World Coronavirus live ticker: +++ 23:52 Netherlands extend measures until...

Coronavirus live ticker: +++ 23:52 Netherlands extend measures until the end of April +++


The Netherlands is extending its measures to combat the corona pandemic until the end of April. Schools, restaurants and bars will remain closed until April 28, according to Prime Minister Mark Rutte. The increase in the number of infections and the capacities of the intensive care units “leave us with no other choice,” says Rutte. The number of infections increases by 845 to almost 13,000. More than a thousand people in the Netherlands have already died of Covid-19 lung disease. According to the authorities, more than 4,700 people with a coronavirus infection are currently being treated in the hospital.

+++ 23:39 Dirk Nowitzki donates to social institutions +++
Former basketball player Dirk Nowitzki is involved in the coronavirus crisis and makes donations to social institutions in northern Texas. The former NBA professional at the Dallas Mavericks has, among other things, donated $ 100,000 to the “North Texas Food Bank” through his US foundation, the Dirk Nowitzki Foundation. According to the foundation, Nowitzki wanted to live up to his role as a role model.

+++ 23:23 Fed expert: US unemployment over ten percent conceivable +++
Fed central banker Loretta Mester believes an unemployment rate of more than ten percent in the United States is conceivable. According to the CNBC broadcaster, it refers to the shutdown of the economy to combat the epidemic. New numbers on the US job market are expected on Thursday and Friday.

+++ 23:06 Another setback for Chinese sports +++
The Chinese government has stopped the steps towards normality in sport until further notice. “For better epidemic prevention and control, major sporting events such as marathons that gather crowds should not be resumed,” said a general sports administration statement. The basketball league CBA and the football league Chinese Super League apparently still have to wait.

+++ 22:42 top managers forego bonuses +++
The top managers of the Italian major bank Unicredit – mother of HypoVereinsbank – are waiving their bonus for 2020 due to the uncertain economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The bank also announced that it would donate the same amount to the UniCredit Foundation for social purposes Support actions.

+++ 22:15 SPD leader calls for new health system after corona crisis +++
SPD leader Saskia Esken has spoken out for a radical reversal in the health system after the Corona crisis. “With this pandemic at the latest, everyone must now be aware of how absurd it is to trim our healthcare system primarily for efficiency and profitability,” she told the “Stuttgarter Zeitung” and the “Stuttgarter Nachrichten”. For example, she questioned the current cost calculation of the hospitals: “The flat rates per case, which all patients care about, were a mistake, which we have to rethink thoroughly after the Corona crisis.”

+++ 21:55 Russia sends Corona aid package to the United States +++
Russia is preparing an aid flight to combat the corona pandemic in the United States. The machine with medical equipment and protective clothing is expected to start on Tuesday, said Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskow of the agency Interfax. The offer comes as a surprise because relations between Moscow and Washington have been tense for years. The US accuses Russia of interfering in US elections, among other things. Peskow said: “Now that everyone is affected by the situation without exception, there is no alternative to acting in partnership.” Russia had already sent medical and personnel aid to Italy, the NATO country particularly affected by the pandemic.

+++ 21:37 New York releases 900 prisoners +++
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said 900 inmates have been released from city prisons since yesterday due to concerns about the corona virus.

+++ 21:13 Almost 500 deaths within 24 hours in France +++
In France, the number of people who died of corona in one day increased dramatically. There were 499 new deaths within 24 hours, said health director Jérôme Salomon in Paris. So far, most people have died one day since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in France. There are a total of 3,523 fatalities, according to Salomon.

+++ 20:57 GroKo politicians demand less dependence on China +++
As a consequence of the experience of the Corona crisis, foreign politicians from the coalition parties are demanding a tougher approach to China. “The Corona crisis should encourage us to strive for European sovereignty,” says the SPD Group’s foreign policy spokesman, Nils Schmid, of the Süddeutsche Zeitung. The deputy chairman of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group, Johann Wadephul referred to “Chinese propaganda that should cover up the origin of the virus”. “We will have to learn to react to this. We are still a bit awkward,” he emphasized. The dependence on deliveries from China must also be reduced, Wadephul demanded. “We may have to be willing to pay a higher price for certain things to be made here in the future,” he said.

+++ 20:27 Four Corona dead in Schweinfurt senior home +++
There has also been an increase in the number of deaths after infections with the corona virus in a retirement home in the Bavarian town of Schweinfurt. On Tuesday evening, the health department announced that three people with Covid-19 had died in the care facility. All were over 80 years old and had previous illnesses. Of a total of six people who died in Schweinfurt after an illness with the pathogen, four reportedly lived in the same nursing home. Of the 195 people currently tested positive for the Covid-19 in the Lower Franconian city, 22 would be treated in hospitals. 515 contact persons are in quarantine. 14 people infected with the virus are now cured.

+++ 20:10 Several states punish Corona April fools +++
Several states punish April fools’ jokes about the pandemic. Thailand refers to laws that provide for up to five years in prison, Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing Wen speaks on Facebook of up to three years. Internet company Google has already canceled its traditional jokes for this year. The Federal Ministry of Health requests on Twitter under the motto “Corona is no joke” to “do without invented stories about the corona virus topic” in order to counter the danger of misinformation.

+++ 19:45 virus on US aircraft carrier “Theodore Roosevelt” out +++
The captain of the US aircraft carrier “Theodore Roosevelt” raises the alarm because Covid-19 has broken out among the crew. In a letter to the Navy administration, Captain Brett Crozier wrote that there were not enough quarantine stations on the ship. “We’re not at war. Seafarers don’t have to die,” the letter said. Crozier suggests that 4000 seafarers be stripped and isolated.

US aircraft carrier “Theodore Roosevelt”

(Photo: REUTERS)

+++ 19:24 number of deaths in Turkey increases drastically +++
The number of coronavirus deaths in Turkey has increased by 46 to 214, according to data from the Ministry of Health. The number of confirmed cases increased by 2704 to 13,531.

+++ 19:06 New Zealand blocked the departure of 12,000 Germans +++
The New Zealand government continues to block the exit of foreigners who want to go home because of the corona crisis – including around 12,000 Germans. The German embassy in Wellington said that the New Zealand State Department had informed the representations of all countries that the stop on the return flights, which originally ran until Wednesday, had been extended. “For how long was it not said.”

More about this here.

+++ 18:43 Great Britain counts another 381 dead +++
In the UK, another 381 people died of Covid-19 within 24 hours. This increased the death toll to a total of 1789, according to the UK Department of Health. By far the highest number of victims per day so far indicates an accelerated spread of the pathogen. From Sunday to Monday, 180 deaths were counted in Great Britain within 24 hours. The number of people infected increased by more than 3,000 to 25,150 today.

+++ 18:40 Festival Bayreuth are canceled +++
The Bayreuth Festival will not take place this summer due to the corona pandemic. The responsible bodies of the board of trustees, the management, the artistic director and the local authorities agreed on this in the afternoon. Rehearsals for the Richard Wagner Festival should actually start tomorrow.

+++ 18:35 New York governor: “We underestimated the virus” +++
The governor of New York has failed to fight the virus. “We underestimated the virus. It is stronger and more dangerous than we expected,” said Andrew Cuomo at his daily live television and online press conference. “I’m tired of running after the virus. We were behind from the first day and had to catch up – so you don’t win.” Meanwhile, the number of people who died after being infected with the coronavirus in the state of New York rose to 1,550 from 1,218 the previous day. The number of confirmed infections is around 75,000 – 10,000 of these patients are in the hospital.

