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Coronavirus: 2 infected in Veneto, 14 in Lombardy: “5 are serious”. Activities closed in 10 countries. Quarantine for 200 in Piacenza and Milan: they will go to military facilities – LIVE NOW FOR NOW


Fourteen cases in Lombardy, two – confirmed by the first tests – in the province of Padua, to I go Euganeo. Coronavirus also arrives in Italy and to deal with the emergency there Defence he identified the military structures – of the army and the air force – in Emilia Romagna is Lombardy that will host – as happened at the military center of the Cecchignola – about 200 people who will go into quarantine after the case of new cases. One with over 130 seats in Piacenza, the other with 50-60 seats in Milan. Prepared “an ordinance with precise measures for the area in which people identified today as positive and related to 10 municipalities move: Codogno, Castiglione, Casalpusterlengo, Fombio, Maleo, Somaglia, Bertonico, Terranova dei Passerini and San Fiorano “.

Five of the infected people in Lombardy I’m serious. Patient one is a manager 38 year old Italian from Castiglione d’Adda who lives in Codogno, in the Lodi area, and works at Unilever of Casalpusterlengo. Countries that risk being in isolation and where they were closed bar, schools and canceled religious services and events for the Carnival. Health authorities are trying to reconstruct all the displacements of the 38-year-old from the last few days. There is a hypothesis on who infected him: the man had in fact been to dinner several times in early February with a 28-year-old man who works in a company in Fiorenzuola d’Arda and that he had just returned from China. It was found negative on the coronavirus test, but will undergo further testing.

Here are the other five people infected: one is the pregnant wife (it’s at the end of the sixth month), who is a teacher already on leave and is the only one in good condition. She is hospitalized at the Sacco Hospital in Milan, where the Region hopes to be able to transfer all infected people soon. Another is a friend which occurred spontaneously in a hospital with symptoms of pneumonia: “He shared thesport activity with the first patient “(he is also at Sacco). Finally, there are others three people with pneumonia always hospitalized in Codogno. Gallera he specified that they are “a much older age, between 70 and 80 years old and all frequented the same bar, very popular with the runner’s father”, that is, the friend of the 38-year-old man “who was part of the same group jogging “.

“The additional 3 positive cases are people who presented with a clinical picture of pneumonia. In addition to taking care of the therapy, we are trying to understand if they are contacts ”of the first 3 confirmed cases, he explained Maria Gramegna of the Welfare Directorate General of the Lombardy. It should also be added that tests are underway for the new coronavirus also on a general practitioner who on Monday would have visited the 38-year-old hospitalized in the ICU at home Codogno. The doctor, as far as we learn, is hospitalized in the Sacco hospital in Milan with a pneumonia picture.

IS hospitalized in isolation in the Infectious Diseases Department of the Piacenza Hospital a woman, symptomatic, colleague of the 38-year-old positive patient. The Emilia-Romagna Region said in a note. The outcome of the swab is expected for this patient. Following the cases in Lombardy, an order from the Ministry of Health today imposed the obligation of “home trust” quarantine for those returning from a trip to China in the last 14 days and “active surveillance” for those who have been in the areas of risk, i.e. in the Asian country as indicated by the WHO, with the obligation to report to the local health authorities when returning to Italy.

The “patient one”: the 38-year-old from Codogno – had the first symptoms on February 15 and showed up at emergency room the first time on 18, when he was sent home. Then he came back the next day forworsening of his conditions. At that point, the wife communicated that the husband had dinner with a friend who was returning from China in early February: the man was found negative on the coronavirus test, but will undergo further tests. Having spent about two weeks between the possible contagion and the onset of the disease, many people have come into contact with patient one: “To date we have a large number of people we are working on, they are about 250 people in isolation to which we will make the swab“, Councilor Gallera always explained. “Today we have 149 people, between nurses and other people who have been in contact with the first patient, to whom we will do the tests. To these are added “those who work in his company to which we are going to make a tampon, not all of them though. Only who has had contacts very ravvicinanti“. Among the 250 people there are 149 nurses, doctors, family members and people who came into direct contact with the 38-year-old hospitalized in Codogno.

The 38 year old is still hospitalized in intensive care in reserved prognosis, with respiratory failure, and his conditions are believed very serious. At the moment it cannot be transferred to the hospital Sack of Milan, regional reference point for the bioemergenze, where they are already “in isolation” wife and the friend with whom he had dinner in early February. The doctors decided to keep him in Codogno “for his condition still unstable“. All 5 patients in serious conditions are therefore hospitalized in Codogno.

