Health Corona virus was made in december 2019 at the...

Corona virus was made in december 2019 at the latest, present in the Italian wastewater


(AFP / A. Pattaro

It is a new corona virus was already present in the waste water in the Milan and Turin, in Northern Italy, starting in december 2019 at the latest. That is two months prior to the first officially registered patients in the country. According to a study carried out by the Italian Higher Institute for Health (ISS).

The corona virus was circulating in just two months, in Italy, the first infestation was found. That’s the surprising conclusion of a study carried out by the Italian Higher Institute of Health). “The study looked at 40 afvalwaterstalen between October 2019 and February 2020, it has been collected. The results have been confirmed by two different laboratories using two different methods, it was confirmed by the presence of RNA (ribonucleic acid), a key component of a virus-ed.) SARS-Cov-2 in the samples collected in Milan and in Turin, at the 18-12-2019”, according to a news release from the institute.

Still no trace of the virus will be in november

Identical traces were found in the effluent of Bologna, and on the 29th of January by the year 2020. In the first case of corona virus in Italy was reported on the 20th of February, in the small town of Codogno, not far from Milan. The ISS, which specifies that the samples of October and november, 2019 at the latest, no trace of the corona virus in the wastewater is brought to light.

“This study could be the starting point of the circulation of the virus within Italy and help you to understand and delivers consistent information (when compared to the analyses in France have been carried out on a sample of hospitalized patients who tested positive for a SARS-CoV-2, which can be traced back to december 2019 at the latest,” said the STATION.

The Institute also cites a Spanish study, RNA of this virus was identified in the sewage of Barcelona, around the end of January, it was gathered. That is, about 40 days prior to the publication of the first indigenous case” in Spain.


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