News coronavirus: No hospitalized for Covid-19 in Montecelo | Radio...

coronavirus: No hospitalized for Covid-19 in Montecelo | Radio Pontevedra


Today marks two months since it declared the state of alarm, and the confinement that led us to get into our homes, and cripple the economy of an entire country. With the arrival of the desescalada, today more than ever, two months later, many voices appeal to the individual responsibility for all of this effort has not been in vain.

Today, Thursday, in the health area of Pontevedra-O Salnés there are 2 hospitalized in plant – 1 in QuirònSalud Pontevedra and 1 in the Hospital do Salnés, and for the first time since the start of the pandemic there is not hospitalized for COVID-19 in the Hospital Montecelo.

Furthermore, there is no patient with coronavirus seen in critical care area and 106 cases evolve in your home = 108 cases are active.

From the start of the contingency plan of the COVID-19 have been cured 715 patients in this health care area ( 6 more than yesterday), in the who have died and 16 patients.

In the health area of Santiago where are the Barbanza and the Deza, there are 12 cases, a total of 436 cases of active.

The coordinator of the Emergency Service of the University Hospital Complex of Pontevedra, the dr. Francisco Javier García Vega, says that at the beginning, a minority, has tried to the health care affliction.

You are losing respect for the coronavirus because it is turning people to the emergency room with problems that are trivial, and without any measure of protection to a focus of contagion in a hospital.


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