+++ 18:31 brother infected by Andrew Cuomo +++
One of the infected people in New York is the brother of the governors of New York, the well-known CNN presenter Chris Cuomo, “I have been close to people in the past few days who finally tested positive,” said Chris Cuomo. Now he himself had been tested positive and had typical symptoms. He was in isolation in his basement.

Chris Cuomo.

(Photo: AP)

+++ 18:15 H&M sends 20,000 employees in short-time work +++
In view of the closure of all branches in Germany due to the corona crisis, the Swedish fashion chain H&M has applied for short-time benefits for almost 20,000 employees for the period from March to May. The company also announced that it would increase short-time work to 100 percent of its net salary in March and 90 percent in April and May, following an agreement with the general works council. Solutions have also been found for mini-jobbers and working students.

+++ 17:47 deaths in Italy possibly much higher +++
In Italy, the head of the National Health Institute, Silvio Brusaferro, believes that the number of virus deaths in Italy may be higher than officially stated. “It is plausible that the deaths are underestimated,” he says to journalists. For example, the official coronavirus data would not include people who die at home or in nursing homes. The majority of tests were therefore only carried out in hospitals.

+++ 17:39 fines in Brandenburg up to 25,000 euros +++
In Brandenburg and Berlin, violations of the Corona measures are to be punished with fines in the future. The Brandenburg fines catalog provides for fines between 50 and 25,000 euros, as the state government from the SPD, CDU and Greens announced. The catalog of fines is due to come into force on Thursday. Organizing meetings is therefore fined between 500 and 2500 euros. Participation in meetings can be punished with 50 to 500 euros. Anyone who opens a shop for which no exemption is provided must expect to pay a fine of up to 10,000 euros. Repeat cases can be punished with up to 25,000 euros. The counties and independent cities determine the amount of the respective fine.

+++ 17:18 Chairman of the statutory health insurance: mask requirement “pure symbol politics” +++
The chairman of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, Andreas Gassen, does not believe in a mask requirement in the fight against the spread of the corona virus. “The obligation to wear a face mask is purely symbolic,” said Gassen to the “Handelsblatt”. “It conveys deceptive security, but hardly helps at all.” In turn, higher-quality masks that offer actual protection against infection would be urgently needed for medical personnel due to their shortage. Gassen also pointed out that in addition to droplets, smear infection over surfaces is also possible. “What helps is distance and hygiene.”

+++ 17:04 18th death in Wolfsburg nursing home +++
There is another corona dead in the Hanns-Lilje nursing home in Wolfsburg. This means that 18 residents have already died of Covid-19. According to Diakonie Wolfsburg, a total of 74 of the 145 residents were infected in the facility for people with dementia.

More about this here.

+++ 17:02 plant closure at VW until April 19 +++
Volkswagen is extending the closure of its core brand plants in Germany for another ten days due to the corona pandemic. Instead of until April 9, as planned, production is now to be suspended until April 19. The interruptions had already been extended. VW has reported short-time work for tens of thousands of employees.

+++ 17:00 Clinic Wolfsburg admitted patients +++
The Wolfsburg Clinic welcomes patients again. “I can say that we have started operating the clinic again since noon today,” said Wolfsburg Mayor Klaus Mohrs. 90 percent of the test results were available. Accordingly, 32 employees have tested positive. Around a third of these are in the medical service, around two thirds are nurses and a few are in administration. The infected workers are in quarantine at home.

+++ 16:46 USA: Fauci sees first signs of slowing down +++
Chief immunologist Anthony Fauci sees first signs that exit restrictions will slow the spread of the pandemic in the United States. The measures seem to have worked, he says CNN. However, the number of infections continued to rise and the situation remained very dangerous. In addition, it can increasingly be observed that young people in the 30s or 40s also developed serious illnesses. To date, approximately 165,000 people in the United States have been shown to be or still to be infected with the corona virus. It has been proven that 3,170 people in the United States died of Covid-19.

+++ 16:23 Russian chief doctor infected – contact with Putin +++
Moscow’s most prominent coronavirus chief doctor got infected with the highly contagious lung disease. Just last week, Dennis Prozenko led Russian President Vladimir Putin through the infectious disease hospital in the capital, Kommunarka. The medical condition of the doctor is normal, according to the doctors of the agency Interfax. Prozenko was treated in the Moscow clinic. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Putin is regularly tested for the corona virus. “It’s all right.” There are currently 2,337 registered corona cases in Russia.

+++ 16:20 parking lot becomes emergency quarters +++
Those already in need are particularly hard hit by the coronavirus crisis: In Las Vegas, dozens of homeless people have had to stay in a parking lot for several days after their nightly accommodation temporarily had to close due to a corona case. Like dividing lines between individual parking spaces for cars, markings painted on the floor refer to the individual sleeping spaces. The Cashman Congress Center parking lot will be available as a nightly accommodation until Friday.

The original accommodation is due to reopen on Friday.

(Photo: REUTERS)

+++ 16:12 Netherlands reach the limit / Over 1000 dead +++
The number of deaths related to corona infection has risen to 1039 in the Netherlands. That is 175 more than the day before. According to the health authorities, the number of registered infections rose by 845 to 12,595. However, the authorities assume a high number of unreported cases among the infected and dead. In the Netherlands, only seriously ill people are tested for the virus. The intensive care units were now treating 1,065 seriously ill patients, it was said. This means that the capacity of the available intensive beds is almost exhausted. The Dutch hospitals want to increase the capacity significantly to 2500 intensive care beds by the end of the week.

+++ 16:08 Spahn and Laschet against mandatory mask +++
Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn has spoken out against the obligation to wear protective masks in Germany. “In the current situation, I see no need for an obligation,” said the CDU politician. Spahn emphasized that a distinction should be made between medical masks to protect medical personnel from infection and other masks worn by the public – including self-sewn ones. These are about not infecting others. NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet agreed with Spahn. The priority now is to procure masks for the medical sector. “And if it develops socially that everyone wants to protect the other, that’s fine. I don’t see any obligation.”

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+++ 16:04 Berlin and Brandenburg extend restrictions +++
The exit restrictions in Berlin and Brandenburg will be extended until the end of the Easter holidays. Berlin wants to make a decision on Thursday, Brandenburg’s government has already decided.

+++ 15:49 study: restrictions save the lives of thousands +++
Measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic have saved 59,000 lives in 11 European countries, according to a study. Without restrictions, 550 more deaths would be complained of in Germany. The study by scientists from Imperial College London examined how the various measures taken at different times in eleven European countries worked. These included quarantine for infected people, the closure of schools and universities, ban on meetings, distance regulations and curfews. The study is based on the assumption that the same measure has comparable effects in different countries. Most of the lives were saved in Italy, which was the first country to be severely affected by the pandemic. The estimated numbers of those saved from death:

  • Italy: 38,000 people
  • Spain: 16,000 people
  • France: 2500 people
  • Belgium: 560 people
  • Germany: 550 people
  • Great Britain: 370 people
  • Switzerland: 340 people
  • Austria: 140 people
  • Sweden: 82 people
  • Denmark: 69 people
  • Norway: 10 people

+++ 15:35 Australians “only” get twelve bottles of wine +++
After panic buying alcohol, Australian retailers set daily shopping limits. According to this, the Australians can “only” buy twelve bottles of wine and two boxes of beer – per day. Many Australians have been on a major shopping spree in the past few days because of the exit restrictions in the fight against the corona pandemic. In Australia, all non-vital stores, including bars and pubs, were closed due to the pandemic. As a result, the social media in Australia was flooded with videos and pictures of shoppers loading up their shopping carts with excessive amounts of alcohol in the face of weeks of curfew. Last week, spending in alcohol-selling bottle shops rose 86 percent, according to the Commonwealth Bank.

