

10.40 – Three deaths in a few hours in a small town in Teramo
Three more deaths, in a matter of hours, in Castiglione Messer Raimondo, a village in the Teramo area considered the ‘Vo d’ Abruzzo, where there are 45 cases of Coronavirus on just over two thousand inhabitants. With the new victims, deaths rise to eleven, all of which occurred in the past ten days. The village, battered by the Covid-19 emergency – it is the center most affected in Abruzzo in proportion to the number of inhabitants – is inserted in the red zone. Even the mayor, Vincenzo D’Ercole, 30, one of the youngest first citizens of the region, is positive and is in solitary confinement at home. The new deaths concern an 86 year old woman, a 90 year old man and a 51 year old man, the youngest victim registered in the country. The first was hospitalized in Teramo, the other two in Atri hospital.

10.35 – 22 deaths in Calabria
There are 22 deaths caused by Covid-19 in Calabria. In fact, late yesterday evening, an 80-year-old elderly man hospitalized at the “Great Metropolitan Hospital” of Reggio Calabria died. The patient had been hospitalized initially due to a stroke, then had been moved to Intensive Care because of the coronavirus and other pathologies.

10.30 – Mayor of Messina De Luca: “Government money? A preview “
“No money to the Municipalities that Prime Minister Conte praised so much last night. This is the three-card game, because the 4.3 billion euros that were announced yesterday evening by the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte are nothing more than the advance of the solidarity fund of the Municipalities, that is, they are the money of the Municipalities. In other words, they are funds, about 6 billion euros, which are already due to the Municipalities “. To say it to Adnkronos is the mayor of Messina, Cateno De Luca, who in recent days was denounced for contempt by the Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese, after his numerous interventions via social media to protest against the arrival of hundreds of people arriving on the Stress of Messina. “They are funds from the Municipalities – he says – that’s why I speak of the three card game. Conte has taken 4.3 billion and is anticipating them by giving a wrong message. Because these funds are part of the precarious budget balances of the Municipalities, and if I use them to carry out actions to support families, obviously they will be missing due to the balance of the budgets of the Municipalities themselves. They really are not additional amounts – explains Cateno De Luca – but only an anticipation. I wish this was clear. But I repeat it is only an anticipation. With this further announcement, which is not known when it will materialize, we have created expectations among the people “.

10.15 – In Veneto 838 positive cases, 392 deaths
In Veneto the positive cases of coronavirus rose today to 8358, 258 more than yesterday evening, 20064 people in isolation, 1586 hospitalized, 355 in intensive care, 392 deaths, 14 more than yesterday, 715 patients recovered and discharged. This was revealed by the Veneto Region report updated at 8 today.

10.10 – Over 10 thousand checks only yesterday in Milan
Yesterday in Milan, 6,434 people and 4,154 businesses were checked to verify compliance with anti-coronavirus rules. The prefecture communicates this, underlining that 2,063 people have been sanctioned and reported 5. As far as commercial businesses are concerned, 4 owners have been reported and one activity closed.

10.05 – Military flight from Fiumicino to Venice with 240 masks
Yesterday afternoon, following the activation of the Civil Protection, a transfer of medical material from Fiumicino to Venice was organized as an emergency, using one of the new Atr72s of the Aircraft Marine Exploration Group of Pratica di Mare of the Finance Guard. The body’s aircraft transported 140 packages containing 240 thousand masks to be delivered to the health staff of the Veneto Region.

10.00 – Rays: “The strategic construction sites of Rome do not stop”
“The strategic construction sites of the city do not stop even in a moment of great difficulty such as the one we are experiencing. In fact, we are trying to speed up the work by taking advantage of the traffic-free roads “. The mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi writes it on Facebook. “In these days – he adds – the restyling of the Giovanni XXIII tunnel continues in the stretch towards the Olympic Stadium / Salaria. The three companies that deal with maintenance have started to redevelop the road surface of the ‘south tube’ and in the next few days the operations will be completed on the entire stretch. The photo-reflective panels have already been thoroughly sanitized and cleaned with the aim of improving the lighting inside the tunnel and therefore safety for motorists and motorcyclists. In recent days, the workers then repositioned the manholes on the correct level of the roadway, removed the damaged safety barriers and cleared the weed vegetation near the entrance and exit ramps “. “These are – concludes Raggi – interventions expected for many years, fundamental for the safety of cars and motorcycles that will return to travel the tunnel when the coronavirus emergency is over”.

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