News Corona Virus: Egypt ends quarantine of detainees returning from...

Corona Virus: Egypt ends quarantine of detainees returning from China and tracks contacts of the country’s first case


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Ministry of Health and Population

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Health Minister Hala Zayed from the Quarantine Camp said that all cases are safe, and not a source of infection

Today, Monday, the Egyptian health authorities ended a 14-day quarantine period, which had been imposed on hundreds of Egyptians, who were evacuated from China, and who were in contact with them, after isolating them in a closed camp in the city of Matrouh on the west coast of the country, and making sure that none of them carried a virus. Corona Novel.

All the cases are safe, not a source of infection, and can be handled naturally, after the incubation period of the virus has ended, Health Minister Hala Zayed told reporters from the Quarantine Camp.

Zayed confirmed that those who were subjected to quarantine after their return to their homes will be monitored through a sustainable examination, after making electronic health files with all their medical examinations.

The ministry said, in a statement, that 617 people were subjected to quarantine, including 302 who returned from Wuhan, China, on February 3.

This comes three days after Egypt and the World Health Organization announced the discovery of a case of a “foreign” person carrying the Coronavirus, and his isolation in the “Al-Nujaila” hospital in Matruh.

Although the Egyptian Ministry of Health did not announce the nationality of the case of coronavirus due to the World Health Organization protocol, which prevents this, sources told BBC that the case of a 33-year-old Chinese person working in a Chinese company east of the Egyptian capital Cairo.

The World Health Organization said that the case did not show any symptoms of the disease, and that it was detected by investigators who had contact with an infected case, who had arrived in Cairo on a business trip, between January 21 and February 4.

The organization and the Egyptian Ministry of Health indicated that other contacts are being tracked of this case, and the results of their examination so far are negative, as well as sterilization of their place of residence, and they are monitored around the clock for 14 days.

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Facebook / City Stars

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Procedures for sterilizing the administrative building in the “City Stars” commercial market

And the health authorities sterilized the administrative building in the “City Stars” commercial market, which was working with the carrier, and his residence in the city of Rehab, east of Cairo.

The City Stars administration ordered the closure of the Chinese shipping company, which used to work for the two-story Corona Virus Carrier in the administrative building of the commercial market, and give workers a one-week vacation.

Murad Omar, director of marketing and public relations for the company that owns City Stars, confirmed in a press statement that visits and shopping in the commercial market were not affected by the fact that the foreign person carrying the virus appeared in the administrative building, which is a separate building from the shopping buildings.

Some companies, which operate in the City Stars market, preferred to allow their employees to perform their jobs from their homes during the next two weeks, according to employees of these companies, to the BBC, while it was noticed that the frequent use of medical masks on the market.

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Ministry of Health and Population

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The medical team at the Quarantine site in Matruh, Egypt

The head of the pharmacy owners division of the General Union of Chambers of Commerce called on the Egyptian government to contract masks deals as soon as possible and put them on the market, as precautionary measures, while facilitating their access and customs release procedures, explaining that the increase in demand for muzzles, in an unprecedented manner, during the past two weeks, led to Prices rise by 500 percent, with a shortage in pharmacies.

Dr. Adel Abdel-Maksoud warned that some traders collected quantities of masks to store them in preparation for offering them at high prices at later times. Others also re-exported imported masks to China, calling for more government control over this sector.

Egypt recently raised the state of preparedness and preventive preparedness, with the aim of ensuring early detection of potential cases of coronavirus and a rapid response to deal with this.

These measures included applying effective monitoring and investigation at entry points into the country, training health-care providers in tracking contacts of any detected cases, and identifying confirmed and suspected cases.


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