Codogno hospital

Mandatory quarantine – The premier Giuseppe Conte announced the quarantine mandatory for those who came in contact with the 38 year old but asked to avoid “social alarmism and panic. ” The Ministry of Health led by Roberto Speranza issued a new ordinance that intensifies controls. At the moment the health authorities are reconstructing the movements of the 38 year old: three entire towns, Codogno, Castiglione d’Adda and Casalpusterlengo, have been put “in quarantine“From the Lombardy Region:” Citizens stay home “.


18.27 – Gallera: “120 swabs for Unilever employees”
“The first mobile unit went to the Unilever in Casalpusterlengo and swabbed 120 people working in the company’s research and development area.”

18.25 – Rezza: “Other cases expected”
“We expect other cases of new coronavirus in Italy, it cannot be denied: nobody can rule out that new cases may also occur in other areas. The priority is to identify outbreaks immediately ”. Gianni Rezza, director of the infectious diseases department of the Higher Institute of Health, says this to ANSA after the detection of cases from Sars-CoV-2 with secondary transmission (i.e. with local transmission because in subjects not directly from China) in Lombardy.

18.24 – Hope: “Limit the area. Italy is ready “
We have prepared “a plan that clearly has immediate choices, which concern the territory that has been circumscribed, because the essential objective is to circumscribe this area, retain it in a specific geographical area”: ​​this was what the Minister of Health said Roberto Speranza. “There have already been clusters in Europe, already seen in Germany and France. Italy is ready, we had prepared a plan because it was clear that what happened could happen. Now it’s about implementing the plan, “he added.

18.12 – Gallera: “Another 8 positives: 5 health workers and three patients. Precise measurements for 10 municipalities “
“Compared to the swabs made in these hours on the one hand there are negative evidences, but on the other we have identified 8 other positives including 5 health workers, nurses and doctors from the Codogno hospital and three patients,” said the councilor of Lombardy Giulio Gallera to the Welfare, who also announced an order with precise measures for a dozen Municipalities, decided by a control room chaired by the governor Attilio Fontana, the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza and the head of civil protection Borrelli. Among the Municipalities also Somaglia and Castelgerundo.

18.13 – Two cases in Veneto
Two other cases of coronavirus in Italy after 6 in Lombardy: these are two Venetian citizens who at the first tests were positive. The two have already been isolated in hospital and now expect the results of a second test they have undergone.

17.37 – The 38 year old had participated in two running races
On February 2 he had taken part in a running race in Santa Margherita Ligure and exactly one week later, on February 9, he had taken part in another race in Sant’Angelo Lodigiano.

17.35 – 4 people hospitalized at the Sack of Milan
There are currently 4 patients admitted to the Sacco hospital in Milan. In addition to the wife of the 38 year old in Intensive Care for coronavirus and the person who has returned from China with whom he has had repeated contacts, at the negative moment, there are the runner close contact of the 38 year old (positive) and the doctor of the couple, for whom he is not known the positivity to the pathogen or not. 3 more positive patients are arriving from Codogno. Only the 38-year-old will remain in the Lodi facility.

17.33 – The “carrier” of the coronavirus had influence when he met the 38 year old
According to what is learned, the man now hospitalized in the Sacco and negative test result returned to Italy with a flight of China Airlines on January 21st. Between 1 and 8 February he allegedly had flu symptoms and met the 38-year-old from Codogno during that period.

17.30 – The other infected are 3 customers of a bar in Codogno and the owner’s son
According to Ansa, the owner’s son had played soccer with the 38-year-old, while the other three are only customers of the bar and would never have come into direct contact with him.

17.19 – Gallera: “Isolation for 30 thousand people in 9 Municipalities”
“We are preparing an ordinance that prohibits all aggregation activities such as Carnival, masses, sporting events, we will close the local businesses and shops. These are 9 municipalities for a total of 30 thousand people, “said the Lombardy Region Councilor for Welfare Giulio Gallera speaking to Sky Tg24. “For a week people will stay at home, without any inconvenience from a working point of view, we are managing a situation in the making”.

17.19 – General practitioner of the 38-year-old hospitalized with pneumonia
The councilor for Welfare of the Lombardy Region Giulio Gallera explained to Sky Tg24 who specified that the confirmation of the positivity to the virus has not yet been confirmed. vln

17.10 – Epidemiologist: “All hospitals in Italy must prepare”
“All hospitals in Italy must take advantage of this period to prepare to face the new coronavirus, not only the Sacco and Spallanzani, which are perfectly equipped facilities,” said Pierluigi Lopalco, professor of hygiene at the University of Pisa. “The situation is to be kept strictly under control,” adds the expert. And there are still many things to understand. “Starting from patient zero: we still have to understand if it has been identified, or not. The contact of the patient hospitalized in Codogno, and returned from China, was negative on the test: he may have got rid of the virus, and this will tell us the possible presence of antibodies in his blood. Otherwise you will have to search again. For the epidemiologist “at the moment any restriction measure that could limit the circulation of the virus is excellent. We must take advantage to prepare ourselves. And they must do it – he concludes – all hospitals in Italy “.

