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Corona virus in Germany: RKI reports current case numbers – Spahn with appeal


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The corona crisis has not been overcome in Germany. The RKI reports current figures. Meanwhile, Health Minister Spahn appeals to the citizens of Gütersloh.

  • The Corona-Pandemie* in Germany is far from being overcome.
  • Show that Hotspots like the meat factory ofTonies.
  • Nevertheless, more and more are working Easing in the federal states.

+++ 10.30 a.m .: Looking at the high Corona Infektionszahlen in the district of Gütersloh has federal health ministers Jens Spahn (CDU) appeals to citizens to accept the newly imposed restrictions. “We see that if you make it too easy for this virus, it will spread very quickly,” said Spahn on Wednesday in the ARD “Morgenmagazin”. “I understand very well that it is Disappointments, Worry, yes there is anger (…) because there are restrictions now, ”said Spahn. It is important to make it clear that this is to protect everyone.

+++ 9.00 a.m .: The Robert Koch Institute (IRC) in Berlin has the number in Germany with theCoronavirus infected people on Wednesday reported 191,449 – an increase of 587 since the previous day.

Corona virus in Germany: criticism of the meat industry

Johns Hopkins University (JHU), based in the US city of Baltimore, reported 192,480 infected people. The RKI, which only takes into account the electronically transmitted figures from the federal states and updates its list once a day, registered8914 deaths and 19 more than the day before. The JHU killed 8,914 people. According to the RKI, the number of people recovered was about 176,300.

+++ 8.30 a.m .: In view of the Coronavirus outbreaks in the Meat industry better protection of its citizens in German slaughterhouses. The working and living conditions of the employees must “urgently be improved”, said the Romanian ambassador in Berlin, Emil Hurezeanu, to the newspapers of the Funke media group (Wednesday editions). The criticism of working conditions in the meat industry has “rightly become increasingly violent”.

The current number of reproductions

Update, Wednesday, June 24, 2020, 6.25 a.m .: The Number of reproductions, short R-value, according to RKI estimates with data as of June 23, midnight, was 2.02 (previous day: 2.76). This means that an infected person infects between two and three other people on average. The R value shows the infection process approximately one and a half weeks beforehand.

Corona infections also in slaughterhouses in Lower Saxony

+++ 6.45 p.m .: Even in one slaughterhouse in Lower Saxony Wildeshausen is there Corona-infection among employees. As a spokesman for the district of Oldenburg announced, 23 of the 50 tests so far were positive in the course of a staff test. The corona tests of all 1,100 employees at the location of the PHW group of companies are to be continued on Wednesday.

The PHW Group is one of the large meat groups and sells poultry products under the brand name Wiesenhof. In May the government of Lower Saxony had the first major Corona outbreaks in the industry Compulsory series tests arranged for all companies in the country. According to the district spokesman, additional measures should also be taken depending on the extent of the infection.

Corona in Germany: 44 corona infected people in a building complex in Berlin-Friedrichshain

+++ 5.30 p.m .: With 44 residents of a building complex in the Berlin district of Friedrichshain Corona-infection has been demonstrated. A spokeswoman for the district said on request that the health department had carried out extensive tests on contact persons there last week due to “some” corona cases. The households concerned were accordingly quarantined. The people would have had no symptoms.

Children were also among the infected, it said. Schools, daycare centers as well as youth leisure facilities as well School and daycare supervision were informed immediately. “Tests are now also being offered at the schools and daycare centers concerned,” the spokeswoman continued. The district office provides people in quarantine with food and hygiene items.

The district initially did not provide any further information about the possible reasons for the accumulation of cases in the house. Maybe a connection to that current corona outbreak in Berlin-Neukölln with almost 100 confirmed cases, was initially unknown. Around 370 households in seven locations are quarantined there; Cross connections to other districts were suspected.

Bavaria no longer wants to accommodate travelers from the district of Gütersloh

+++ 3.15 p.m .: Hotels, pensions and other accommodation in Bayern may no longer be guests from the North Rhine-Westphalian district Gutersloh and from other circles with high Corona Infektionszahlen record, tape. “It’s about the classic vacation trip,” said Bavarian State Chancellor Florian Herrmann (CSU) on Tuesday in Munich after a cabinet meeting at which this measure was decided.

