Cooperation for more climate protection in southern Hesse

Four districts and the city of Darmstadt work together with the IHK network “ETA-Plus Südhessen”. The aim is to promote the climate-friendly restructuring of the regional economy.

The expansion of photovoltaics is one of the keys to the climate-friendly conversion of the economy in Germany.
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SOUTH HESSEN – (red). The districts of Bergstraße, Darmstadt-Dieburg, Groß-Gerau and Odenwald as well as the science city Darmstadt have entered into a cooperation with the “ETA-Plus Südhessen” network organized by the IHK Darmstadt.

The common goal is to stand up for more energy efficiency and climate protection in the region with the economy. “The climate-friendly conversion of our regional economy is the greatest challenge of the next few years and at the same time offers great entrepreneurial opportunities. That’s why I’m very pleased that our districts and the science city of Darmstadt are now supporting the ETA-Plus Südhessen initiative and making it better known,” said Matthias Martiné, President of the Darmstadt Rhein Main Neckar Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK). Above all, it is about promoting small and medium-sized companies in the region on the subject of energy efficiency and climate protection. While the IHK remains the sponsor and moderator of the network, the districts and Darmstadt support it as multipliers.

The ETA-Plus network is part of the federal initiative for energy efficiency and climate protection networks. Eleven southern Hessian companies and five regional partners are currently active in the network. At the official initiation meeting at the end of last year, the founding members set a common savings target: they want to avoid 1,000 tons of CO2 emissions in the next two years. Other companies can join the network in the future and make a contribution to more energy efficiency and climate protection in the southern Hesse region.


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