News Coronavirus, outbreak in the area of Caserta, arranged cordon....

Coronavirus, outbreak in the area of Caserta, arranged cordon. 700 people in isolation


Eight positive in a complex the popular houses of Mondragonein the area of Caserta: it was enough to trigger a sort of “mini red zone“. With an order of the president of the Campania Region, Vincenzo De Lucawas drawn up a cordon around the area of the so-called “Buildings Cirio“ while his 700 inhabitants of the palaces “heavily populated and in a condition of high promiscuity” were subjected to the screening of the Asl through pads and serological tests.

In the area, on the outskirts of Mondragone, lives a community of Bulgarian: for all, up at June 30,was willing the insulation in the home with the prohibition of removal, with the exception of the transit – in input and output – of the health care professionals and health-engaged in the controls and support activities. Returns the obligation to wear the maskeliminated in the rest of the region. The outbreak emerged after the hospitalization of a woman who arrived at the hospital Sessa Aurunca to give birth: in total, there have been accertatthe 8 positiveall transferred to health facilities in of shelter available to the The Asl of Caserta.

“Taking into account the conditions asintomaticità detected in subjects positive results and of the degree of spread of the infection in a portion of the resident population in the area,” says the mayor of Mondragone, Virgilio Pacific, it was decided to “set up a cordon, as a precautionary measure in order to avoid further infections to protect the health of our entire community,” concludes the Pacific. The Municipality of Mondragone, along with the civil Protection and volunteers to ensure that every form of assistance to the citizens: provided for the delivery of food and necessities for the duration of the isolation.

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