This protective measure should now take effect before holiday travel from North Rhine-Westphalia, which is about to start its summer vacation. Herrmann said that the experience after the carnival vacation had given clear insight that regions with such a high number of infected people as in the district of Gütersloh were at risk. This should not be repeated. “Resist the beginning,” said the head of state chancellor. The ban on accommodation also applies to the district Gutersloh in addition for all counties with more than 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the past seven days. This currently includes the district of Warendorf, which belongs to the district Gutersloh borders.

Corona in Germany: Berlin is also abolishing contact restrictions

+++ 14.28 p.m .: After Thuringia and Brandenburg the capital follows: the because of the Corona-Pandemie applicable contact restrictions in Berlin fall away. The Senate decided on Tuesday, according to information from the German Press Agency. So far, it has been the case that a maximum of five people from several or only members of two households may meet in public in the capital.

The scheme should spread the Coronavirus help prevent. In the future, Berliners will no longer have to adhere to them, even if the distance and hygiene rules are to continue to apply. The Senate is therefore opting for further relaxation of the corona measures. There was discussion about this at the Senate meeting last week, but no decision yet. That the coalition parties would agree on this point had already been indicated.

+++ 12.00 p.m .: Germany’s largest meat manufacturer Tonieswho is currently due to a massive Corona Outbreak dominated the headlines in his main factory, is a party donor at CDU. The editorial network Germany (RND) reports.

Corona virus in Germany: Tönnies is a major donor to the CDU

Nine individual donations are mentioned that flowed to the CDU from 2002 to 2017. The RND has its data from the Lobbypedia database.

A total of 158,474 euros were transferred from Tönnies to the CDU, but no donations to other parties. What structure the CDU has received the funds is unknown.

Coronavirus: The current case numbers

Update from Tuesday, June 23, 2020, 10.15 a.m .: The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in Berlin has the number in Germany with theCoronavirus infected people on Tuesday said 190,862 – an increase of 503 since the previous day.

Corona virus: The outbreak at Tönnies has ramifications for the region.

© picture alliance/dpa/David Inderlied

Johns Hopkins University (JHU), based in the US city of Baltimore, reported 191,768 infected people. The RKI, which only takes into account the electronically transmitted figures from the federal states and updates its list once a day, registered8895 deaths and thus ten more than the previous day. The JHU killed 8,899 people. According to the RKI, the number of people recovered was around 175,700.

First message from Tuesday, June 23, 2020: Since March 2020, the Corona-Pandemie Germany under control. Especially the case of Meat factory Tönnies in Rheda-Wiedenbrück in North Rhine-Westphalia shows that the virus is far from over. In the group of Clemens Tönnies 1553 people have been tested positive for the corona virus.

Corona cases at Tönnies reveal grievances

This high number of positively infected with the Corona-Seuche* also reveals the grievances that often occur in slaughterhouses and meat processing factories: poor working conditions, sometimes inhumane housing for workers who often come from Eastern Europe, only have loan contracts and are cheaply paid. At the same time, there is no such thing as people themselves Corona protection measures to keep and distance respectively Hygiene rules to adhere to.

The government in Düsseldorf around Prime Minister Armin Laschet has now because of the case Tonies regional restrictions decided to Coronavirus contain again and keep local. The authorities prohibit in Gütersloh district among other things, sports in closed rooms and numerous cultural events. Gyms would be closed in the district area as well as cinemas and bars, said Laschet (CDU) on Tuesday in Düsseldorf.

Loosening of corona protection measures in the countries

Meanwhile, other federal states continue to advance, despite the Corona-Pandemie enable the gradual opening of public life. The federal states largely decide on their own responsibility.

An attempt is made to keep the possibility of a so-called “second wave” as low as possible, whereby the importance of the distance and hygiene rules is emphasized.

Lothar Wieler, head of the Robert Koch Institute (IRC), is in its own words “very optimistic” that in Germany a second wave of Corona-infection can be prevented. Wieler justified his optimism with the fact that the people in Germany Distance and hygiene rules know and thus know how such a second wave can be prevented. “It is really in our hands, our responsibility.”

Wieler justified the significant increase in the so-called R value with the fact that the most recent large corona outbreaks in connection with meat factories “have a massive influence” on the R value. In the end, however, this is not yet certain, it will still be examined. (by Katja Thorwarth with agency)

Rubriklistenbild: © picture alliance / dpa / Paul Zinken


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