+++ 15:20 woman from Greek refugee camp tested positive after birth +++
A woman from a refugee camp in Greece has tested positive for the corona virus after the birth of her child. According to the Ministry of Migration in Athens, the woman lives in a refugee camp on the island of Evia north of Athens. It was tested in a capital city hospital after birth. It is still unclear whether she was infected in the women’s clinic or in the refugee camp. According to the Greek health authority, it began to find the woman’s contact persons a few days ago. The ministry said it would take all necessary measures to protect the residents and staff of the refugee camp.

+++ 14:55 tennis classic in Wimbledon before the end +++
Wimbledon is no exception in these coronavirus times: For the first time since the Second World War, the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world has been completely canceled due to the pandemic. Almost three months remain until the start of the classic lawn, but the historic end could become official tomorrow. Then, according to corresponding media reports, the decision on this year’s edition should be made at a crisis meeting of the tournament organizers. “You don’t have to be a clairvoyant that there is no alternative,” believes the Vice President of the German Tennis Association, Dirk Hordorff. “It’s totally unthinkable. You don’t need inside information to say that in a world where the Olympics are canceled a month later, such a tournament cannot take place.”

+++ 14:35 Sweden prohibits visits to retirement homes +++
The Swedish government prohibits all visits to retirement homes in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus. This was announced by the government of Prime Minister Stefan Löfven. The measure will apply from Wednesday, said Vice Prime Minister and Environment Minister Isabella Lövin. “Together we have to do everything we can to keep the infections from the old people’s homes,” said Minister of Social Affairs Lena Hallengren. The government also plans to test more people for the corona virus. The Swedes are also concerned with seeing whether someone has already contracted the virus and has become immune to it. So far, around 30,000 Swedes have been tested on Covid-19. To date, there are more than 4,400 confirmed cases of infection in the Scandinavian EU country. 180 Covid-19 patients have died there so far.

More about this here.

+++ 14:30 Bundeliga pauses until at least the end of April +++
As expected, the mandatory break in the Bundesliga and the 2nd league extends until at least April 30. A corresponding proposal by the DFL Presidium was decided by the club management of the 36 professional clubs at the first virtual general meeting of the German Football League. The decision was made unanimously. Due to the corona pandemic, game operations in the Bundesliga and the 2nd division have been suspended since March 12, the first time since the Second World War. Match days 28 to 31 fall victim to the now extended interruption.

More about this here.

+++ 14:15 salvation: unemployment will increase +++
According to the Federal Employment Agency, around 470,000 companies nationwide have announced short-time work due to the corona virus. With the notification of short-time work, the companies start the formal procedure so that employees receive short-time work benefit. The ads came from almost all industries. Federal Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil said that a large number of applications came from the hospitality and retail sectors. “This will keep millions of workers in their jobs,” said Heil. In its statistics, the BA only records how many employees in companies will be affected by this if short-time working has actually been done. Heil added, however, that the federal government expected significantly more short-time workers than at the height of the financial crisis. One expects over two million employees who will be dependent on short-time allowance this year. Heil expects unemployment to increase in the coming months.

More about this here.

+++ 14:09 Spahn: Currently 45 percent of the intensive care beds are free +++
Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn thanked the hospitals in Germany for their preparations for an increasing number of infected people in the Corona crisis. 45 percent of intensive care beds in Germany are currently free and can therefore accommodate patients with severe disease, said Spahn. He was “very grateful” to the clinics for the creation of further treatment capacities. Spahn said it was clear that there would be an increasing number of patients in the coming days who needed treatment and intensive care in intensive care units. The Federal Minister of Health had previously informed the state of North Rhine-Westphalia’s Prime Minister Armin Laschet at the Düsseldorf University Clinic about the current situation among employees and volunteer students.

+++ 14:00 Urgent request against restrictions fails +++
An urgent application against the exit restriction due to the corona pandemic failed in court in Saarland. A citizen had unsuccessfully objected to general orders from the Ministry of Health. The applicant had argued that the measures were disproportionate and that there was no legal basis. The Saarland administrative court in Saarlouis, on the other hand, did not consider the exit restriction to be neither disproportionate nor illegal.

More about this here.

+++ 13:55 flags in Italy at half mast +++
With a nationwide minute of silence, Italy commemorated the victims of the corona virus. Everywhere in the country most affected by the pandemic, the flags were set at half mast. The campaign was also intended to show a thank you for and solidarity with the employees in the completely overloaded health system. At the Capitol in Rome, Mayor Virginia Raggi spoke of “a wound that hurts the whole country”. At the same time, she promised her compatriots: “Together we will make it.”

(Photo: AP)

+++ 13:53 Hamburg also postpones Abitur +++
Hamburg gives school leavers more time to prepare for exams. The Abitur exams start five days later and at the same time with Schleswig-Holstein, as school senator Ties Rabe announced. “The start of the written exams should be postponed to April 21, as in Schleswig-Holstein, in order to give the students more preparation time.” In addition, due to the health situation, three times as many follow-up appointments are offered.

+++ 13:50 Iran soon 45,000 infected, almost 3,000 dead +++
In Iran, the number of confirmed infections rose by 3111 to 44,606 within 24 hours, according to a spokesman for the Ministry of Health on state television. The number of deaths increases by 141 to 2,898.

+++ 13:46 Kretschmann: exit debate is dubious +++
Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann warned in the corona crisis against a premature debate about an exit strategy from the strict exit restrictions. “The situation remains serious,” warned the Greens politician. He could understand if many people wanted a quick return to normal life. But now is not the time for a debate about easing the measures. That is dubious. “We are still at the beginning of the crisis.”

+++ 13:38 Scholz announces production of protective masks in Germany +++
The federal government wants to protect companies in Germany that start short-term in the production of protective masks because of the corona crisis from financial risks. “We need our own productions in this country, which we have to get going for this time,” said Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz. There are already a number of manufacturers who are ready to produce masks. “This can now happen very quickly, and we are in the process of implementing it with great emphasis.” In return, the federal government gives “financial commitments that are necessary so that companies are now at a certain risk, convert their production and manufacture things that they may not manufacture forever,” said Scholz. He had already discussed this with Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn.

+++ 13:32 Draconian punishments in Russia +++
In Russia, quarantine violations will in future be punished with up to seven years in prison. The lower house of the Russian parliament passed a corresponding law in an urgent procedure. In addition, the exit restrictions to contain the coronavirus pandemic have been expanded. This has largely paralyzed public life in more than 40 of Russia’s 85 regions.

+++ 13:27 number of infected in Russia increases strongly +++
The number of infections reported has risen sharply. There are currently 2337 infected people. That’s 500 more than the day before. 18 people died of the virus, 121 recovered, the authorities said.

+++ 13:18 Hotels, hardware stores, parks: Poland turns everything into +++
Poland is tightening public restrictions. Cosmetic shops and similar shops will be closed, as will hotels, as Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced. Hardware stores have to close on weekends. People should keep a minimum distance of two meters; in future, only three people will be able to stand in line at checkouts. Access to parks, beaches and other public places is prohibited. There should be separate opening times for older people. The new measures should remain in effect for at least two weeks.

+++ 13:15 Scholz wants to support startups +++
Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz has announced quick financial aid for start-ups to secure these young companies. “We want these young, innovative companies to remain in our country,” said Scholz at a press conference with the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder after attending a meeting of the Bavarian cabinet. “We are now activating the startup finance program,” said Scholz ‘ministry. “It’s about our future together.”

