Compensation for treason – Will the husband sue Malysheva for her multi-million dollar fortune?

Divorce. Cheating. Cheating. – It is unlikely that the spouse of the TV doctor will ignore the behavior of the star spouse.

Not so long ago, it turned out that Elena Malysheva is not as “white and fluffy” as it seems. Then her convicted of treason with colleague German Shaevich, and now completely declassified her connection with Sergei Sobyanin. Naturally, for the husband of the TV presenter, this could not be unnoticed, because it seems that soon the couple will finally break up. Rumor has it that the man is even about to file for divorce, and Malyshev does not interfere with this at all.

But if Elena divorces her spouse, who will be left with their property? Obviously, the husband will decide and sue the woman for her multi-million dollar fortune. Not so long ago, it became clear that Malysheva has several expensive apartments in America. It is unlikely that they belong only to her, because a man may well qualify for real estate. This will be a kind of compensation for the betrayal of the TV presenter, which became known not so long ago. But the situation may turn out to be the same as that of Elena Stepanenko and Evgeny Petrosyan – for a long time the couple have not been able to share the property. After all, it is unlikely that Malysheva is so simply ready to part with her own apartments, and even so expensive. One way or another, one thing is clear – the husband of the TV doctor probably will not agree to leave her “empty-handed.”

Of course, it is possible that the couple will behave more civilized than Petrosyan and Stepanenko, and divorce peacefully. However, given Elena’s blunders, this seems highly unlikely. Most likely, there will be a huge scandal ahead of the TV presenter and her husband, which could become public.


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