News Coronavirus. In le Havre, the deficit Position widened during...

Coronavirus. In le Havre, the deficit Position widened during the crisis


“Anear thanks factor, it is shut up and hump “formula South-PTT High-Normandy, on his tract. A strike notice unlimited was held Tuesday, June 16, at The Post office, in the department of Seine-Maritime and Eure, the call of the trade union section, relaying a word of national order. It should relate to all mail centres and parcel. ” During the containment, from the 16th of march, we had worked three days per week, then four. Since may 11, we are back to 35 hours a week. But the organization is not that of before, and it poses great problems exposes Sylvain Sigurani, regional secretary of the Sud-PTT, employee to the CDPP (Platform preparation and mail distribution) of le Havre.

The organizations in question

In the early morning on Tuesday, a dozen workers manifested in front of the site of the rue Amiral-Courbet, the nerve centre of the distribution in the region of le havre, where it also prepares the lockboxes, the collection companies. Other colleagues have stopped work on the platforms of the airport, Caucriauville, of Montivilliers and Harfleur. But also to the agency ColiPoste, le Havre. For” a total of fifty strikers “, will announce the union representative regional. Which puts the grunts in a wider context. ” With the Covid-19, the deficit of The Position is dug. With a net impact of 1.1 billion euros. In le Havre, we would lose 30 000 euros per day in the branch mail, depending on the direction “continues Sylvain Sigurani. And the company does hire more that way” exceptional “for the delivery of packages, primarily. However, if the number of letters processed would be declining, parcels, packages, print advertising and recommended” explodes “after the containment, repeats SOUTH. Especially in the centre of Harfleur. The result, he says,” those who are here must do their tour and that of a neighbor, they have not assimilated “.

“To meet the 35 h, leave to bring in the mail “

There is a system of sécabilité which involves cutting a tour to spread on the other, specifies the trade unionist. If this system existed before the crisis, there were limited structurally to 2 days per week and 30 days per year per agent on the other days of the week. Unfortunately, to compensate for the decrease in traffic, The Post office decided unilaterally that this sécabilité and the self-replacement will be permanent, at least until the end of September. This sécabilité permanent, The Position would also perform redistricting wild by removing a tour letter in five, while the dispatchant on the tours remaining “. The current system does also work the factors one Saturday out of four, with few rest in the week, which would be nothing to the case. It asks that the factors respect the 35 hours. Leaves to bring the mail in end-of-service “laments Sylvain Sigurani. ” A transport can last for days. And not to finish a tour, it can undermine a factor , he adds, considering that the customer, poorly served, and the postman, under pressure, are all two-time losers.

What about the bonus “second line” ?

Elements of the second row “against the coronavirus and dear to the president Macron,” applauded by the population, we have also still not received bonus “adds a member of SUD-PTT. ” Persons at risk remaining at home are not replaced. And there will be no replacement during the summer holidays “says it yet.

In these perspectives, a fifty postal workers will, therefore, have gone on strike yesterday, on approximately 280 staff. ” Colleagues are reluctant to go on strike that we are experiencing staffing issues. The notice has been made a little in haste, first to colleagues of the country of Caux and Yvetot, who can do more. The situation is even more problematic (read page 6) “. The strike in le havre was supposed to be completed yesterday evening. ” It could resume in the next few days. We have an appointment next Tuesday with the head of the school “true,” added Sylvain Sigurani. The union will be exhibiting their claims. Starting with hiring, the judgment of the sécabilité and the famous premium.

“The hiring, a risk-taking “

The director of Platform preparation and distribution of the mail of le Havre has not wanted to comment on the issues of the social movement of the Tuesday, June 16. This is the direction mail Normandy
The Post which we responded.

Since the announcement of the containment, our goal was two-fold. Preserve the distribution, but also the health of postal employees and customers “, she said. ”
Only a part of the workforce had to be on the premises at the time of preparing mail to meet the distanciations social. Knowing that the proximity of the sorting cases does not permit necessarily, between factors. We have had absences for child care, at-risk individuals. We’re back today with six distribution days, the Saturday being primarily devoted to the press and to the package. This organization is still relevant. We do not know what will the next few weeks. The health crisis is still there. An organizational change in September ? We do not have this information. But this would be done in consultation with the trade unions, at least at the national level. Hiring for the moment remains a risk. A factor in training first duplicate with a holder. However, it is not possible to do so for the time being. For employment, it is already important to wait for a return to normal. When a tour is short, our goal remains to distribute the next day. We will hire 2 000 seasonal workers at the counters this summer.



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