+++ 13:11 Florida closes: random walk of the “Zaandam” continues +++
The cruise ship “Zaandam” with four dead and several corona cases on board is still desperately looking for a port. In the US state of Florida, where the ship was to enter a port after a long odyssey, passengers are now not allowed to go ashore. He sees the situation on board the “Zaandam” as a “big, big problem,” said Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. He didn’t want people in Southern Florida to be “dumped” right now who weren’t even from Florida. First of all, a special team of doctors should be sent on board. However, the shipping company must organize this, DeSantis said.

The “Zaandam” and the “Rotterdam” that came for support.

(Photo: AP)

+++ 13:04 “The world will be different” +++
The US financial giant Blackrock expects the pandemic to have fundamental consequences for the economy and society. The spread of the virus “not only put pressure on the financial markets and short-term growth”, but also caused a reassessment of many assumptions about the global economy, judges the manager of the wealth manager, Larry Fink. “If we survive this crisis, the world will be different. The psychology of investors will change. Business life will change. Consumption will change,” Fink looks confidently into the future: “The world will be this crisis survive. The economy will recover. “

More about this here.

+++ 12:59 Spain: So far the highest number of victims in 24 hours +++
In Spain, which is severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic, 849 new deaths have been recorded within 24 hours. This is the highest number of victims ever counted in a day. This was the fourth day in a row that over 800 people died. The number of infections recorded rose again and is now more than 94,000 – a good 9,000 more than the previous day. At the same time, more than 2,500 patients were discharged as healed within one day – a total of almost 20,000 people have already recovered.

More about this here.

+++ Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg against mandatory mouth protection +++
Baden-Württemberg’s Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann explains that, unlike in Austria, there should be no obligation for citizens to wear face masks “for the foreseeable future”. He had discussed this with his Bavarian colleague Markus Söder. “We need high-quality protective material for the medical sector, for care, for people in important institutions. It would be completely wrong to create scarcity here.” However, it makes sense to use self-sewn masks as spit protection.

+++ 12:49 More than 700 new infections in Switzerland +++
The number of detected coronavirus infections in Switzerland rose to 16,176, 701 more than the previous day. So far, 373 people have died of Covid-19, health officials say (Erroneously, the heading initially read “More than 700 dead”. We apologize for the mistake.)

+++ 12:22 twelve year old dies in Belgium from Covid-19 +++
In Belgium, a twelve-year-old girl died as a result of a coronavirus infection. It is still unclear whether the girl suffered from a previous illness. “This is a very rare case, but it shakes us a lot,” said the spokesman for the corona pandemic. The child had previously had a fever for three days. It is the first corona death of a child in Belgium. Last week, the death of a 16-year-old caused a sensation near Paris. In Belgium, the number of officially confirmed infections rose to 12,775 according to official data; More than 700 people died as a result of the Covid-19 lung disease caused by the virus. Over 90 percent of the Belgian Corona dead were older than 65 years.

+++ 12:18 Quarantined other municipalities in Austria +++
In Austria, three other municipalities are quarantined. The places that are also popular with tourists are affected: Zell am See, Saalbach and Altenmarkt im Pongau. The quarantine for the community of Flachau is also being tightened. “There will be no more rush hour traffic, except for food, fuel, heating material, medication, etc.,” said Wilfried Haslauer, head of the state of Salzburg in Austria. The increase in infections with Sars-CoV-2 had been “dynamic” there in the past few days. In the Austrian Alps, numerous areas, including the entire state of Tyrol, are now under quarantine.

+++ 12:10 Bavaria is developing into an epidemic center +++
The Free State of Bavaria is increasingly becoming the largest crisis zone in German pandemic defense. Bavaria accounts for almost a quarter of all known coronavirus infections. The proportion of the deceased is 27 percent of all Covid 19 deaths in Germany. And: Six of the ten German regions with the highest number of cases in Germany are located in the Free State.

+++ 11:45 Corona infected breaks quarantine – contact to ten people +++
According to the authorities, a corona infected person in Schleswig-Holstein has left home quarantine and has had contact with at least ten people. The spokeswoman for the district of Rendsburg-Eckernförde is currently checking whether the man has possibly met more people. The man returned from a risk area in mid-March, tested positive, and was placed in quarantine at home – but did not abide by it. The quarantine break was noticed when the authorities tracked another infected’s contacts to break the chain of infection. It was found that the quarantine breaker was in contact with the other corona positive. The spokeswoman for the district said the man faces at least a fine, possibly a criminal complaint, should further violations become known.

+++ 11:44 Young Italian about his time as a corona intensive care patient +++
Andrea Napoli is 33 years old, sporty, healthy, doesn’t smoke. Then he becomes infected with the corona virus and lies in the intensive care unit shortly thereafter with acute shortness of breath. He has to be ventilated day and night while people die in the beds next to him, says the Italian.

+++ 11:40 Qiagen gets quick test approval in the USA +++
Qiagen has received an emergency approval from the FDA for a rapid test to detect the Sars-Cov-2 coronavirus. According to a report by the diagnostic specialist from Hildung, the QIAstat-Dx-SARS-CoV-2 airway panel is able to distinguish the novel coronavirus from 21 other pathogens of serious respiratory infections based on a single sample within an hour. The test is now expected to be used in clinical laboratories in the United States.

+++ 11:21 men significantly more often among the fatalities +++
There are significantly more men among the Covid 19 fatalities. As the head of the Robert Koch Institute, Lothar Wieler, says, the evaluation of 583 deceased in Germany shows the following picture so far:

  • younger than 60: 31 dead (26 men)
  • 60-69 years: 44 (32 men)
  • 70-79: 130 (102 men)
  • 80-89: 305 (185 men)
  • 90 and older: 71 (38 men)

With the 205 dead to 79 years, this means: 78 percent of the dead are men. So far there are no confirmed reasons for the difference in mortality between women and men. They may suffer from previous illnesses or smoke more often.

More about this here.

+++ 11:03 PM Premier Johnson in criticism +++
Boris Johnson comes under pressure. Because the major shortcomings in the fight against the corona pandemic are mainly accused of him. According to the British Medical Association, the clinic and general practitioners lack equipment such as masks and disposable gloves. Krankenschwestern berichten, dass sie ohne Schutz Patienten versorgen müssen. Wie die Ärzteorganisation Royal College of Physicians mitteilt, ist jeder vierte Mediziner des staatlichen Gesundheitsdienstes NHS (National Health Service) inzwischen “krank oder in Isolation”. Besonders schlimm sind demnach die Zustände in London und Birmingham. Nach Ansicht vieler Kritiker hat vor allem der britische Premierminister Johnson viel zu spät und zu lasch auf den Ausbruch reagiert.

+++ 10:50 Kardinal in Rom an Covid-19 erkrankt +++
Der Stellvertreter des Papstes für das Bistum Rom ist an Covid-19 erkrankt. Der Kardinalvikar des Bistums, Angelo De Donatis, sei der erste Kardinal, der sich mit dem Coronavirus angesteckt habe, berichtet die vatikanische Medienplattform Vaticannews. Der 66-Jährige habe Fieber und sei im Krankenhaus, es gehe ihm aber gut, teilte das Bistum Rom mit. Er liegt in der römischen Klinik, in der auch Päpste behandelt werden. Papst Franziskus habe mit De Donatis in letzter Zeit keinen Kontakt gehabt, so Vaticannews. In dem kleinen Kirchenstaat gibt es mittlerweile einige wenige Corona-Fälle.

