World Corona virus Spain: almost 850 deaths in one day...

Corona virus Spain: almost 850 deaths in one day – founder of Zara supports with millions


Like Italy, Spain is severely affected by the corona virus. The number of infected people and deaths increases every day. The developments in the news ticker.

Update at 10:25 p.m .: With now over 94,500 infected and almost 8,300 deaths Spain Behind Italy and the USA the worst affected country by the epidemic worldwide. Clinics and hospitals are fighting at the limit, protective clothing is lacking.

However, Spain is now receiving support from Amancio Ortega, the founder of Zara clothing chain. He has donated € 63 million worth of medical equipment to Spanish hospitals to help fight the corona virus.

Through his foundation, the Spanish fashion tsar provided the clinics with a total of 1,450 ventilators, 450 beds, 3 million protective masks, one million rapid test kits and other medical material, as Spanish media reported on Tuesday. He therefore procured the material from China, where the Zara parent company Inditex has numerous textile suppliers.

Corona virus in Spain: almost 850 deaths in 24 hours – Madrid and Catalonia particularly affected

Update at 1.30 p.m .: In Spain, which was hit extremely hard by the coronavirus pandemic, more than 800 deaths were recorded for the fourth day in a row. Within 849 new victims were counted in 24 hours, the Ministry of Health announced on Tuesday in Madrid. This is the highest number of casualties in one day since the onset of the crisis.

The number of newly detected infections rose again after falling several days in a row and was more than 94,000 on Tuesday – about 9,000 more than the previous day. However, this also included cases from the weekend that have only just become known, said the spokeswoman for the Authority for Health Emergencies (CCAES), María José Sierra.

Coronavirus in Spain: Almost 20,000 people recover

She was still optimistic that the curve of new cases in Spain is slowly leveling off. “The numbers fall within the expected range. We’ll have a clearer idea of ​​the development by the end of the week. “A lot of testing would be done,”about 20,000 a daySierra emphasized.

The regions of Madrid and Catalonia continue to be particularly hard hit by the crisis. The impending collapse of the intensive care units is particularly worrying. The good news, however, was that since Sunday, more than 2,500 patients across the country have been discharged as healed – almost all in all 20,000 people healthy again.

How long will the state of emergency last? An expert is not confident. A study for the first time mentions a time for the end of the pandemic.

Update at 9.37 a.m .: The number of infected people continues to increase dramatically. Meanwhile are in Spain 87,956 cases approved. Of which lost 7,716 people the fight against the virus. 16,780 people have cured the disease, however, as reported by Johns Hopkins University.

In Italy the death toll is even higher. But why do so many infected people die there?

Corona virus in Spain: tightened curfew comes into force

Update from March 31, 5.27 a.m .: In Spain is as drastic as it is controversial on Tuesday night Tightening of the Curfew to combat the Corona crisis came into force. Since midnight, all citizens who are not active in major economic sectors are no longer allowed to drive to their jobs. The corresponding decree of the left government is initially valid until April 9. The construction industry and large parts of the industry are particularly affected.

All those affected should continue to receive their salary and make up for the hours they have not worked. Many entrepreneurs and Regional presidents have sharply criticized the new rules.

The shortly announced tightening of the Exit ban was originally supposed to come into force on Monday. However, it had been postponed by 24 hours late on Sunday evening so that those affected could do “the last essential work” to stop the activities.

Coronavirus: Spanish military launches huge disinfection campaign

Update at 8.15 p.m .: In Spain, the military is also fighting the corona virus with huge disinfection campaigns. The Defense Ministry in Madrid said on Monday that more than 1,300 retirement homes, 500 hospitals, 64 airports, 22 ports and almost 250 metro stations, train stations and bus stops had been disinfected nationwide. Thousands of soldiers are deployed. Spain is the most severely affected country in Europe after Italy.

The operation used by the armed forces to fight Covid-19 is named after the Balmis Vaccination Expedition (1803 to 1806) to the Spanish regions in America and Asia. The expedition led by Francisco Javier de Balmis aimed to vaccinate millions of people against smallpox and is considered one of the most important humanitarian actions in medical history.

Meanwhile, the number of corona cases continues to rise in Baden-Württemberg.

Coronavirus: It is considered the “face” of the fight against Corona – Spanish doctor tested positive

Update from March 30, 12.10 p.m .: Of the doctor and epidemiologist Fernando Simón, who in Spain as the “face” of the fight against Corona pandemic applies, has been tested positive for the corona virus.

Simón is the head of the Health Emergency Agency and has been in front of the cameras every day since the outbreak in Spain to announce the latest developments and figures. The 57-year-old is now waiting for the second test to confirm the infection.

