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Coronavirus: the death of a FedEx temporary worker worries Roissy employees


Is the largest FedEx hub in Europe at Roissy CDG today a hotbed of coronavirus contamination, endangering its approximately 2,500 employees? It is the fear of employees and unions who demand urgent measures to their management after the death of a temporary worker.

Aged about sixty, this interim Manpower worked on the Roissy CDG site from March 9 to 16 and was there on the night of March 16 to 17, completing his mission, before dying from Covid-19, on March 24, at the hospital. Colleagues said he was very weak in the last few days. Friday evening, another employee was hospitalized, according to the CGT, after having presented worrying symptoms.

“The situation is quite alarming at FedEx. For me, to continue is even criminal “, judge Sukru Kurak, elected CGT, according to which other people are affected, including a cadre. He suggests closing the site: “Management is not in a position to enforce barrier measures, in particular the distances between employees”. He indicates that 80 temporary workers who had been in contact with the deceased were removed, as well as employees. “The colleagues are very worried and anxious. They lack masks. The radios pass from hand to hand without being disinfected. They work side by side …. ”, adds an employee.

The labor inspectorate seized

For several weeks, the unions (CGT, UNSA, CFDT, CGC and STAAAP) alerted management to demand measures against the spread of the coronavirus, before entering the labor inspectorate. At the latter, they described the “long queues at the service outlet in the evening” with “more than 300 people in the entrance hall”, the lack of cleaning of the impression taking device , the shortage of hydroalcoholic gel. “

They also denounced the difficulties in applying “separation measures of at least 1.50 m”, in particular when people move containers, the lack of means of disinfection, open cafeterias or the absence of information. These are all points on which the labor inspectorate is firm against the employer. “You will want to take the necessary measures without delay,” she wrote on March 18, demanding a response.

A second letter from the labor inspectorate of March 27 relates to the death of the temporary worker. Management decisions from the previous letter are mentioned: disinfection of the service where the temporary worker worked, inventory of people who have been in contact with him who are asked to stay at home until an opinion is obtained medical.

Stating that the rule is that of the fortnight, the labor inspectorate always requests FedEx management to detail “the preventive measures currently implemented to preserve the health and safety of employees”, recalling that “the strict compliance with the rules of distancing must be guaranteed by imperative instructions ”. Lastly, it requires him to summon the CSE urgently following the death, a request which is clearly still ignored.

Twice as many temporary workers than normal

The mobilization of FedEx unions was relayed by the CGT interim. They would be between 500 and 600 temporary workers present on the Roissy site, twice as many today as normal, due to the absence of employees and activity, assigned by Crti, Manpower, Adecco or Start people.

“We have just learned that FedEx has applied for 80 temporary workers, while the labor inspection report is overwhelming and that there have been no additional measures taken since the report,” says Laetitia Gomez , general secretary CGT Interim. She denounces “the criminal irresponsibility of the management which, despite numerous alerts, did not want to take the preventive measures essential to avoid such a tragedy. “She said,” Temporary help companies are also responsible for the dangers they face for their employees. “

FedEx was contacted several times and did not respond to our requests.

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