‘Cold Fai Jam’ is delirious, seeing a friend arrested. Moaning, not wanting to obtain refugee status, wanting to go to prison

March 5, 64 – In the case of police arresting Mr. Prinya Cheewin Kulpathom or Port Wong Faiyen, a political activist who fled in Vientiane And travel back to Thailand Until arrested at the house charged with Section 112 of the Computer Crime Act And taken to the office from this morning

Recently, the cool fire band posted a message on Twitter that Being invaded the house since morning Expected to not be bailed. I had to go back to Thailand to treat my illness from the close of the new year 2019 because the doctors in Laos couldn’t cure me And today I still haven’t recovered. We must continue to fight. Until the day of victory Having a chance to meet If you don’t get bail, you should be in jail. If I got bail, I would have talked again.

Meanwhile, Ms. Romchalee Somboon Ratanakul, or Jam Fai Cool, a refugee in France Posting a message on Facebook than I’m honest, I don’t want this damn status in France. I can’t want to go to jail


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