Corona virus in Spain: government tightens curfew – over 80,000 infected

Update from March 30, 12:00 p.m .: In Spain, the drastic and controversial tightening of the curfew to combat the corona pandemic will not come into force until Tuesday. On Monday, the people and companies concerned should do “the last essential work” to stop activities, according to the decree published in the Official Journal on Monday night. The “hibernation”, as the finance minister and spokeswoman for the left-wing government María Jesús Montero put it, was originally supposed to begin on Monday.

According to the order, which, according to Montero, is unique worldwide, all workers who work in non-essential sectors must remain at home by April 9th. The construction sector and large parts of industry are particularly affected. The employees concerned should continue to receive their salary and make up for the hours not worked at a later date. So far, all citizens who could not work in their home office were allowed to drive to work. The tightening of the ban on going out has been sharply criticized by many entrepreneurs and regional presidents.

Update from March 30, 10:40 a.m .: The spread of the novel coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 continues on Monday. According to the Johns Hopkins Institute, there are now 80,110 infected people in Spain. 6,803 people have died as a result of Covid-19. However, there is good news. The number of people who have recovered has now risen to 14,709.

Update from March 29, 1:18 p.m .: In Spain, which is particularly hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic, 838 new fatalities were counted within 24 hours. This was announced by the Ministry of Health in Madrid on Sunday. This is the absolute highest number of days since the outbreak of the crisis. In total, the death toll climbed to more than 6,500. The number of infected people also rose: on Sunday it was just under 79,000 – a good 6500 more than the previous day.

But there is good news: The growth rates continue to decline significantly. The death toll on Sunday was just under 15 percent, after a good 17 percent on Saturday. The number of infections decreased by almost four percentage points to nine percent compared to the previous day.

In the meantime, the corona situation in Germany is getting worse. 15 people from a nursing home in Wolfsburg have died after being infected with the coronavirus. The number of cases is increasing nationwide. Meanwhile, there is a new schedule for the Corona Hospital in Berlin.

Corona in Spain: 832 dead within 24 hours – Prime Minister

News from March 28th:

Update, 9.30 p.m .: Among the Corona fatalities worldwide are above all many older people, including Spain. In several countries, the risk group is now getting special times for shopping in supermarkets assigned – to reduce the risk of infection.

Update, 7.44 p.m .: The Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has announced a further tightening of the exit restrictions that have been in effect for two weeks in the fight against the corona virus. As of Monday, all employees who do not perform any essential work should stay at home for two weeksthe Prime Minister said in a television speech on Saturday evening. He did not say which sectors are meant exactly. The salary will continue to be paid to those affected during this time, and the hours they have not worked can be made up later in stages.

“In Spain we are facing the hardest hours, the virus hits us with relentless violence,” said Sánchez. It was not known until noon that since Friday, 832 Covid-19 patients had died (see update at 12.38 p.m.) – that was the highest increase ever. Meanwhile, that is spreading Corona virus continues to spread in Russia. *

Corona Spain: 832 dead within a day – but a number gives a glimmer of hope

Update, 3:07 p.m .: The authorities in Spain are cautiously optimistic despite the devastating figures from the past few days: it is believed that the epidemic will soon peak. The background is that the increase in new infections is decreasing in percentage terms and is only around eleven percent on Saturday. There are currently around 40,000 people in need across the country Hospitals be treated.

Update, 12:38 p.m .: Im particularly difficult from Corona virus affected Spain 832 new casualties have been recorded within 24 hours. This is the highest increase that has been registered in the country so far, according to the health authorities in their daily balance sheet. Overall, the number of victims has risen to just under 5,700 since Friday. The number of infected people also rose further, reaching around 72,000 on Saturday afternoon, around 8,000 more than the previous day. However, the percentage increase has been relatively low for days.

More than 12,000 people are already healthy. The most affected region remains Madridwhere almost half of all deaths were recorded.

After Italy, Spain is the most severely affected country in Europe. In the meantime, the military has to help transport the bodies here too. This was announced by the Ministry of Health in the Official Journal on Saturday.

Spain in the Corona crisis: Experts estimate the number of infected people in a new dimension

Update March 28, 2020, 8.47 a.m .: For Toni Kroos and his teammates from Spanish soccer giant Real Madrid, the corona quarantine is over after two weeks – at least officially. After a positive test by real basketball player Trey Thompkins, the entire football department was also placed under domestic isolation on March 12.

According to the AS newspaper, the club has confirmed that no other real professional has COVID-19. First of all, not much changes: The players work out individual fitness plans, given the tense situation in Spain, joint training is out of the question.