+++ 10:17 RKI: Jüngstes Opfer 28 Jahre / Über 16.000 wieder genesen +++
Die Infektionszahlen in Deutschland entwickeln sich laut Robert-Koch-Institut “wie erwartet” und liegen nun bei über 60.000 Infizierten seit Ende Januar. Die Fälle pro 100.000 Einwohner (Inzidenz) liegen deutschlandweit bei 74. Das Durchschnittsalter der Todesopfer liegt laut RKI bei 80 Jahren. Das jüngste Opfer war 28 Jahre alt, litt aber unter Vorerkrankungen. Instituts-Chef Lothar Wieler verkündet auch eine gute Nachricht: Mindestens 16.100 Menschen sind bereits wieder von Covid-19 genesen.

+++ 10:14 Atemschutzmasken laut Wieler sinnvoll +++
Atemschutzmasken können nach Ansicht von Lothar Wieler, Chef des Robert-Koch-Instituts, hilfreich sein, eine Pflicht sieht er aber für Deutschland nicht. FFP2-Masken, also die professionelle Ausführung, sollten laut Wieler dem Pflege- und Krankenhauspersonal vorbehalten sein. Ein gewöhnlicher Mundnasenschutz diene dagegen dem Schutz von anderen vor einer Infektion. Tragen sollten diese Masken auf alle Fälle Menschen, die möglicherweise erkrankt sind. Auch ein selbstgebastelter Mundnasenschutz sei hilfreich, weil er vor einer Tröpfchenweitergabe schütze, so Wieler. Die Testkapazitäten seien sehr groß in Deutschland, erklärt Wieler weiter. Dennoch müsse geschaut werden, welche Personen priorisiert getestet werden müssten. Also Personen, die mit Infizierten in Kontakt gestanden hätten und Personen, die zum Beispiel in Kliniken und Pflegeeinrichtungen arbeiteten.

+++ 10:12 Ärztevertreter Reinhardt: Dürfen nicht jedes Maß verlieren +++
Der Ärzteverband Hartmannbund hat vor unverhältnismäßigen Maßnahmen bei der Bekämpfung der Coronavirus-Ausbreitung gewarnt. “Wir dürfen bei allem Respekt vor erkennbarem Handlungsbedarf jetzt nicht jedes Maß verlieren”, erklärte Verbandschef Klaus Reinhardt, der auch Präsident der Bundesärztekammer ist. He warned against “entering into an overbidding competition of restrictions and intervention options”. Doctors should “not be offended or turned into ‘recruits’ when in doubt, but should be given the trust they deserve,” Reinhardt appealed. “So far, I see no reason to doubt this trust, and therefore no reason for excessive actionism.” Als Beispiel nannte Reinhardt das in Nordrhein-Westfalen von der schwarz-gelben Landesregierung geplante weitreichende Epidemiegesetz. The planned interventions would not only raise constitutional questions. “Above all, they are an expression of a completely unfounded distrust of key players in the care sector.”

+++ 10:07 Hälfte der Todesopfer kommt aus Bayern und NRW +++
Fast die Hälfte der deutschen Toten nach einer Infektion mit dem Coronavirus stammt aus Bayern und NRW. Genau sind es Stand Dienstagmorgen 292 von aktuell 599 Menschen. Das Durchschnittsalter der Todesopfer liegt laut Robert-Koch-Institut bei 80 jahren. Das jüngste Opfer war 28 Jahre alt, litt aber unter Vorerkrankungen.

+++ 09:55 Airbnb verlängert Storno-Option bis Ende Mai +++
Airbnb kommt von der Corona-Krise betroffenen Reisenden weiter entgegen: Bis Ende Mai gebuchte Unterkünfte können kostenlos storniert werden. The previous exemption only applied until mid-April. Zugleich macht Airbnb 250 Millionen Dollar locker, um Vermieter für die Ausfälle zumindest teilweise zu entschädigen, wie die Firma aus San Francisco ankündigte.

+++ 09:49 Herrmann fordert dazu auf, Verstöße zu melden +++
Bayerns Innenminister Joachim Herrmann fordert die Bürger dazu auf, Verstöße gegen die Kontaktbeschränkungen direkt anzusprechen oder sie notfalls auch der Polizei zu melden. “Steht man beispielsweise in der Schlange im Supermarkt und stellt fest, dass jemand die Sicherheitsabstände nicht einhält, kann man darauf hinweisen, die Regeln einzuhalten”, sagt der CSU-Politiker ntv. In the event of more serious violations, it is correct to inform the police. Diese müsse “darauf hingewiesen werden, wenn es jemand nicht einsehen mag”.

+++ 09:36 Lauterbach für Mundschutzpflicht +++
SPD-Gesundheitspolitiker Karl Lauterbach befürwortet eine Schutzmaskenpflicht für Supermarkteinkäufer. “Aus medizinischer Sicht halte ich eine solche Bestimmung persönlich für sehr sinnvoll”, sagte Lauterbach. The importance of masks to curb the spread of the coronavirus was initially greatly underestimated. “Voraussetzung aber ist es, dass es genug Masken gibt und sie dem medizinischen Personal nicht fehlen”, sagte Lauterbach. Rechtlich wäre ein solcher Maskenzwang in Deutschland möglich. However, it would have to be ordered by the federal states or the local health authorities.

+++ 09:22 VW-Chef: “Kommen vielleicht mit blauem Auge davon” +++
Volkswagen-Chef Herbert Diess schreibt das Geschäftsjahr trotz der Corona-Krise noch nicht völlig ab. Ob der Konzern seine Gewinnziele für 2020 erreiche, sei erst dann wirklich abzuschätzen, wenn die Dauer des “Shutdowns” abzusehen sei, so Diess. “Wenn man davon ausgeht, dass man die Krise ähnlich schnell behandelt wie China, dann kann man sicherlich auch mit einem blauen Auge davonkommen”, sagte Diess weiter. In China, VW sees itself on the ascent again after easing restrictions on the economy. “China is going strong again for us,” said the manager. “We manage the ramp-up there.” In the rest of the plant network, too, VW is preparing technically for the restart of production.

VW Vorzüge 106,84

+++ 09:18 Israel verschärft Beschränkungen deutlich +++
Israel verhängt noch strengere Ausgangsbeschränkungen. Die Regierung verbietet unter anderem ab sofort öffentliche Gebete und Hochzeiten. Only up to ten people can pray at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. You must keep a distance of at least two meters from each other. Only 15 percent of the employees are supposed to go to work. Strict instructions also apply in the workplace; before arrival, employees must measure fever and fill out a declaration that they have no corona symptoms. Wer kann, soll zu Hause bleiben. 600 israelische Soldaten unterstützen die Polizei bei der Überwachung der Regeln.

+++ 08:59 Weiteres Pflegeheim in Niedersachsen meldet Corona-Ausbruch +++
The number of confirmed corona infections in nursing homes in Lower Saxony continues to increase. In einer Einrichtung in Gadenstedt bei Peine steckten sich 13 der etwa 90 Bewohner sowie drei Beschäftigte mit dem Erreger an, wie ein Sprecher des Landkreises der “Peiner Allgemeinen Zeitung” sagte. Further tests are planned there. Twelve of those infected were cared for in isolation, and an affected person had been taken to hospital for treatment. In other homes in Lower Saxony, deaths related to Covid 19 diseases had already occurred.

