Corona! Our prettiest in the hospital: Adriaan van Veen needs oxygen | Regional

Bremen / Hanover – Sorge um Adriaan van Veen (32).

The actor who played a doctor in “Unter Uns” is now a medical case himself. Since Sunday he has been with Corona at the Hannover Medical School!

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He gets oxygen and cortisone – and writes BILD: “It’s the worst illness I’ve ever been through! I feel broken and weak! “

The Hanoverian van Veen is a successful actor and was a. 2018 Mr. Bremen


Where the former Mr. Bremen got infected – unclear. One thing is clear: He’s not vaccinated! Why? “Many friends who have always been fit and healthy are not doing well long after the vaccination. They are constantly exhausted. Another friend had a racing heart for 3 weeks. I would like to wait until the vaccine has been better researched. ”But he adheres to regulations and does weekly tests.

Now he is hoping for a speedy recovery so that he can go back to work. “I had to cancel an e-casting for Bollywood …”


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