Update from March 27, 10.30 p.m .:An embarrassing setback for the Spanish government in the fight against coronawrite the F.A.Z., and invokes that Instituto de Salud Carlos III.. According to the report, the Ministry of Health has sent 58,000 rapid tests back to a Chinese manufacturer because the tests are said to be only 30 percent reliable.

The government previously announced 640,000 rapid tests to make up for the international gap, the report said. Experts would also fear that in Spain already over half a million people with that Corona virus is infected.

Corona in Spain: Report – Thousands of German campers have to return to Germany

Update from March 27, 8:50 p.m .: Spain closes all hotels and camping facilities for tourists.

The result: Campers have to be loud by the thousands Car picture left the country for their homeland, including many Germans. According to the report, around 50,000 Germans are in over the winter to spring Spainto escape the cold winter at home – it is not uncommon for them to be 65 years old or older. Say: pensioners.

If they do not have their first or second residence on the Iberian Peninsula, they must now leave the country. The EU member states have because of the unchecked spreading Coronavirus pandemic closed their borders.

Barcelona: Soldiers in protective suits are walking towards a retirement home, where they are supposed to carry out disinfection measures.

© picture alliance / dpa / David Zorrakino

So far, however, the German campers who travel back are allowed to cross the border between Spain and France as well as between France and Germany. In addition, overnight breaks in parking lots are still allowed.

Update from March 27th, 7.20pm: After the earlier one Real Madrid President Lorenzo Sanz (76) is the second Spanish sports personality to follow one Coronavirus infection died: the former runner Santiago Llorente.

Former athlete Covid-19 died at the age of 61. The European Athletics Association European Athletics announced this Friday. Llorente won silver at the U20 Cross World Cup in Düsseldorf in 1977 and was one of the top runners in his country in the 1980s.

Corona in Spain: thousands more infected within 24 hours

Update from March 27, 11:11 p.m .: In the fight against Coronavirus pandemi
e germinates in the severely affected Spain concrete hope for the first time. The Number of cases of infection Climbed vigorously again on Friday: in just 24 hours, it rose by just under 8,000 to a good 64,000, as the Ministry of Health announced.

The corona virus also hits Spain badly.

© dpa / Eduardo Parra

With 14 percent however, the increase is the lowest of the past few days, stressed the head of the Health Emergency Authority (CCAES), Fernando Simón, at his daily press conference.

Simón spoke of “promising data that gives us some hope”. Man approach the climax the pandemic, after which the situation would improve. The increase in the number of fatalities and the admissions of Covid-19 patients to hospitals and intensive care units was also a problem “A stabilization, a slight flattening” of the curve noticeable. In addition, the number of those discharged as healthy was almost 10,000 – around 6,000 more than the previous day.

First report from March 27, 3 p.m .: Corona in Spain: 600 dead within 24 hours – experts with a bad guess

Madrid – The Corona Virus Stays Spain in breath and challenges thousands of people to live. After Italy, Spain remains the country in Europe most affected by the new Sars-CoV-2 virus.

Corona in Spain: 600 deaths within 24 hours

According to official figures, more people in Spain are now suffering from the consequences of Corona virus* died than in China, from where the virus had spread.

As in the past few days, it is increasing Number of infected* and the dead continue to vigorously. In the last 24 hours be scarce 8,000 new infections been registered. As a result, the total number has climbed to a good 64,000, as the Ministry of Health announced on Friday in its daily balance sheet. The number of deaths has meanwhile risen to just under 4,900, which is an increase of 600 within a day. As reports, experts like microbiologist Gabriel Reina suspect that the true number of infections is four to five times higher than is officially stated.

Corona in Spain: Patients flee from hospitals

Spain continues to be the epicenter of the coronavirus Capital Madrid. The health system is overwhelmed, hospitals, clinics and medical staff at the limit. In addition there are increasing New infections in hospital staff.

An end is in Spain not yet foreseeable. How bad the conditions in Spain actually are is shown, among other things, by the report that Corona patients fled from clinics and an ice stadium was temporarily converted into a morgue.

The city council assured that it was a “Intermediate depot” acted primarily to “alleviate the pain of the families of the victims and the situation in the Madrid hospitals”.

Corona in Spain: curfew until April 11th

Given the critical corona situation, the are strict Curfews* in Spain on Wednesday by two weeks by 11 April been extended.

Meanwhile, the situation in France is also coming to a head. In Germany, the authorities warn hospitals of “increased risk of threats”. Cell phone data monitoring is being discussed in Germany – a virologist warns against this step.

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network

List of rubric lists: © dpa / Guillermo Santos


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