World Corona warning app works despite error message "Region changed"

Corona warning app works despite error message “Region changed”


Within ten days, the Corona Warn app was downloaded by more than 13 million people, a success for the federal government and developers. But the application does not work completely – yet – not everywhere.

Above all, an error message is likely to irritate users: contact messages “may not be supported by ‘Corona-Warn’ in this region”, says many iPhones. However, the functionality of the app is not affected in these cases, the developers emphasize.

Users should confirm the message with “Ok”, the contact determination then continues to function normally.

iOS update should bring solution

If you want to make sure that the app is not slowed down, the manufacturers can check the status in the device settings under “Privacy”, “Health” and “Covid-19 contact log”.

The warning is a bug in Apple’s iOS operating system. Apple is already working on a solution that is expected to be released to users with the next iOS update.

The Android app also shows error messages

Another error message also affects smartphones with the Android operating system. In some cases, the app reports that the risk assessment has not been updated for more than 24 hours. In these cases, users should ensure that the app runs in the background and can always be updated. In other words, you should start the app once and then not delete it from the memory, as some users do to prevent too many active apps from slowing down the device.

The developers of the app also explain that certain energy-saving modes from various smartphone manufacturers that do not adhere to Android specifications could slow down the Corona warning app. Some manufacturers have already published solutions for these cases.

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