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Corona triggers Diabetes from | Sä


Summer, sun, virus-free? It almost seems as the back of the pandemic with all the loosening and re-gained freedoms in the minds of many a piece to the rear. The number of Convalescent who have survived a Covid-19-disease, is also growing steadily. Certainly a reason to look Forward to. Little, however, about the late effects known.

Scientists from Dresden to now be a phenomenon that is already observed in various countries, as a possible consequence of the disease: The corona virus is suspected to have Diabetes trigger. The researchers now want to carry the various cases worldwide in a Register, to be able to the mechanism behind it better understood. A Central issue for many of the affected patients: the Diabetes and he disappears again?

The air traffic is restricted, some borders are still closed. Stefan R. Bornstein helps but at the moment, especially the look in the other corners of the world. The Director of the centre for Internal medicine, as well as the Medical clinic and policlinic III at the Dresden University hospital, is the Dean of the project’s TRANS-campus. A kind of faculty with a virtual Campus between the TU Dresden and King’s College in London.

From there, the contacts of the scientists in all the world. “That helps us at the Moment, the Virus and its effects on diabetics, better explore,” he says. In countries in which there were significantly more Infected than in Germany, the data situation is greater. “We have seen in London, 900 people with severe forms of the disease,” he says. In the past few weeks, it fell more and more were added during the disease Diabetes is developed.

Virus goes to the kidneys

That there is a close connection between the Covid-19 and Diabetes, had Bornstein and his colleagues from London, Rome and Singapore declared in March in a publication. Therefore, patients with Diabetes had a ten times higher risk of death, if you suffer from Covid-19. Almost eight million German have Diabetes, 90 percent of the type 2, which is also referred to as adult-onset diabetes. A cause, as you suspected might be a disturbed metabolism in diabetes patients when it comes to inflammatory processes. Your immune system is compromised.

This is made possible by a special mechanism of the Virus. The surface of the corona virus is surrounded by barbed-like Protein peaks, also Spikes called. You are stuck in a shell of lipids. This protects the virus core from harmful influences from the outside. By droplet infection when Talking, Sneezing or coughing Sars-CoV-2 in the human body. Once there, dock the Virus with its Protein-pointed to a specific Receptor, the Angiotensin-Converting enzyme 2, a short ACE2.

The so-called Ektoenzym acts outside of cells and is necessary for the hormonal blood pressure regulation is important. It is not only in the lungs or in the heart, but also in the pancreas, or the kidneys. The actually protective and regulating task of the ACE2 is disrupted by the Virus, however. “This way, Sars-CoV-2 can affect the glucose budget is negative,” says Bornstein. An existing Diabetes will be strengthened or a new one.

However, it is unclear whether changes in sugar metabolism that occur with a sudden onset with severe Covid-19, the decay of the infection persist or regress. “We don’t know currently, whether it is the type-1, type-2 Diabetes, or to a completely new Form,” says the physician.

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In order to explore the frequency should now be using the register once clarified, how many people are affected. “The question would also be, for example, the extent to which a Covid-19-disease in individuals with previous Diabetes, altered the course of the disease.” All of this would have to be answered, to treatment and follow-up care for patients improve.

Already the Sars Virus had been shown some years ago by studies of new Diabetes occurred cases. More than 50 percent of patients with Sars, which previously had no Diabetes, have been diabetic. After three years of recovery from the virus infection, and five per cent still remained diabetic.

Previous theory: Because the human pancreas pours ACE2, could penetrate the Coronavirus in the islet cells, where Insulin is produced, and there is a malfunction of the cells cause. This leads to increased blood sugar levels and, in the best case, only temporary Diabetes.

Bornstein and his international comrades-in-arms in the TRANS-campus-network, with the hope that as many of the clinics and Doctors involved with your cases at the Register. To be able to severely ill patients help, must play the Virus also continued to play an important role in the minds of the scientists.

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