World Commission of the European criticism of China for cyber...

Commission of the European criticism of China for cyber attacks on the hospital


Thes-claims-of-Von-der – Leyen they were made after the meetings, accompanied by the president of the European Council, mr. Charles Michel, who has been held with chinese leaders, including President Xi Jipingand the prime minister, I Keqiang.

The europeans have expressed to the chinese the dissatisfaction, by which classified it as a significant campaign the misinformation in and around the the pandemic the new one coronavirusesstarted in China.

“We came here to source in the hospitals, and the centers of the dedicated computer. In the same way, we have seen a rise in the the misinformation in the the internet and we indicated very clearly that this could not be tolerated,” said the German, who is chair of the Committee, to the journalists after the summit.

In Aprilthe Commission had disclosed the existence of cyber-attacks, and the research institutions on the new coronavirusesbut without naming the perpetrators.

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