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Come out in defense of the nominee to the secretary of Labor


Enid Davila Hernandezthe mother of one of the girls who had disputes school with Soul Yariela Cross Crossdefended the proceeding of the Department of Justice in the lawsuit that he gave up in 2018, to argue that the mediation efforts between the parties that was tried for about two years were fruitless.

Here there is nothing of racism. The children involved, who are the victims, my daughter is a black girl, his family is black. Here is her paternal grandmother, who is of complexion black. This case was not by a push or a simple fight, it was for a pattern of ‘bullying’ for two consecutive years. Two years where these two children had to pass many bad moments, shock of this lesser (Soul Yariela), insults, and threats of this child. The school did its job. I quote this mother many times, but mom never gave the face,” said Davila Hernandez alluding to Yomayra Cruz Lozadamother of Soul Yariela.

Davila Hernandez stated this afternoon at the Appointments the Senate, which evaluates the nomination to the secretariat of the Work of Carlos Rivera Santiago, who was assistant secretary of Children and Families as was the case against Soul Yariela and, from that position, I supervised the attorneys of minor at the regional level.

Questions by the president of the Senate, Thomas Rivera Schatz, Dávila, Hernández assured that none of the attorneys, nor Rivera Santiago, she was pressured to her or to the mother of the other child allegedly injured to decide to proceed with the criminal proceeding. More well, said Davila Hernandez, the unwillingness to Cross Lozada to come to the school Modesto Rivera, Carolina, they were not left other course of action than to proceed with the complaint.

Davila Hernandez also accused the lawyer Leo Aldridge, who led the defense of Soul Yariela, of lying publicly about the alleged facts with the aim of manipulating public opinion in favor of their represented.

According to Dávila Hernández, there is evidence in the record of the case which proves that Cruz Lozada was out of the citations issued by the school administration to mediate between disputes that his daughter and another girl had with Soul Yariela.

“On the record that here was the lord Aldridge are all the evidence you accuse the mother of being negligent. Are all the citations made in the school both the principal of the school as the social worker. This mother never visited the school. I would have liked that (Aldridge) open the file and show it to you all to see the evidence of the citations and aggression from this minor towards our daughters,” said Davila Hernandez.

Despite that, questions of Rivera Schatz, Dávila-Hernández responded that would not have “allowed” the Department of Justice that filed the five charges against Soul Yariela, he said that, in last instance, decided to withdraw the complaints as not wanted to expose his daughter to the care that would have meant the celebration of a public trialas agreed by the court at the request of the defense.

Who gave up to continue with the case we were we mothers. Not as (he said) the lawyer (Aldridge), who gave a wrong information. We understood that a case of a minor that was supposed to be confidential and to protect the three children, the exposure to the public eye, and an audience that had a view of the case by the expressions that first gave the attorney Leo Aldridge and the mom of this child, totally erroneous and incorrect, the concern for us was that these people were going to come in the room they were going to see and identify, and possibly on the street or the school they were going to assault verbally,” said Davila Hernandez, who said his family has been subject to insults through social networks.

After listening to Davila Hernandez, the senate leader said that, in the three views of confirmation that have been held, “no person has brought you here, no data, no evidence, no document showing that there was some act of racism or neglect bachelor’s Carlos Rivera Santiago”.

Aldridge emphasizes the negligence of Rivera Santiago

Davila Hernandez testified after Aldridge made one’s own, in a paper in which he echoed the words yesterday to express the mother of Soul Yariela, to the effect that Rivera Santiago exhibited a level of insensitivity that casts doubt on their capabilities to lead an agency in crisis, such as the Department of Labor and Human Resources.

In his presentation, Aldridge presented a tract of the communications which he had with Justice Department officials, including Rivera Santiago, in the process of promoting a process of mediation between the parties. As outlined Metro earlier, the lawyer told in one of the letters that the attorney Carlos Alonso, in charge of the litigation of Soul Yariela, had informed him that the mothers of the alleged victims objected to the mediation wanted to “blood”.

To questions from senators, Aldridge insisted that Rivera Santiago, as head of the prosecutors had total discretion to terminate the prosecution of criminal and send the case to mediation.

The chairman of the Nominating Committee, Hector Martinez, however, disagreed with that conclusion, according to the press upon completion of the public hearing.

“The Law (of Children) sets out clear in the article 21 that in order to be able to archive that is missing, whether it was a lack (Type) I I I the consent of the parties, the victim and the prosecutor. In this particular case, the direct involvement of the nominee, according to the parties, was no. Only a communication that had mr. Leo Aldridge with the prosecutor, and he explains the process that you have to follow to be able to mediate,” said Martinez, who anticipated that I would cite back to Rivera Santiago for tomorrow.

Specifically, he said that indagaría on the participation of the secretary appointed in a case that the office of the attorney of minors of the region of Fajardo brought against a teenager who was accused of scaling by spending the night on a school campus in Rio Grande.

According to Martinez, the consideration of the appointment would be delayed at least until next week.

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