Cornelio Reyna III remembers the 25th anniversary of his grandfather’s death with a new version of his music

As part of the 25th death anniversary of singer-songwriter Cornelio Reyna, an icon of norteño music, which was celebrated on January 22, his grandson Cornelio Reyna Tercero released the song on digital platforms let sadness cover me, which along with five other covers created by his grandfather and six unpublished melodies, are part of the fourth studio production of the Tamaulipas.

“It simply came to our notice then let sadness cover me It is a letter of pain and suffering when in someone’s life there is a love break with their partner, they are plunged into sadness and even ask that the earth swallow them. I know that many people are going to identify with the fact that the same situation is happening, of not having their loved one by their side”, he reviewed about the musical lyrics.

Cornelio Reyna Tercero, grandson of the legend in norteño music, creator of songs like I fell from the cloud, you go my angel Y how about i buy you, speaks of its upward trajectory abruptly interrupted by the pandemic.

“Yes, it has been difficult for me to continue in live performances, because the pandemic in the musical field has affected us all. We owe ourselves to the public and not having them present on stage is difficult. And when we felt that having the presentation agenda was normalizing, the fourth wave of Covid-19 hit us. However, we are giving hard to digital platforms and social networks to be current, with new songs.

On the musical level, he is still active, releasing songs waiting to be performed live and with the public. “On a personal level it has also been difficult for me, because in the media and newspapers you listen and read the news regarding infections, but the important thing is to have a positive attitude, which is a great support to be in high spirits and dilute depression and sadness. As a singer, it helps me a lot to be in contact with the public through social networks to be able to raise the mood”, he emphasized.


Cornelio Reya Tercero also spoke about the album in honor of his grandfather that was released in 2021, Cornelius Reyna forever, in which he intervened with the cover I fell from the cloud, with the accompaniment of the Centauro band.

“I feel very grateful for this production and its purpose for appearing on the market was to bring new generations closer to my grandfather and to let them know his musical work, since these songs have existed for 50 years and they did not know them, now they are its disposition in a diversity of genres”, he detailed.

“The truth is that my grandfather’s songs have permanence and are in the public’s taste, it is something very complicated to transcend in music and my grandfather did it, I think it is due to the depth of his lyrics, and that the townspeople He identifies with them.”

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