Cooking Oil Prices Drop Again Starting February 1, 2022, So How Much?


Starting February 1, 2022 cooking oil price will come down again. Minister of Trade Muhammad Lutfi set the renewal of the highest retail price (HET) for bulk cooking oil, simple to premium packaging.

In detail, the HET for bulk cooking oil is Rp. 11,500/liter, simple packaged cooking oil is Rp. 13,500/liter, and premium cooking oil is Rp. 14,000/liter.

“All prices include VAT in them,” said Lutfi at a press conference, Thursday (27/1/2022).

He also asked the public not to panic buying in buying cooking oil. Because the stock of cooking oil is guaranteed to be sufficient.

“We again urge the public to remain wise in buying and not to do panic buying. The government guarantees that cooking oil stocks will remain available at affordable prices,” he continued.

Meanwhile, business actors who violate this policy will be dealt with according to the applicable regulations.

“In addition, the government will also take very strict legal steps for business actors who violate the provisions,” he said.

Lutfi instructed producers to accelerate the distribution of cooking oil and ensure that there were no vacancies at the level of traders and retailers, both in traditional and modern retail markets.

It is hoped that with the implementation of this policy, people can continue to get cooking oil at affordable prices and traders and producers will still benefit.

“With this policy, we hope that cooking oil prices can become more stable and affordable for the community, and can remain profitable for small traders, distributors, and producers,” concluded Lutfi.

Watch the Video: Report to the Minister of Trade! The price of cooking oil is still Rp. 20 thousand in Tasikmalaya

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