News Coronavirus, buffer for 120 Unilever employees, colleagues of the...

Coronavirus, buffer for 120 Unilever employees, colleagues of the 38-year-old infected. “Concern about contacts in common spaces”


Retained in the factory for swabs and then sent home with the warning “to apply precautionary measures to family members”. There are 120 employees of the Unilever Casalpusterlengo, the factory where he works the 38 year old hospitalized a Codogno and affected by the coronavirus, who have been tested to check their health. “We have been sent home pending the results of the exams that should arrive between tomorrow and Sunday. For example, they advised us not to sleep in the same bed with our wife, “an employee told the Adnkronos agency. “We are waiting,” said CGIL Filctem Lodi manager Emanuele Caravello to, “to know and whether the plant will be quarantined. The problem is the possible contacts that have been made with the hospitalized worker. We have to think about places like the canteen, but also about coffee machines. Our delegate was only in the company yesterday and in turn has relationships with all the representatives of the labor chambers. Another member from a nearby company called us who had a relationship with the patient. It means having to extend the controls also in that area ”. The concern is also about work and pay: “We await the provisions. We know for example that today the Enel of Codogno has closed, considering however the pay day. We have to understand how companies will behave in the next few days “.

The company mobilized this morning as soon as it was confirmed the case of Codogno. “We were warned around 8 am,” continued Caravello. “At that point the workers on the 14:00 shift were told not to show up, the others, along with those working in the same area as the patient, were stuck for the swab.” The first rumors that came from the factory were very frightened: “We are afraid, we don’t know what to do”, were the testimonies collected at the gates. Only late in the evening were the workers able to return home: “We are much more relieved, we have sighed with relief,” some of them said at the exit. “We are almost all asymptomatic, but we have to wait for the results of the exams”, which should arrive between tomorrow and Sunday. Before the execution of the buffer, they explained, “we have been subjected to a survey and a short interview, to understand what kind of contact we had with our hospitalized colleague “. From the first contacts with the hospitalized 38-year-old manager “7 to 9 days have already passed” and due to the risk of virus incubation in 14 days “we still have a few days to wait”. The patient, according to the first reconstructions, he should have had the first meetings with a manager friend who returned from China on January 21st. At that time the infection is supposed to have occurred, but before the 38-year-old showed up at the emergency room of Codogno in serious conditions 16-18 days have passed. A period of time in which those who have come into direct contact with him are at risk.

The Unilever plant produces detergents. In the same factory there is also the Serioplast, a company that has about 90 workers, which instead supplies plastic products for Unilever. “We are working in collaboration with Assolombarda“, Said Caravello,” and we are in constant contact with local companies. There are other companies that have sent workers home. We have closed the CGIL decentralized offices. Our concern now is to secure the factories. ” And he closed: “We want to tell workers to keep calm right now and stick to official communications.” While the health authorities are looking for rebuild the travel map of the 38 year old in the past two weeks, the Lombardy region invited all the inhabitants of Codogno, Castiglione d’Adda (the country of origin of man) and precisely Casalpusterlengo to “stay in home.


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