World Corona in the USA: New York plans "corpse island"...

Corona in the USA: New York plans “corpse island” – baby from infected mother dies


The Corona crisis continues to weigh heavily on the United States. There is already a high level of unemployment – and the government is probably not providing enough ventilators.

  • The USA suffer from the currentCorona crisis* and a large number infected people*
  • Especially that economy and the healthcare system are badly affected
  • President Trump continues to rely on the solution through a drug

Update 6 p.m .: US president Donald Trump has the World Health Organization WHO in dealing with that Corona virus Failure and excessive allegiance to China. The organization “really screwed it up,” Trump wrote on Tuesday on twitter.

Although the USA A large part of the WHO budget paid, the organization is too focused on China. “We will take a good look at this,” he continued. The WHO recommendation that the borders not be closed to travelers from China was “wrong”. “Why did they give us such a wrong recommendation?” Asked Trump.

In Trump’s conservative news channel Fox News, several experts recently criticized the Geneva-based WHO’s spell Chinas stand. The organization should have warned the world earlier and more drastically, they argued. They also resented the fact that the WHO had repeatedly praised China for dealing with its own epidemic of the novel corona virus.

However, Trump’s negligence may also have been to blame. A senior advisor to the US President has media reports already warned of a coronavirus pandemic at the end of January, which could result in the death of hundreds of thousands of Americans. The US population would be “vulnerable” to the virus because there has been no immunity or vaccination against it, Trump’s trade adviser wrote Peter Navarro to the National Security Council of the White House. Trump himself publicly maintained until early March that the virus was no cause for concern for the United States.

Corona virus in the USA: New York police in need – 20 percent of the emergency services are sick

Update 5.50 p.m .: The New York police are badly hit by the corona pandemic. At least twelve employees have already died in connection with suspected coronavirus infections, the news channel CNN reported on Tuesday. More than Another 2000 employees are infected with the Sars-CoV-2 pathogen. Almost 7,000 police officers reported sick for a variety of reasons and are currently unable to appear on duty 20 percent of the NYPD’s uniformed forces.

Mayor Bill de Blasio At a press conference on Monday evening (local time), however, emphasized that the situation was gradually improving. More and more police officers would report back to duty after surviving illnesses. There are currently no considerations to request temporary workers. “We have the situation under control with the very large squad that the NYPD has.”

There are also fears of virus threats for and by the police forces in Europe.

USA in the corona crisis: New York hit hard – refrigerated trucks are already in front of hospitals

Update, 4:33 p.m .: A gigantic New York Cathedral as a makeshift hospital, Cooling trucks for corpses and a debate about funerals in parks: The USA are now one of the Hot spots of the coronavirus pandemic. And yet there are signs of hope that the authorities are slowly getting to grips with the crisis, including in the states of Washington and California that were the first to be affected.

However, according to a report by the AFP news agency, the New York hospitals are so overloaded that now in Central Park as well built in the Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Divine field hospital should be. A total of nine air-conditioned tents for around 200 patients are to be set up in the bishopric, which is known for its animal blessings, said Dean Clifton Daniel der New York Times.

The New York Cathedral of St. John the Divine is to be used for a field hospital


In view of the funeral home that was completely overwhelmed with the many deaths there are already more and more refrigerated vehicles in front of the hospitals. A representative from the Manhattan City Council, Mark Levine, already suggested the dead to bury temporarily in public parks. However, the mayor’s spokeswoman immediately made it clear that the authorities were considering the possibility of provisional burials in an emergency – but not in parks.

California’s health experts, meanwhile, were confident that the epidemic could be brought under control, among other things, with large-scale virus tests and the creation of additional treatment capacities. The state Washington sent 400 ventilators to New York. However, according to the unanimous opinion of the experts, the worst is yet to come.

Despite the warnings from experts Primaries held in Wisconsin on Tuesday been. Numerous polling stations remained closed due to the lack of election workers. Long queues sometimes formed in front of open polling stations, people wore protective masks out of fear of infection and kept a safe distance. National guardsmen support the process of the election.

