Coronavirus Omicron has spread in 17 regions of Ukraine

Omicron was found in most regions of Ukraine

The Omicron strain is not yet dominant in Ukraine. The incidence has been rising for three weeks in a row.

The Omicron coronavirus strain has been recorded in 17 regions of Ukraine, but it does not dominate yet, said Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko at a meeting at the President’s Office on Monday, January 24.

In Ukraine, the number of new cases of COVID-19 is reportedly growing for the third week in a row, but thanks to vaccination, the course of the disease is easier, and almost half as many people are hospitalized compared to the peak in the fall of 2021.

In total, over the past week, 110,000 new patients with COVID-19 were recorded in the country. Over 15,000 people were hospitalized last week, which is almost 50% less than with the same number of new cases with the Delta strain last fall.

Currently, 28% of the beds allocated for patients with COVID-19 are occupied in medical facilities. The hospitalization rate is almost halved, in part due to an increase in the number of people vaccinated. The work of mobile teams has been resumed in those territorial communities where less than 25% of the inhabitants have been vaccinated.

It is also reported that from today, people over 60 years old will be able to use a thousand hryvnias provided under the eSupport program to buy medicines.

In addition, the Ministry of Social Policy, together with the Ministry of Digital Development, is working on the possibility of expanding the initiative to other groups of the population, in particular persons with disabilities of the first group, regardless of age.

Note that as of January 19 Omicron found in 11 regions.

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