News Corona: Found a drug? Virologist Drosten tears apart French...

Corona: Found a drug? Virologist Drosten tears apart French study


Is there a drug for the coronavirus? Virologist Prof. Christian Drosten has commented on this – and has become very clear.

  • The corona virus * has a firm grip on Europe
  • The crisis is coming to a head in many countries.
  • In his podcast, Prof. Christian Drosten has now informed about the latest developments.

Berlin – The corona virus * continues to paralyze society. In the meantime, closed borders, curfews or canceled events have become the order of the day in Europe and Germany.

What’s next? There is no answer to this simple question, there are new developments almost every hour that are alarming.

During this time, Prof. Christian Drosten * informs people about the corona virus every weekday. On Thursday (March 19th) he was again in the North German radio to listen.

Coronavirus: Malaria drug helpful? Virologist Christian Drosten explains

Most recently, he had already resisted criticism, in the Thursday edition he now spoke about possible hopes that a malaria drug had recently raised. Currently in France researched whether that Corona virus is to stop with it.

These hopes had to be Drosten relativize now. He first explained: “That Chloroquine is a well-known Malaria drug, one that is not free from side effects. We have known for a long time that Chloroquine works against the old Sars corona virus in cell culture. ”

That sounds like good news. But the big but follows – after all, it’s about one Cell culture and on the other hand around the lungs of humans, where a drug is supposed to work. Drosten clarifies: A substance that in Cell culture against a virus does not automatically have to cure a patient. “It’s all much, much more complicated,” he says, adding: “A drug has to get where the virus is – in the lungs.”

Coronavirus: Fast Cure Using Malaria Drug? Virologist Drosten has no hope

The helpful substance may first have to be metabolized and then there is the fact that the infected area in the body is to be assessed very differently than that in the cell culture dish.

The tests in France rated Drosten also as critical. After all, there were certain aspects in the composition of the groups that could be discussed – keyword “age” in the different cohorts. Besides, that will Virus measured in the throat and not in the lung. “And that’s it biggest misconception of the entire study“, makes Drosten clear. He also recognized: “What is measured has nothing to do with the outcome of the disease. It is just an initial indicator of how the disease starts. “For Drosten but be that Currently the best measurement criterion to assess treatment.

Coronavirus: Christian Drosten explains current status – First of all, hopes of malaria medication dashed

He does not want to reproach his colleagues in Marseille. “They mean it well,” he explains. “I don’t want to say chloroquine doesn’t work. But that’s how this study was done not a bit smarter. ”The truth has a second and a third level, one has to be careful.

And above all: the developments are overturning, there is still too much unclear to state the final truth.

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