Health Companies-. Roche launches a cycle of meetings to foster...

Companies-. Roche launches a cycle of meetings to foster debate and the reporting on personalised medicine



The pharmaceutical company Roche has launched ‘Dialogues PHC’, a cycle of virtual meetings to encourage debate and dissemination around the development of personalized medicine, which aims to provide the appropriate treatment to each specific patient, at the right time on the basis of the latest advances in diagnostics and pharmacological and of the analysis of the clinical data.

Although personalized medicine is already a reality in some areas of the health systems, and in certain pathologies, such as for example certain types of cancer, experts point out that it is necessary to develop different factors for this medicine in the future will become soon a reality in the health care system.

In this sense, the use of the diagnostic accuracy using the tools of genomic sequencing, which in the case of cancer allows you to define the molecular profile of each tumor; the momentum of the telemedicine and mobile applications for eHealth; the expansion of big data biomedical and the integration of the artificial intelligence are some of these keys, as they have highlighted this Thursday, the participants in the virtual meeting ‘Dialogues PHC: present and future challenges’, organized by Roche.

“In the field of digital health and personalized medicine we have seen significant progress in recent years, but nothing compared to the innovations that are already coming in, and that will be multiplied in the coming years. I’m talking of devices or ‘wereables’ notebooks that the patient will carry, and will allow the clinician to extract in real-time important data to track much more precise, virtual assistants, of a model ehr system that can take advantage of the latest advances in artificial intelligence, and even drones for sanitary purposes,” explained James Ward, president of the Association of Digital Health, senior advisor of Healthcare & Life Sciences at Ernst & Young and former director of the Fundación Instituto Roche.

The Neighborhood looks a health of the future in which the progress of digitization will prevent errors and omissions in the taking of medication and duplication of vaccination, and where in-person attendance will be reduced thanks to the greater control through the devices of ‘eHealth’, and achieving a health care model more efficient, with savings of resources and time for the benefit of professionals and patients.


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