+++ 08:51 Lambrecht: Handydaten nur freiwillig auslesen +++
Bundesjustizministerin Christine Lambrecht hält eine Nutzung von Handydaten zur Eindämmung des Corona-Virus nur unter dem Aspekt der Freiwilligkeit für möglich. “Die Freiwilligkeit ist ein ganz wichtiger Aspekt. Da können und wollen wir nicht drumherum”, sagte sie. In addition, it had to be clear that it would only be used temporarily and that the data would be deleted after the crisis. “Alle Einschränkungen dürfen nur so lange gebraucht werden, wie es absolut notwendig ist.” Bundesgesundheitsminister Jens Spahn hatte ursprünglich geplant, den Gesundheitsbehörden bei einer “epidemischen Lage von nationaler Tragweite” zu erlauben, Kontaktpersonen von Erkrankten anhand von Handy-Standortdaten zu ermitteln. After fierce criticism from the opposition, but also from the SPD, Spahn initially postponed these plans.

+++ 08:44 Söder für Notfallproduktion von Schutzmasken +++
Bayerns Ministerpräsident Markus Söder macht sich für eine größere Produktion von Schutzmasken in Deutschland stark. Neben der Beschaffung im Ausland müssten auch dringend mehr Masken in Deutschland hergestellt werden, sagt der CSU-Chef. Dazu sei eine Umstellung der Kapazitäten der deutschen Wirtschaft nötig. Schließlich kämen die Maschinen, die die Masken in China herstellten, aus Deutschland. Man könne auch über eine nationale Notfallproduktion nachdenken, die einen entsprechenden Vorrat liefere.

+++ 08:11 Experten warnen vor psychischer Belastung durch Corona +++
According to experts, the psychological stress on the citizens of the coronavirus pandemic has not yet been sufficiently taken into account in crisis plans. “Experts have to be prepared for both a wave of healthy people who suddenly have fears that need to be treated – and the worsening of the symptoms of people who are already mentally ill,” said Berlin-based psychiatrist Iris Hauth, board member of the Germans Society of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Psychosomatics and Neurology. The Professional Association of German Psychologists (BDP) has already set up an anonymous and free corona hotline. Sie ist mit der Nummer 0800 777 22 44 täglich von 8 bis 20 Uhr erreichbar.

+++ 07:51 Deutschland könnte Krisen-Höhepunkt im Juni erreichen +++
Die Corona-Epidemie könnte Anfang Juni ihren Höhepunkt in Deutschland erreichen – vorausgesetzt die Kontaktsperre wird nach Ostern aufgehoben. Das haben Forscher der Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität Mainz und der Universität Hamburg auf Grundlage eines mathematischen Modells berechnet. Rund 1,3 Millionen Menschen könnten dann gleichzeitig an Covid-19 erkrankt sein. Danach würden die Fallzahlen sinken und im August gegen Null gehen. Durch eine Verlängerung der Kontaktverbote bis Mitte Juni würden sowohl der Höhepunkt der Epidemie als auch ihr Ende um etwa einen Monat verschoben.

+++ 07:34 Als erste deutsche Stadt: Jena führt Maskenpflicht ein +++
Als erste Stadt in Deutschland führt Jena eine Pflicht zum Tragen von Schutzmasken ein. “Beim Betreten von Geschäften, im Nahverkehr und überall dort, wo Mindestabstände nicht mehr eingehalten werden können, sollen solche Masken getragen werden”, heißt es in einer Mitteilung. Der Krisenstab Jenas habe entschieden, die Tragepflicht schrittweise einzuführen. Weil die Grundausstattung nicht ausreiche, ruft die Stadt dazu auf, auch selbst Masken für sich und andere zu nähen. Dazu heißt es: “Masken nähen können übrigens nicht nur Profis. Die Masken müssen nicht perfekt sein. Jede Maske schützt besser als gar keine Maske.”

+++ 07:15 Datenschutzbeauftragter: Corona-Apps nur freiwillig +++
Der Datenschutzbeauftragte der Bundesregierung, Ulrich Kelber, sieht in freiwillig installierten Corona-Apps die einzige Chance für eine genauere Verfolgung von Infektionsfällen in Deutschland. “Wie wollen Sie in einem demokratischen Land die Nutzung einer App erzwingen? Der Staat müsste das doch auch überprüfen. Das geht doch gar nicht mit verhältnismäßigen Maßnahmen”, sagt Kelber dem Magazin “Wirtschaftswoche”. Therefore there is no alternative to voluntary use.

+++ 06:48 WHO: Krise in Asien “noch längst nicht vorbei” +++
Die Coronavirus-Epidemie in der Region Asien/Pazifik sei “noch längst nicht vorbei”, warnt WHO-Vertreter Takeshi Kasai. The current measures in the fight against the spread of the virus would only give the countries time to prepare for high transmission rates.

+++ 06:32 Amazon feuert streikenden US-Mitarbeiter +++
Lager-, Liefer- und Einzelhandelsarbeiter in den Vereinigten Staaten gehen auf die Straße, um auf Sicherheits- und Lohnsorgen infolge der Coronavirus-Krise aufmerksam zu machen. Unter den Streikenden seien einige der rund 200.000 Beschäftigten des US-Online-Lebensmittellieferanten Instacart, wie der Streikveranstalter “Gig Workers Collective” mitteilt, und fünfzehn Mitarbeiter eines Amazon-Lagers nähmen ebenfalls teil, nachdem Berichte über Covid-19-Fälle unter den Mitarbeitern laut wurden. Amazon says it fired an employee who helped organize the operation for alleged violations of his job and because he had left his paid quarantine to take part in the demonstration. The New York Attorney General said her office was considering “all legal options” in response to the dismissal, citing the right to strike.

+++ 06:15 Japan setzt 73 Länder auf Tabu-Liste +++
Japan’s Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi calls for travel to be avoided in 73 countries. Dies entspricht einem Drittel aller Länder der Welt. Das Ministerium veröffentlicht sogenannte “Level 3”-Reisewarnungen unter anderem gegen die Vereinigten Staaten, Kanada, China, Südkorea und Großbritannien. The government would likely ban the entry of non-Japanese nationals from the newly-added countries, as was the case with previous countries on the list of travel restrictions, Motegi said.

+++ 05:39 Branchenexperten rechnen mit Einbruch der Autonachfrage +++
Industry insiders are expecting a sharp drop in car demand this year due to the corona virus pandemic. In the event that the outbreak of the pathogen can be successfully contained in two to three months and the economy will only gradually recover after that, the experts at the consulting firm McKinsey assume that there are more than five million fewer cars produced in Europe and the United States. In the EU, that would be a minus of 30 percent compared to the original estimates, according to a company study. In the United States, the decline is 30 to 35 percent.

+++ 05:23 Zoos benötigen 100 Millionen Euro Soforthilfe +++
The Association of Zoological Gardens urges Chancellor Angela Merkel to request an emergency aid program worth EUR 100 million. Im Schreiben, das auch an mehrere Minister und Deutschen Städtetag geht, macht Jörg Junhold, Präsident des Verbandes und Zoodirektor in Leipzig, auf die wirtschaftlich angespannte Lage für Zoos aufmerksam. “Anders als andere Einrichtungen können wir unseren Betrieb nicht einfach runterfahren – unsere Tiere müssen ja weiterhin gefüttert und gepflegt werden”, sagt Junhold zur derzeitigen Situation, in der die Zoos wegen der Corona-Pandemie für Besucher geschlossen wurden.

