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Status: 04.05.2021 09:24 a.m.

As a result of the corona pandemic, many children are lacking in exercise, complains the Lower Saxony sports teachers’ association – and pleads for an expansion of school sports, especially swimming.

According to the Lower Saxony state association in the German Association of Sports Teachers (DSLV), many pupils have “considerable learning deficits and deficits in the motor area.” The pandemic-related closure of many swimming pools since last year would have devastating consequences. The DSLV is therefore assuming “severe drops in the ability of elementary school pupils to swim – which can be improved anyway”.

Additional offers during holidays and on weekends?

This could be offset by additional swimming courses, the association said. These could be offered in cooperation with sports clubs on weekends and during school days, but also during the holidays. The schools would need swimming times, teacher hours and money for this. The latter could come over the so-called tuition billion, according to the sports teachers.

DSLV: Financing through “tuition billion”

This is a federal-state funding program totaling two billion euros. This has so far been provided for tutoring and support programs for schoolchildren as well as for increasing various social programs. Physical education is not considered in the “tuition billion” so far.

additional Information

According to the DLRG, children can often not or only unsafe swim. Corona complicates the chance of swimming lessons. (13.11.2020) more

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