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Constantin is from the end of the season Sion-Coach – Thun


Sion Boss Christian Constantin and a pleasure to stay in the vicinity of game Bank.

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Time one next to it is forecasts to be the right time. In terms of trainer layoffs to “Bluewin has gone astray” in the past, hardly ever. And otherwise?

Dream year 2019: In the last season Bluewin “before the start of the second has said” all the right decisions in advance: YB was a master, GC, from, rose, Xamax had in the Barrage and Guillaume Hoarau the top scorer. Has predicted “Bluewin” in addition, at least four of coach dismissals in the second round, at the end of five. A masterful performance, which was never confirmed according to rumors, even under future researchers high waves.

Also in this season Bluewin “before has dared to” look into the glass ball. A global pandemic have the sports editors not predicted, although the WHO warned in January in front of it. For this, we have allowed ourselves to be tempted, the FCB as a master, tuna Relegated and Lucerne as a Barrage-participants declare. Five games and a long, unexpected Pause later, the world is a different one. Therefore, we have to complete the return-forecast revision.

The FC Basel is not yet master

The initial situation prior to the second round promised to be a big tension in the usually fight. YB led the table, two points ahead of Basel and three in front of the FC St. Gallen. Before the Re-Start a slightly different picture: YB and the FCSG stands on a point located at the top, five points ahead of FCB, we (had to call because of a stomach feeling) as a master.

The young aspens we not trust that they can keep up the Pace – you have proved the contrary. But now it will go blow to blow, an English week is chasing the next. Therefore, YB and the FCB are likely to be due to the larger width in the squad the advantage. But who will be the champion? In the meantime, the gut feeling says that the Young Boys create the title hat-trick.

The Wait has come to an end

19. June the Super League is back

The Game Plan

Tuna does not rise

In the preliminary round, Thun, had taken a measly nine points, saving eighth place was also a lot of points away. At Xamax, the Team from the Bernese Oberland had already five points behind. Who would have thought that tuna would get in the first five Games of the season more points than in the entire first round? Hardly anyone. And yet it came exactly like that. If tuna starts on Saturday against Xamax in the second round (live at tele club), could you already give to the now point in the same new burgers in the past. And Sion would lose later in the evening against St. Gallen, so you would be away only one point from the safe shore. For us, the FC Thun is not a relegation candidate number one, instead we see Sion and Xamax (both clubs wanted the season crash) in danger.

Lucerne must in the Barrage? Never ever …

Before the start of the Luzern had only four points ahead of Xamax and around the club chased a negative headline to the next. In the Winter, then switched to the Trainer and, for once, paid off in full. Under Fabio Celestini of the FCL has brought in five Games, with 13 points and is in the year 2020 as the only Super League Team still unbeaten. The distance to the Barrage-the place is already twelve points. This upholstery is rich, the League retaining it clear. Whether Sion and Xamax needs in the Barrage, which will decide on the last round in long-distance duel. Sion is rich in Servette with a draw, in order to secure the Barrage-place. It will be a nail-biter.

Coach dismissals: correction not necessary

In front of the back round start in the Super League Bluewin has written on the subject of coach dismissals the following:

Before the season we predicted that at least five coaches to be fired, missing only two. One of them could be Ricardo Dionisio. You don’t know? May be, because he was in the Super League never been on the side line and was only introduced in January as the new Sion Coach. The Portuguese comes from Promotion League Stade Nyonnais (not without noise) to the Wallisern. It does us sorry for the 37-Year-old, but we do not believe that he will survive the season””. This says little about the capabilities of Dionisios, much more about the handling of Constantin with coaches …

And lo and behold, in the middle of the Corona-crisis, Constantin moved the leash to the Rice. He refused a contract extension with Dionisio and set him free immediately. Only five games for the Portuguese in the Wallisern on the side line – three defeats and two draws later, the Sion Boss was forced to Act. Now Paolo Tramezzani is to secure the League support. In his first Engagement as Sion coach of the year 2017, he failed with a crash and was fired after 16 Games (of 1.06 points in the sectional). He will perform at his second commitment in the Canton of Valais is better, then it would not be a surprise if at the end of the season, CC himself on the sidelines, and his team conducted. Constantin on the side line? Also it wasn’t a Premiere.

The coach of Thun, Xamax and Lugano due to the tabular uncomfortable Situation under pressure. While the lakes of Thun for your patience are known, you can not say the same of the new burgers and the Tessinern. But also in Basel, a bomb could burst, not to should get going Marcel Koller’s Team as hoped. The Zurich features a well-endowed contract, which expires this summer. Unless the FCB is master, then the contract is extended by one year. On Koller’s future addressed FCB-President Bernhard Burgener said: “He should now be master.” But can afford to (due to the Corona-crisis) stressed the Basel Koller at all? “This question is not,” says Burgener puts you in the Moment. The Basler would currently actually do not deal with this question, it would be in the highest degree unprofessional.

Nsame power as before top scorer said

Jean-Pierre nsame power has already scored 18 goals, so he has twice as many goals on the account as its nearest rival, the all play at FC St. Gallen Ermedin Demirovic, Cedric Itten and Jordi Quintillà have scored this season 9 matches. Nsame power is none surpass.

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