+++ 05:07 Lighthizer: Virus zeigt US-Abhängigkeit von billigen Medizin-Importen +++
Der US-Handelsbeauftragte Robert Lighthizer will infolge der Lieferengpässe aus China die Produktion von medizinischer Ausrüstung in den USA fördern. “Leider lernen wir wie andere in dieser Krise, dass die Abhängigkeit von anderen Ländern als Bezugsquelle billiger medizinischer Produkte eine strategische Anfälligkeit für unsere Wirtschaft geschaffen hat”, sagt Lighthizer den Handelsministern der Gruppe der 20 wichtigsten Volkswirtschaften (G20). Washington sei sich einig, dass es notwendig sei, Störungen in der Lieferkette zu beseitigen. “Für die Vereinigten Staaten wollen wir die Diversifizierung der Lieferketten versuchen und mehr Produktion im eigenen Land fördern.”

+++ 04:37 China: Alle Neuinfektionen stammen von Einreisenden +++
Das chinesische Festland meldet mit 48 Fällen einen Anstieg der neuen bestätigten Coronavirus-Infektionen, nach 31 einen Tag zuvor. According to the authorities, all 48 cases come from immigrants, bringing the total number of cases introduced in China to 771. A total of 81,518 infections are registered in China according to the Health Commission. The number of deaths increased by one to 3305 at the end of Monday.

+++ 04:24 US-Rugbyverband meldet Insolvenz an +++
Der amerikanische Rugbyverband meldet inmitten der Corona-Krise Insolvenz an. Wie USA Rugby mitteilt, sei der Einnahmeverlust durch die Pandemie in der ohnehin schwierigen finanziellen Lage des Verbands zu viel gewesen. With the financial help of the World Association, a restart could be successful.

+++ 04:01 American Airlines will bis zu 12 Milliarden an Hilfen +++
The American airline American Airlines wants to apply for a financial injection in the double-digit billions. Bis zu 12 Milliarden Dollar an staatlichen Hilfen seien nötig, um in den nächsten sechs Monaten keine unplanmäßigen Entlassungen oder Gehaltskürzungen vornehmen zu müssen, sagen Geschäftsführer Doug Parker und Präsident Robert Isom. American is entitled to approximately $ 6 billion in wage subsidies and $ 6 billion in loans under an economic stimulus package designed to help airlines and other companies survive the corona virus downturn. Mit den staatlichen Mitteln und seiner eigenen Liquidität würde der Konzern in der Lage sein, “auch die schlimmsten potenziellen Zukunftsszenarien zu durchfliegen”, sagen die Führungskräfte.

+++ 03:47 Spanien verbietet alle Beerdigungszeremonien +++
Spanien verbietet wegen der Coronavirus-Pandemie alle Beisetzungszeremonien. The number of participants in funerals is limited to a maximum of three people close to the deceased, as stated in a government decree. The restrictions on funerals apply until the end of the current official state-wide emergency, which is initially limited to April 11. Similar burial restrictions already apply in Italy.

+++ 03:26 Pastor in Florida will Kirche nicht schließen – Festnahme +++
Ein evangelikaler Pastor in Florida, der trotz der Schutzmaßnahmen zur Eindämmung des Coronavirus Großveranstaltungen in seiner Kirche abgehalten hat, ist nach einem Bericht des Senders CNN festgenommen. “Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne sagte, er werde die Türen seiner Megakirche in Tampa, Florida, nicht schließen, bevor nicht die Endzeit beginnt. Die Polizei war nicht bereit, so lange zu warten”, so der US-Sender. Der zuständige Sheriff im Bezirk Hillsborough, Chad Chronister, sagt demnach, Howard-Browne würden Verstöße gegen Versammlungsregeln und der Regeln für gesundheitliche Notfälle vorgeworfen. Die Behörden hätten Howard-Browne mehrfach aufgefordert, seine Kirche zu schließen.

+++ 03:09 Mehr als 3000 Corona-Tote in den USA +++
In den USA steigt die Zahl der Toten durch die Lungenkrankheit Covid-19 auf mehr als 3000. Das geht aus Daten der “New York Times” hervor, die am Montagabend (Ortszeit USA) 3002 Todesfälle verzeichnet. Die Zahl der bestätigten Infektionen mit Sars-CoV-2 in den Vereinigten Staaten klettert demnach auf mehr als 160.000. Damit gibt es in den USA weiterhin mehr bekannte Infektionen als in jedem anderen Land der Welt.

+++ 02:50 Trump-Lapsus bei Coronavirus-Pressekonferenz +++
Peinlicher Lapsus von US-Präsident Donald Trump: Auf die Frage nach der Anzahl von Tests auf das Coronavirus in den USA und in Südkorea weist Trump eine Reporterin bei einer Pressekonferenz am Montagabend (Ortszeit) im Weißen Haus zurecht: “Ich kenne Südkorea besser als jeder andere. (…) Wissen Sie, wie viele Menschen in Seoul sind? Wissen Sie, wie groß die Stadt Seoul ist? 38 Millionen Menschen. Das ist größer als alles, was wir haben.” So gut kennt Trump Südkorea dann allerdings doch nicht: Nach Angaben der südkoreanischen Regierung leben in der Hauptstadt Seoul 9,7 Millionen Menschen – im ganzen Land sind es knapp 52 Millionen.

+++ 02:24 Kanada hilft Ureinwohnern bei Umzug in Wildnis +++
In der Corona-Krise hilft Kanadas Regierung den Ureinwohnern des Landes dabei, sich in der arktischen Wildnis zu verteilen. Dafür sollen umgerechnet rund 1,6 Millionen Euro zu Verfügung gestellt werden, teilt die Regierung in Ottawa mit. Viele Ureinwohner in dem Gebiet Nordwest-Territorien im Norden Kanadas lebten eng zusammen in großen Familienverbünden, weil es zu wenig Häuser und Wohnungen gebe, sagt Kami Kandola, Gesundheitsbeauftragter der Region. Many of them now want to move to hunting or fishing huts in the wilderness of the area, where they can better keep their distance from each other in order to protect themselves and others from being infected with the novel corona virus.

+++ 02:01 Fresenius-Kliniken bereiten sich vor +++
According to a media report, Fresenius board member Francesco De Meo still has room for new patients in the Group’s German clinics. “Wir könnten derzeit noch sehr viel mehr Patienten aufnehmen, ohne dass ein einziger deutscher Patient darunter leidet”, sagt De Meo der “Süddeutschen Zeitung”. As of Monday, Fresenius had taken four Covid 19 patients from Italy into its German clinics.

Fresenius ist dabei, die Zahl der Intensivbetten von 900 auf mindestens 1500 aufzustocken. As of Monday, there were 80 Covid-19 patients in an intensive care unit in the Group’s German clinics, 50 of whom had to be civil servants. De Meo will mit Blick auf die Lage in Spanien und Italien vorbereitet sein: “Die Zahl der Fälle in Deutschland könnte sich schlagartig erhöhen.”

+++ 01:43 Trump: USA schicken Schutzausrüstung nach Italien +++
Die USA werden nach Angaben von Präsident Donald Trump Schutzausrüstung in Wert von etwa 100 Millionen Dollar nach Italien schicken. He said this to the country’s prime minister in a conversation, Trump said. Zuvor rief er die US-Bürger auf, im Kampf gegen das Virus weiter auf Distanz zueinander zu bleiben. Anyone can help “win this war,” he said. “It is our common patriotic duty.” The next 30 days would be a challenge.