Corona in the USA: the baby of an infected mother dies one day after birth

Update, 11.50 a.m .: There is a particularly sad record in the USA: The youngest victim worldwide was reported there. It is a little girl who was born in Louisiana Premature birth was born. The baby died after only one day. The girl’s mother had been lying about her for a week Covid-19 disease in the hospital. Although the infant If the virus was not tested positive, the doctors consider the corona to connect.

The mother who with the Corona virus was infected, had labor pains and gave birth to the child too early, explains Dr. Wiliam Clark from East Baton Rouge. “In consultation with the state virologist, we agree that this death is related to the Corona virus stands because the mother was tested positive, ”Clark continued.

The mother hung on Ventilatorbecause she suffered from shortness of breath in connection with the disease. If she had this Symptoms not had, would not have started early contractions – that is the assumption doctor out.

Corona in the USA: New York plans “corpse island” for virus victims

Update from April 7, 2020, 10.14 a.m .: The USA have become absolute corona-Hotspot developed. According to Johns Hopkins University, are current in the United States 368,449 people with the novel virus infected, nearly 11,000 people died of the consequences. The pandemic is particularly in focus new York. With 3,485 deaths the city on the east coast is by far the hardest hit region.

New York must now find new solutions for where the many bodies are housed. The situation is particularly difficult for the relatives, because no real funerals can currently take place. That’s why New York is now planning an interim solution: The island of Hart Island, which lies in front of the Bronx district, is to serve temporarily as a corpse storage, reports the New York Times. However, this is currently only an option. However, Mayor de Blasio said: “If we need temporary funerals to stay afloat during the crisis and then agree with each family on the appropriate course of action, we now have the opportunity.”

Meanwhile, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has extended the shutdown until April 29.

Corona in the USA: Trump with a worried outlook – “will have a hard week”

Update from April 7, 2020, 7:00 a.m .: The fight against that Corona virus goes according to information from US president Donald Trump in the US in a “crucial and difficult phase” this week. “We’re going to have a hard week, maybe we’ll have a little more than a hard week,” Trump said at a White House press conference on Monday night (local time). “But there is tremendous light at the end of this tunnel.” He highlighted the states of New York and New Jersey – the situation there is particularly tense. “We’ll hit this virus, we’ll hit it together,” Trump said.

Corona in the USA: Virologist Fauci is optimistic

The director of the National Institute for Infectious diseases, of the virologist Anthony Fauci, was cautious about the decline in the number of new patients admitted to New York hospitals and the number of intubated people there optimistic.

“That’s the kind of good sign you’re looking for,” he said. “You don’t even start thinking about announcing a win early, but that’s the first thing you see when you see the turn.” There is still a lot to do. “We have to realize that despite all the suffering and death, this is an indication that what we did worked.” Now it was important to continue to get out of the crisis.

Corona in the United States: Republican Protest – Wisconsin Primaries Held

Update from April 7, 2020, 6.40 a.m .: Despite the Corona crisis should the prefix in the U.S. state Wisconsin run this Tuesday. The state’s highest court overturned the ordered shift by Governor Tony Evers, Wisconsin Democratic Party leader Ben Wikler wrote on Monday night (local time) on Twitter.

The decision of the Supreme Court, on which numerous U.S. media reported unanimously, came just a few hours after Evers’ last minute shift the area code by two months out of concern for the safety the man had ordered. Republican representatives in Wisconsin had taken legal action against the decision and had Evers “Unconstitutional Maneuver” accused. It had exceeded the governor’s powers to “cancel” an election, they had argued.

Corona in the USA: 10,000 deaths exceeded – head of agency compares crisis to 9/11

Update from April 6, 2020, 10.15 p.m .: The number of coronavirus deaths in the US has exceeded the symbolically significant threshold of 10,000 – and the government is preparing the population for a devastating week. According to the Johns Hopkins University on Monday To date, approximately 10,400 people have died from Covid-19 in the United States. Meanwhile, the Wisconsin governor last minute postponed Tuesday’s presidential primary in the state.

The United States is by far the number one worldwide in the number of confirmed infections. Around 347,000 infections have been confirmed in the United States so far, according to Johns Hopkins University, which evaluates data on coronavirus cases worldwide. However, this is also due to the fact that extensive testing is now being carried out in the USA.

