News Coronaprotest in The Hague banned, organizers of the steps...

Coronaprotest in The Hague banned, organizers of the steps to the right


The safety region Haaglanden, the netherlands doesn’t allow for a sample of the population, “the Virus of madness” that Sunday, it was announced to Arrive. “The manner in which this meeting is being organised, presents a hazard to the public health,” notes the deputy chairman of the Remkes.

The initiators of the project, steps to the right. “Democracy has been suspended. Here we have no pleasure in them”, says a spokesperson for William Engel. He hopes that the demonstration following the decision in the interlocutory proceedings are still continuing.

“I can see that, with confidence,” said Remkes, on NPO Radio 1. “There you have the full right on it.”

The Festival, with the dj’s

For the demonstration were, in the first instance 100 people signed up, but it was in response to calls on social media to connect with other protestorganisaties a quick schedule, ” says the security.

The organiser of the estimates of the number of those present have already adapted to a certain as 10,000. “This goes beyond the tensile strength and the capability of the organization to which this event is under the auspices of a demonstration has been announced, and it exceeds the maximum capacity, it will Arrive.”

In accordance with the security region, it is also because of the performances by well-known dj’s are scheduled. Make it known through their own channels, so there will always be people at the event have come after the moment of the last couple of months for a music complaint.

“The right to demonstration is a great thing, but it will Arrive, it is not elastic”, writes Remkes. “The city of The Hague, is not a public space, that is, the number of people that the organization is called safe-harbouring, and, therefore, made it a felony I am in the meeting room.” He points out that these mass-events, until september 1, will not be allowed.

The Minister Grapperhaus proposed prior to the council of ministers, and that he was not going to. “However, if the assessment is that the festival is in The Hague, is a good reason not to let you go.”


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