World Coronavirus: Researchers Achieve “Major Breakthrough” - Homeopathy Zoff Follows

Coronavirus: Researchers Achieve “Major Breakthrough” – Homeopathy Zoff Follows


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The corona virus has now claimed more than 100 lives. Australian researchers have now made a breakthrough that gives hope.

  • A new type of lung disease has already claimed more than 100 lives.
  • The coronavirus* broke out in China, people have already become infected in Germany.
  • Meanwhile, there is good news from Australia that gives hope to patients.

Update from January 29, 2020, 11.50 a.m .: Australian researchers made a breakthrough in coronavirus succeeded. You are already working on an antidote. But also without one remedy the mortality rate will “certainly continue to decrease” thanks to life-sustaining devices and the efforts of medical personnel. The renowned explained Chinese scientist Zhong Nanshan,

In Germany, alternative healing methods against the virus are also recommended. The website explains that the founder of the homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann, successfully treated epidemics and pandemics. The blog reports that even the Indian Ministry of Health recommends Ayush to prevent the coronavirus homeopathy.

On Twitter, opponents of homeopathy criticize the recommendation of alternative remedies. The Twitter account “Homeopathy harms!” Writes about a repost by a supposed doctor who recommends homeopathic remedies: “Homeopathy for #Coronavirus? In case someone actually doubted the hubris of homeopaths. Look at @jensspahn. Is that ‘so okay’? “


Coronavirus: Researchers achieve “major breakthrough” – new hope for patients

First report from January 29, 2020: Canberra – That coronavirus now has worldwide attention. The novel lung disease from China has now claimed more than 100 lives, the number of infected Meanwhile, people are increasing rapidly.

Corona virus: Scientists achieve breakthrough in Australia

There have also been confirmed cases of corona virus in Germany. In Starnberg, Upper Bavaria, a man has become infected and is now wearing it a total of four people in Bavaria* the coronavirus in itself.

But there is hope for all patients: Australian scientists have the fatal one coronavirus in the laboratory bred. The Peter Doherty Institute for infections and immunity in Melbourne on Wednesday with.

Researchers successfully breed corona virus

The virus was taken from an infected patient and successfully bred. Now in collaboration with other institutes and the World Health Organization WHO at one antidote be worked. Julian Druce, head of the virus laboratory, spoke of a “major breakthrough”.

What are the symptoms* and how you get infected*? We have put together more information for you.

The corona virus has arrived in the state capital. Four cases are known. Many citizens are now afraid. ( *)

* / are part of the Germany-wide Ippen-Digital editors network

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