World Corona-Warning App will not be charged for the data...

Corona-Warning App will not be charged for the data volume


The mobile operators in Germany are not charge their customers for the data traffic, the App is caused by the new Corona-Warning,. The Chairman of the management Board of Deutsche Telekom, Tim Höttges, announced on Tuesday at the launch of the App in Berlin to. This “Zero Rating”, on the other issues, with a view to the so-called net neutrality for years, a fightshould in the case of the Warning, the App not only Telekom, but also Telefónica Germany and Vodafone be practiced.

The “Zero Rating,”which means, “the fact that the App does not consume any volume of data in Your tariff or Prepaid balance,” explains Vodafone the concept, “irrespective of Your Smartphone model and wireless service provider. Thus, the Corona-Warning-App is reliable at any time your purpose.”

The Android Version of the App, runs on Smartphones with at least Android 6reached the first Figures show that already within a few hours, more than 500,000 installations. For the version for Apple’s iOS operating system still no Figures were first.

“On a par” with Apple and Google

Tim Höttges stressed, the Federal government commissioned the App to be company as well as the SAP significantly involved, is a proof of the power of Germany. In Germany, development work has also the Bluetooth technology will be improved in the world: “We have contributed with concrete measurement results for the Bluetooth signals to improve the program interfaces with Apple and Google.”

Höttges pointed out that digitisation did not concern chains only for tracking of infections but also the test centers and laboratories. “As a result, the entire communication is significantly speeded up,” said Deutsche Telekom CEO. “We expect that compared to the analog process for up to four days can be obtained.” Up to 20 percent of the large test capacities were already digitized, the proportion will grow rapidly.

SAP technology chief Jürgen Müller referred to the strong involvement of the developer Community, because you have followed the transparent way to develop the App as an Open Source project. The collaboration with Apple and Google had been “on a par”.

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