Considered Baby Food, Grandmother Suapi Cucunya Liquid Hand Sanitizer

WASHINGTON DC, – Logan, an 18 month old toddler was taken to the hospital because his skin turned red and started coughing after consuming fluids hand sanitizer which his grandmother gave him.

Melansir Daily MirrorThe hand sanitizer is packaged in a cartoon illustrated by the child “Trolls World Tour” which looks like puree (baby food / porridge).

Grandma Logan accidentally fed her grandson with the cleaning liquid because she thought the package contained puree.

Logan’s parents, Nikki Teixeira, later warned other parents not to buy similar packaged hand sanitizers baby food that, so that a similar case does not occur.

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When Logan ate a few mouthfuls, Logan’s body began to respond to the hand sanitizer he had swallowed and his grandmother began to become suspicious of what he was giving his grandson.

When she realized that she had wrongly fed her granddaughter, the grandmother called the neighbor and called 911 emergency calls.

Within 5 minutes, Logan was “asleep” even though he woke up when paramedics arrived and took him to the hospital.

“Please DO NOT buy this cute hand sanitizer bag from Wal-Mart which could easily be mistaken for a food bag,” Nikki wrote on Facebook.

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“I want to warn others about this perverted packaging. Ultimately, I want them to be completely off the shelf (of the store).”

The package contained a warning in small writing, saying “Do not eat”.

Smart Care, the product company, has removed the item from the store, it was reported ABC News.

“As safety is priority number 1, we have replaced this packaging to remove any misunderstandings or concerns,” a company spokesman told the news outlet.


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