World Coronavirus : China, Portugal, Germany... those countries where the...

Coronavirus : China, Portugal, Germany… those countries where the disease reappears after having almost disappeared


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While he was clearly on the decline in Europe, several foci of contamination of coronavirus threaten Portugal and Italy, even if for the moment the situation is under control. Renewed epidemic major in China, however, where the situation is worse in Beijing.

The second wave of coronavirus dreaded is-she preparing ? Some countries, where it had almost disappeared, are seeing a resurgence of the Covid-19 for a few days. It is Beijing that arise out of the new the most disturbing. More than a hundred new cases have been diagnosed these last days around a meat market. In Europe, the vise was loosened, while national borders are beginning to reopen, as is the case in France. But some countries, such as Portugal and Italy are facing a rapid increase in infections in recent days, although the situation is under control.

The situation of the epidemic in Beijing is considered “extremely serious” by authorities on Tuesday, raising fears of the possibility of a new wave. Over a hundred people have been contaminated since the last week in densely-populated chinese of 21 million inhabitants. China is engaged in “a race against the clock” against the virus, said the spokesman of the city hall beijing, Xu Hejian. This rebound in the number of infections, centered around the market giant of Xinfadi, has prompted the authorities to order, in addition to the confinement of thirty residential areas, the closure of the sports venues and cultural.

The country has been relatively spared by the first wave of contamination (1,500 dead according to the official report), but it is in the throes of a new increase of contamination in its capital city, Lisbon, since last week. There are approximately 300 new cases per day, which reached the alert threshold health. These new homes are mostly recorded in enterprises, factories and warehouses around Lisbon. So much so that authorities had to build a mini-containment in the capital from 10 to 14 June. Phase 3 of the déconfinement has been shifted. That won’t prevent the country to reopen its doors on the 1er July.

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Two homes have been identified to Rome, the capital of the european country worst hit by the coronavirus.

First european country affected by the coronavirus, Italy, who deplores more than 34 000 people dead, had reopened its borders from 3 June. But two new outbreaks have been detected in recent days in Rome. These two clusters identify a total of more than 120 cases of patients positive for the coronavirus, in a building that serves as a squat in a popular area and in a hospital. The authorities are conducting large epidemiological surveys and are meant to be reassuring : “These micro-homes were inevitable, but they are limited in time and space,” says Ranieri Guerra, deputy director of the world Health Organization.

Beyond the Rhine also, new clusters have emerged in the past two weeks. The number of infections confirmed is passed, this Monday, at 186 461 or 192 more than the previous day, according to data from the Robert-Koch-Institute. The situation remains under control, for now. In fact, the brigades Covid-19 reinforce their research to identify case contacts, and to stem new infections. Approximately 500 “monitors” were sent to hot spots in the country by the authorities.


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