+++ 01:17 Plácido Domingo aus Krankenhaus entlassen +++
Nach seiner Infektion mit dem neuartigen Coronavirus ist der spanische Opernstar Plácido Domingo aus dem Krankenhaus entlassen. Er habe seinen Klinikaufenthalt im mexikanischen Acapulco beendet, sei nun wieder zu Hause und fühle sich gut, teilt der 79-jährige Sänger mit. Da er wegen seines Alters und anderer Erkrankungen ständig ärztlich betreut werde, sei die Infektion früh festgestellt worden – “und das hat mir sehr geholfen”, so Domingo. In his house in the seaside resort of Acapulco, he is now being treated further.

Seine Fans ruft der Spanier erneut auf, die Empfehlungen zum Schutz vor dem Coronavirus zu beachten und so viel wie möglich zu Hause zu bleiben. Domingo hat seine Infektion am 22. März öffentlich gemacht.

+++ 00:52 Trump: Einreisestopp für Europäer soll verlängert werden +++
The one initially limited to one month Entry stop der US-Regierung für Besucher aus Europa soll verlängert werden. Diese und ähnliche Beschränkungen würden in Kraft bleiben und möglicherweise sogar verschärft werden, sagt US-Präsident Donald Trump. Das werde dabei helfen, die weitere Ausbreitung des Coronavirus zu begrenzen, so Trump weiter. “It is very important to have limits.”

+++ 00:31 Auswärtiges Amt besorgt wegen Konflikt in Ostukraine +++
Deutschland und Frankreich zeigen sich besorgt über die Beschränkungen der OSZE-Beobachtermission in der Ostukraine im Zuge der Corona-Krise. “Der Ausbruch der Corona-Pandemie darf nicht als Vorwand dienen”, die Bewegungsfreiheit der Mission der Organisation für Sicherheit und Zusammenarbeit in Europa (OSZE) und die Umsetzung ihres Mandats zu behindern”, erklärt das Auswärtige Amt. Die Beobachter müssten einen “sicheren, geschützten und ungehinderten Zugang auf dem gesamten Territorium der Ukraine haben, einschließlich der nicht von der Regierung kontrollierten Gebiete”, fordert das Auswärtige Amt zusammen mit dem französischen Außenministerium. Russland müsse “seinen Einfluss geltend machen”, um dies sicherzustellen.

+++ 00:14 Trump: Mehr als eine Million Tests in den USA +++
Die USA haben nach Angaben von US-Präsident Donald Trump bereits mehr als eine Million Menschen auf das Coronavirus getestet. “Heute haben wir einen wichtigen Meilenstein im Krieg gegen das Coronavirus erreicht”, sagt Trump im Weißen Haus. Gesundheitsminister Alex Azar sagt, täglich würden inzwischen fast 100.000 Tests ausgeführt. Die Trump-Regierung steht in der Kritik, weil die Tests auf das Coronavirus in den USA zunächst fehlerhaft waren und extrem schleppend anliefen. Gouverneure von Bundesstaaten beklagen, dass es immer noch nicht genug Tests gibt. In den USA gibt es inzwischen rund 160.000 bestätigte Infektionen mit dem neuen Coronavirus – mehr als in jedem anderen Land der Welt. Around 3,000 people died.

+++ 23:50 Warnung vor Nebenwirkungen experimenteller Corona-Therapien +++
Frankreichs Arzneimittelbehörde ANSM stellt mögliche gefährliche Nebenwirkungen bis hin zu Todesfällen bei neuen Methoden zur Behandlung der Lungenkrankheit Covid-19 fest. Bei mit dem neuartigen Coronavirus infizierten Patienten, die mit Plaquenil oder anderen Medikamenten wie Kaletra behandelt wurden, seien rund 30 verschiedene unerwünschte schwere Nebenwirkungen aufgetreten, sagt ANSM-Direktor Dominique Martin der Nachrichtenagentur AFP. There were also three deaths. Plaquenil contains the active ingredient hydroxychloroquine, which is used in malaria prophylaxis. Kaletra contains a combination of the active substances lopinavir and ritonavir, which are commonly used to treat HIV patients.

+++ 23:34 Amazon-Arbeiter im italienischen Calenzano streiken +++
Etwa ein Drittel der Amazon-Mitarbeiter am Standort Calenzano bei Florenz ist nach Gewerkschaftsangaben in Streik getreten, um bessere Sicherheitsvorkehrungen durchzusetzen. “Einige Beschäftigte benutzen Schutzmasken tagelang anstatt jeden Tag neue Masken zu bekommen”, sagt ein Gewerkschaftsvertreter. Amazon explains that operations in Calenzano are not affected. Die Zahl der Auslieferungen sei bereits heruntergefahren und die Sicherheitsvorkehrungen verstärkt worden. Around 300 people work at the location, more than two thirds of them as self-employed courier drivers who deliver packages.

+++ 23:22 Ford und GE: 50.000 Beatmungsgeräte in 100 Tagen +++
Der Autokonzern Ford kündigt an, zusammen mit General Electric in den kommenden 100 Tagen 50.000 Beatmungsgeräte zu fertigen. After that, they will be able to build 30,000 more devices a month. It should work in three shifts almost around the clock.

+++ 22:58 Floridas Gouverneur will “Zaandam”-Passagiere nicht in seinem Bundesstaat +++
The cruise ship “Zaandam” with four deaths and two suspected Corona cases on board is not allowed to land its passengers in the US state of Florida. Er sehe die Lage an Bord der “Zaandam” als “großes, großes Problem”, sagt Floridas Gouverneur Ron DeSantis dem sender Fox News. He didn’t want to see people dumping in southern Florida right now who weren’t even from Florida. Wegen der Angelegenheit stehe er in Kontakt mit dem Weißen Haus, so DeSantis. Die Besatzung der “Zaandam” wollte das Schiff der niederländischen Reederei Holland America Line eigentlich nach Fort Lauderdale in Florida steuern.

+++ 22:34 Arbeitsminister Heil “stinksauer” über Mietenstopp +++
Bundesarbeitsminister Hubertus Heil hat den Stopp von Mietzahlungen für Ladengeschäfte großer Unternehmen erneut scharf kritisiert. “Ich bin stinksauer. Das Gesetz ist für die gemacht, die ihre Mieten nicht zahlen können, nicht für Unternehmen, die Rücklagen haben. Wer Vorteile dieses Landes nutzt, hat auch Verpflichtung, seine Interessen nicht über alle zu stellen”, sagte Heil in der ARD. Bekannte Handelsunternehmen hatten die Mietzahlungen für ihre Filialen in Deutschland eingestellt, nachdem diese wegen der Coronavirus-Ausbreitung schließen mussten. These include retail chains like Deichmann and H&M as well as brand manufacturers like Adidas. Heil sprach in der ARD von “Trittbrettfahrern” und “missbräuchlichem” Vorgehen.

+++ 22:21 New Yorks Gouverneur bittet um medizinische Unterstützung +++
New Yorks Gouverneur Andrew Cuomo hat Ärzte und Krankenpfleger in anderen Regionen der USA aufgerufen, seinem Bundesstaat im Kampf gegen die Coronavirus-Epidemie zur Hilfe zu eilen. “Bitte helfen Sie uns jetzt in New York”, sagt er bei einer Pressekonferenz in Manhattan. “Wir brauchen Entlastung.” Im Gegenzug würde New Yorker Ärzte und Schwestern in anderen Regionen helfen, wenn diese vielleicht zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt Unterstützung benötigten. In New York erhöhte sich die Zahl der Infektionen auf fast 60.000 Infizierte und 965 Tote.

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Note: The most important developments of the previous day on the current situation around the global coronavirus pandemic can she hier nachlesen.



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