Cologne: luxury thief (39) stole Hermès bags for 150,000 euros | Regional

Cologne – This “pickpocket” was after luxury goods!

The Cologne District Court sentenced a man (39) to one year probation for particularly serious theft on Monday.

Bent grille, smashed door

In January 2018, the Serb, together with an unknown accomplice, bent the bars of a noble second-hand boutique in Cologne and then smashed the front door.

►Then he stole 17 luxury handbags from the “Hermès” brand. Value: 152,600 euros. Investigators found DNA at the crime scene that could be assigned to the defendant.

In court, the Serb admitted everything through his defense lawyer. The public prosecutor had asked for two years, but because he had no criminal record, the judge imposed a one-year suspended sentence.

The expensive bags are still gone.


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