However, according to the unanimous opinion of the experts, the worst is yet to come. Of the U.S. Healthcare Supervisor, Jerome Adamswarned that the country was facing the “hardest and saddest week” that most US citizens had experienced in their lives.

“This will be our Pearl Harbor moment, our 9/11 moment,” said Adams on Fox News. He compared the pandemic with the Japanese surprise attack on the US base at Pearl Harbor in the Second World War and with the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

The pandemic has it too Presidential primaries messed up in the important election year 2020. Wisconsin’s governor, Tony Evers, last Monday canceled last minute’s area code calls for the following day.

Corona virus in the USA: New York hopes for light at the end of the tunnel

Update from April 6, 2020, 7:05 p.m .: New York governor Andrew Cuomo sees light at the end of the tunnel for the particularly hard hit by the corona virus. It is true Number of people killed in the pandemic in new York compared to the previous day by 599 to 4758, but this is in the range of the previous days, said Cuomo at his daily press conference on Monday. In addition, the number of newly admitted to hospitals has dropped significantly, as has the number of intubated patients. The number of those who tested positive for Covid-19 is now more than 130,000.

However, Cuomo warned the New Yorkers against becoming negligent and underestimating the virus. “It’s not the time to play Frisbee with your friend in the park.” The closure of all non-“vital” shops and schools had Cuomo extended until the end of April. He emphasized that the health system was “at its capacity limit”, and that it would remain so in the coming days. It could also be that Numbers will rise again. Above all, the situation is violent Burden on medical personnel, which is under intense pressure.

Corona crisis in the US: Trump gives sensitive advice – alarming unemployment figures

Overview from April 6, 2020: Washington – The Economic Consequences of Corona pandemic are in the USA already clearly visible. The number of Unemployed rises quickly. Within a week, over 6.6 million people registered as unemployed. Alone in New York State The Ministry of Labor received around 8.2 million calls between March 23 and 28 – the systems in many places were completely overloaded.

A website from the New York Department of Labor, where you can register as unemployed, experienced a similar rush. In the same period, it was viewed 3.4 million times – a 900 percent increase compared to the average number of views.

USA: Economy is in a state of emergency

“The states are getting real problems right now,” said the economist Heidi Shierholz NBC News. The systems are in an “incredible stress test”.

But above all that which applies in the USA Employment Law worries US citizens in this crisis. Where in other parts of the world Occupational health and safety laws* grab, Americans need to be quick and unprotected Terminations count. The former Department of Economics Chief Economist, William Rodgersthe British newspaper reported The Guardian from an estimated 17 percent current unemployment rate in the United States. In February this was still 3.5 percent. The New York Times currently assume an unemployment rate of 13 percent. “We are completely at the mercy of the virus,” Rodgers said Guardian.

USA: A high unemployment rate is the result of the corona crisis

But the Stress test for the economy* is not the only challenge for the country. That too Healthcare is under a lot of pressure. Especially the clinics are missing* Ventilators. But the government around President Trump wants that Emergency reserves so far don’t give up – despite increasing requests from the states.

Instead, Donald Trump continues to rely on one that he has highlighted several times drug*. This drug is under discussion, but it is still not for fighting Covid-19 Approved. At a press conference on Saturday, April 4, he said again: “Take it. I would say, just take it. ”The drug is a combination of the two Malaria drug hydroxychloroquine and the antibiotic Azithromycin. “What do you have to lose?” Asks the President.

USA: Trump continues to rely on a drug – this has not yet been sufficiently tested

Even Anthony Fauci, an important virologist for President Trump, is currently advising against the drug. There are still too few tests, side effects and effectiveness have not been adequately tested.

Meanwhile, there was another sensational case in the United States: On Sunday (April 5), the New York Bronx Zoo announced that the Malaysian Tiger cat Nadia tested positive for the virus. The tiger Nadia, her sister Azul and three other African lions developed a “dry cough,” reports the CNN news channel. It is thought to be a Carer with no symptoms could have infected the animals. The zoo had been closed for three weeks anyway.


* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital network.

Rubric list image: © AFP / MANDEL NGAN


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