Community service of 240 hours demanded against Manuel Broekman for assault gossip

entertainment">The woman who claims to have been assaulted by Broekman in 2020 wants compensation for the immaterial and material damage she suffered as a result of the assault, such as the therapy she received after the alleged incident.

entertainment">The alleged victim stated on Friday in the court in Amsterdam that the compensation is being claimed on behalf of her lawyer. In her own words, she had the only requirement that she could tell her story against Broekman herself. “I’m not after his money,” she said. She read her own statement emotionally about the impact it had. “You haven’t been out of my mind since July 4, 2020.”


entertainment">The actor is said to have touched the crotch, buttocks and breasts of the then twenty-year-old woman. That would have happened when she took a picture with him. According to her, Broekman was under the influence at the time and would have apologized afterwards.

entertainment">The 35-year-old Broekman, who previously said he was innocent, was not present in court. According to his lawyer, the actor chose this because the story had already been leaked through a gossip channel and he therefore said he was unable to defend himself.


entertainment">His lawyer Simeon Burmeister did read a short handwritten statement on his behalf. In it, the actor says that he does not remember having been in the picture with the barmaid because he is more often asked for a selfie due to his fame. “I can say that I never touched anyone in one place while taking a photo. I haven’t assaulted anyone,” he said. “The accusation has hit very hard. I am very shocked.”

entertainment">The actor’s defense also stated that there is insufficient evidence that the assault took place. They want Broekman to be acquitted. The court will rule in two weeks.

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