16.06 – Coronavirus test on Unilever employees
The doctors and specialized personnel to carry out the swabs to check for any cases of coronavirus infection have arrived at the Unilever headquarters in Casalpusterlengo. Adnkronos learns this. The 38-year-old hospitalized in Codogno and affected by the virus works in the company’s factory.

15.57 – The infected will go to the Sack of Milan
As far as we learn, at the moment the wife of the 38 year old in Intensive care for coronavirus in Codogno and the ‘index case’ returned from China and negative to the test, with whom the young man had repeated contacts, remain hospitalized at the Sacco hospital in Milan. But the goal is to have all 6 positive patients at Sacco, the national reference center together with Spallanzani of Rome. Transfers from Codogno would therefore be expected in the next few hours, based on what the clinical conditions of the patients will allow.

15.46 – Iss: “First case confirmed at Sacco di Milano”
The first positive case at the Sacco Hospital in Milan was confirmed by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità. For the first time, cases of local transmission of new coronavirus infection have also occurred in Italy “. This is patient one, the 38-year-old hospitalized in Codogno.

15.51 – It is possible to be negative on the test after having had a SarsCoV2 coronavirus infection
Giorgio Palù, Professor of Microbiology and Virology of the University of Padua, notes this after the case of the employee of the Mae of Fiorenzuola d’Arda (Piacenza) currently isolated in the Sacco hospital in Milan, who tested negative for the swab. There are several reasons why this can happen and at the moment there are not enough elements to prefer one hypothesis to another, says the expert.

15:21 – In Castiglione d’Adda, offices and municipal library will be closed tomorrow

15.11 – Codogno, the mayor’s decision: bars, schools and clubs closed until Sunday
Exercises for the administration of food and drinks, public entertainment and meeting places and gatherings for the public, such as discos, arcades, sports facilities used for public events will be closed at least until Sunday. The mayor considered, according to the ordinance, to “have to protect public safety by temporarily and provisionally and as a precautionary prohibition” and at least until Sunday, February 23, including the closure of all food and drink administration businesses, of public entertainment and assembly.

15.01 – Lodigiano, no other infected employees are reported
In the Lodi area, in addition to the Unilever of Casalpusterlengo (Lodi) where the 38-year-old worked, no other companies are reported with employees infected with the coronavirus. It is learned from industrial and union sources. Numerous telephone calls have arrived to Assolombarda from entrepreneurs asking for information on the behavior and measures to be taken in the event of workers infected with the coronavirus. Assolombarda is providing entrepreneurs with a series of information and a decalogue of the behavior to adopt, consistent with what has already been circulated by the Ministry of Health and the Farnesina.

14:55 – Entrance to relatives at the Sacco hospital
“It is absolutely forbidden to enter relatives.” This is reported by a sign hanging on the entrance door of Pavilion G 56 of the Sacco Hospital in Milan, where some of the infected with Coronavirus in Lombardy are hospitalized. The sign, affixed to the door with only two scotch pieces, was not present this morning and in fact relatives and patients could freely access the building.

14.43 – “The alarm is not at the maximum level”
“At the moment there is no reason to raise the alarm level in Italy to the maximum. The highest level is if there are many autochthonous cases in various parts of Italy, that is, multiple outbreaks are needed that ignite at the same time, “said the president of the Society of Infectious and Tropical Diseases, Marcello Tavio at Ansa. “At that point the epidemiological criterion of contact with a person who had or has had the virus or has been in a high-risk country is no longer valid, because anyone could have the virus, but we are still out of this scenario.”

14.15 – Plan to avoid contagion of family doctors
The family doctor who visits a patient with suspicious symptoms of COVID-19 must be equipped with a safety system: FPP2 and FPP3 masks, overalls and glasses (provided by the ASL) to avoid becoming a contaminating subject himself. In the event that he has visited a patient who has subsequently tested positive without a safety system, he must quarantine himself. To illustrate the dynamic to be put in place – already to the attention of the ministry’s task force – is Silvestro Scotti, secretary of the Fimmg, Italian Federation of General Practitioners.


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